Active September holiday in Crete Greece: Photos of the autumn holidays on Crete, Greece. An overview of all our activities and holidays in September on Crete. In September the high season has finished, a relaxed period to go on vacation to Crete. Even though it is still warm, it is not as hot as it is during the high season. The sea water is nice and warm, but it is also a lovely time to hike and explore the island.

13 september 2019: September holiday in Crete

10 september 2019: last minute September vacations Crete – Greece

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Active September holiday in Crete Greece – Active  holiday in Crete – Crete summer 2017 – Holiday in Crete 2017 – today to Crete – walking holidays in Greece – hiking in the area Agios Nikolaos – group walks in Crete – mili walking in Crete – Kavousi Crete

Cooking holidays on Crete: Learn Greek cooking in a week, a nice holiday where you learn the ins and outs of the Greek cuisine, culture and adventure on Crete. Greek cooking holidays is a program of one week.

0-koken-en-vakantie-griekse-eilanden-46 kooken-en-vakantie-griekse-eilanden-2 kooken-en-vakantie-griekse-eilanden-7 kooken-en-vakantie-griekse-eilanden-13 Active September holidays in Crete Greece Active September holiday in Crete Greece

Cooking days in Crete; learn the secrets of the Greek cuisine and be out in nature at the same time.

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Walking in Kavousi on Crete: the summer months are mostly to warm to walk here, but in September it is fine to walk here. The views in this area are amazing as you can see on the photos.

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The walk might be at some moments a bit challenging, with a difference in height of 626 meters.

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Mili Gorge on CreteThe Mili gorge is pretty easy to walk and starts at the village Xiro Chorio. The vegetation in the gorge is really magnificent; the whole area looks like a jungle with so many plants around and even a flowing stream is not lacking. The path is a beautiful ancient kalderimi with a lot of history. Besides the stunning nature you will see on the way everywhere old abandoned houses, including even a deserted little village.

00-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-116 00-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-4400-mili-kreta 00-wandel-vakanties-op-griekse-eilanden 01-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-50 03-mooi-griekenland 03-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-70 03-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-71 04-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-69 04-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-114 05-walking-in-rethimnon-crete-139 grotten-op-kreta mili-gorge-walk-in-crete mili-hiking-in-crete mili-kloof-op-kreta-griekenland mili-walk-in-crete  walking-in-rethimnon-crete-77 walking-in-rethimnon-crete-148 walking-in-rethimnon-crete-146 walking-in-rethimnon-crete-121

Once we are back at Zorbas Island from our walks and hikes, it is time to enjoy a lovely meal at our tavern and have a relaxing drink at the bar.

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hiking-in-the-area-agios-nikolaos group-walks-in-cretewalking-in-the-area-agios-nikolaos hiking-in-kritsa-crete-152

Walking in the area of Agios Nikolaos, Crete – group walks in Crete

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Walking in Crete 23-09-2016

zorbas-unknown-west-crete-5 02-mooi-op-kreta00-unknown-east-crete-123 01-aujourdhui-en-crete 01-heute-auf-kreta 02-arhanes 02-mooi-op-kreta 02-today-to-crete 03-idag-till-kreta 03-today-to-crete 04-aujourdhui-en-crete archanes-travel-guide arhanes arhanes-11 arhanes-crete arhanes-crete-greece arhanes-in-crete arhanes-kreta arhanes-kreta-vakantie arhanes-shopping arhanes-village-in-crete aujourdhui-en-crete dag-til-kreta mohos-op-kreta unknown-east-crete-40 unknown-east-crete-47 unknown-east-crete-47-bellen-op-kreta zorbas-unknown-east-crete-128 vandaag-naar-kreta vanadaag-naar-griekenland unknown-west-crete-87 unknown-west-crete-51 unknown-west-crete-11 unknown-west-crete-30

