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Walking on Crete on Youtube

Walking on Crete on YouTube: Here you can see a lot of movies of our hikes on Crete. Each month we post a new video of a walk, so you get an idea about hiking in summer and winter on Crete. We explain where they are made and in which period of the year we are walking.

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The movies are from walks and hikes we do, both summer and winter. Monthly we upload some new movies on this page. Click for more than 250 short movies of walking and hiking on: Zorbas YouTube

Agiofarango Gorge: This gorge is located in south central Crete. It is a short gorge walk. The gorge ends at a beautiful beach on the Libyan Sea. Here we always stop for a BBQ and you can make beautiful walks from the beach in any direction.

Aposelemis Gorge

Anopoli Gorge

Patsos Gorge: A spectacular gorge, where you will have to do a lot of climbing and trekking. The Patsos canyon runs through a wonderful walking area on Crete. The trail through the gorge is well indicated. You walk along and through little parts of the river. For this hike you do need good walking shoes (probably an extra pair of dry socks), a backpack and enough water. This hike is about 7 kilometres. The best time for this hike is from April till the end of December (but not after rainfall in the mountains). During this hike we descend a lot, but we also need to use ladders, bridges and a tunnel.

Hiking the E4 on Crete.

Psiloritis Hiking on Crete: This walk is actually a heavier hike or mountain walk to the Psiloritis. The Psiloritis is the highest mountain of Crete with a height of 2.456 meters. This mountain is also known as the Ida mountain. The Psiloritis is located in central Crete in the province of Rethymnon.

Zorbas Island in 5 minutes.

E4 walks on Crete.

E4 walks on Crete.

Canyon on Crete: Gorge in Crete: An overview of the most famous gorges out there on Crete. On this page you will find all known and unknown gorges that exist in Crete.

Bird spotting on Crete.

E4 walks on Crete.

Orchids on Crete.

Geology walks on Crete.

Walking roundtrip on Crete: It is not easy to create new roundtrips in the mountains of Crete, because with a gorge hike we often walk the same way back. Yet we did manage to create some unique roundtrips for you, each walk is different and original.

Sarakina Gorge: It has beautiful nature and is close to the village Mirtos. Walking through this gorge is a real challenge. You can walk in the gorge a short and a long distance. The gorge is really wonderful, with sometimes quite a bit of water inside. In spring and autumn you also walk parts through the river or streams and sometimes you even have to swim! We organise this gorge hike close to Mirtos in combination with an overnight stay in Mirtos. We then walk two days in the area. You can also find this information at multi-day hikes.

Village walks on Crete.

Kritsa gorge: This gorge is truly an experience! The narrowest part is only 90 centimetres wide. The high rock walls on both sides are really impressive. The Kritsa gorge goes in a circle, so you end up again at the beginning of the gorge. You can walk this gorge on your own, but be careful, the signs that show the directions in the Kritsa gorge are not always very clear. We always take our guests to the end of the gorge where we have lunch and with bad weather we continue to the village Tapes. Then we walk back along the path above the gorge.

Canyons on Crete.

Agiofarango Gorge: This gorge is located in south central Crete. It is a short gorge walk. The gorge ends at a beautiful beach at the Libyan Sea. Here we always stop for a BBQ and you can make beautiful walks from the beach in any direction.

Prevelli walking.

Patsos Gorge: A spectacular gorge, where you will have a lot of climbing and scrambling. The Patsos canyon runs through a beautiful walking area on Crete.

Rozas gorge on Crete: The Rozas gorge got its name from the colours of the rocks of this canyon. The impressive rock formations of the Roza gorge are rose and red. The downhill route of this gorge is spectacular, the view is even better than the Samaria gorge. It is a deeply carved canyon with many different plants and flowers. In the early morning you have a breath-taking view, you can even see the sea far away.

Havgas canyon Lassithi, Crete: A special hike through the Havgas canyon in Lassithi, not to be confused with the Havgas gorge at the village Kalamafka. This gorge has a river with melt water from the Katharos plateau. There are not a lot of people hiking in this gorge. This is actually strange, because it is a magnificent canyon with beautiful scenery and nature. It is not an easy walk, but very suitable if you are an experienced hiker.

Preveli winter walking.

Katholiko walking.

Aradena Gorge in Crete: This deep and steep gorge is located in the South-West of Crete, close to Hora Sfakion (Sfakia) and Loutro. The narrowest parts of the gorge are connected with an impressive bridge towards the white mountains, next to the abandoned village Aradena. This challenging hike starts at a height of 650-700 metres and has a length of 16-18 kilometres.

Walking on Crete: Information about walking & hiking on Crete. Our accommodation is situated directly by the sea and is the ideal starting point for walks all over Crete, both summer and winter. We offer opportunities for individual walks or group walks.

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Walking on Crete on YouTube