Walking holidays in Greece

00-limnes-walking-in-crete 02-vandreferier-i-graekenland 04-vacances-a-pied-en-grece 04-slecht-weer-wandelen-148 04-slecht-weer-wandelen-143 04-schlechtes-wetter-wandern-auf-kreta 03-walking-holidays-greece 03-slecht-weer-wandelen-op-kreta 04-walking-ferie-i-hellas 04-wandelvakanties-op-kreta 05-daligt-vader-vandring-pa-kreta 05-vacanze-a-piedi-in-grecia 06-vacanze-a-piedi-in-grecia 06-wanderurlaub-griechenland bad-weather-hiking-on-crete darligt-vejr-vandreture-pa-kreta darlig-vaer-fotturer-pa-kreta maltempo-le-escursioni-a-creta mauvais-temps-la-randonnee-en-crete olijven-oogst-op-kreta-2016 olijven-oogst-op-kreta-2017 passeio-pedestre-na-grecia pieszo-wakacje-w-grecji schlechtes-wetter-auf-kreta schlechtes-wetter-wandern-auf-kreta slakken-eten-op-kreta slecht-weer-op-kreta slecht-weer-wandelen slecht-weer-wandelen-13 slecht-weer-wandelen-108 slecht-weer-wandelen-164 vandringsresor-i-grekland  vacanze-a-piedi-in-grecia vacances-a-pied-en-grece turisticka-dovolena-v-recku turismo-de-senderismo-en-grecia slecht-weer-wandelen-op-kreta vandringsresor-i-grekland-2017 walking-ferie-i-hellas walking-holidays-in-greece wandelvakantie-griekenland wandelvakanties-griekenland wandelvakanties-griekenland034583409 wandelvakanties-kreta wanderurlaub-in-griechenland wanderurlaub-in-griechenland

Information Sarakinas: The Sarakina gorge Crete is a real hike with many rocks and water. All the hikes mentioned below in the area of Sarakinas and Mirtos are quite heavy. There is water coming through the gorge all year round, which helps the nature to be always nice and green. You can walk here summer and winter.

01-extreme-sports-in-crete-greece 01-klimmen-op-kreta-284029384092302-actieve-september-vakantie-op-kreta-griekenland 02-gorge-walking-on-crete 03-aktivurlaub-september-auf-kreta 03-super-vakantie-op-kreta 04-actieve-vakanties-op-kreta 05-actieve-september-vakantie-op-kreta-griekenland

In the gorge you hike mostly down stream, but there is also some climbing involved with the longer hike through the Sarakina. Somewhere in the middle is a hydro station, just outside from the village Mithi. Many people stop at this hydro station of Mithi to walk to the gorge. From this hydro station it is only a 1 kilometre walk, but then you can see a wonderful part of the gorge. The hike through the gorge is a real adventure.

05-sarakinas-kloof-wandelen-op-kreta 06-aktivurlaub-september-griechenland 06-hiking-on-crete-greece actieve-september-vakantie actieve-september-vakantie-griekenland actieve-september-vakantie-kreta-griekenland actieve-september-vakantie-op-kreta actieve-september-vakantie-op-kreta-griekenland actieve-september-vakantie-op-kreta-griekenland-2017 actieve-september-vakanties-op-kreta actieve-september-vakanties-op-kreta-griekenland actieve-vakanties-kreta active-holiday-in-crete active-holiday-in-crete-greece active-holiday-in-greece active-september-holiday-in-crete active-september-holiday-in-crete-greece active-september-holiday-in-spain activurlaub-auf-kreta-27942387 aktivurlaub-auf-griechenland aktivurlaub-auf-kreta aktivurlaub-september-auf-kreta gorge-walking-on-crete-9 gorge-walking-on-crete-19

Sarakina Gorge: Walking through this gorge is a real challenge. You can walk in the gorge a short and a long distance. The gorge is really wonderful, with sometimes quite a bit of water inside. While you are hiking the Sarakina gorge in Crete, you should not be afraid to get wet feet.

gorge-walking-on-crete-27 gorge-walking-on-crete-41 gorge-walking-on-crete-49 gorge-walking-on-crete-55 gorge-walking-on-crete-71 gorge-walking-on-crete-82 gorge-walking-on-crete-153 gorge-walking-on-crete-144 gorge-walking-on-crete-140 gorge-walking-on-crete-102 gorge-walking-on-crete-87 gorge-walking-on-crete-84

Holiday on Crete 2017Apartment rental and accommodation on Crete all year round. It is the perfect place for family apartments and holiday homes, all your excursions and cheap flights to Crete. There is a detailed overview of the latest holiday news from Crete with lots of pictures. Crete, Greece is the most southern holiday island of Europe.

Active September holiday in Crete Greece