Activity program for summer holidays on Crete Greece: This year too we have an activity program for the summer holidays on Crete. As in previous years, we consider all ages and ensure that no one will be bored. Of course nobody is obliged to participate. If you prefer to go out on your own, with pleasure we give you the necessary tips. But perhaps you enjoy more of your holiday on a sunbed at the water with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other hand. The most important thing is that everyone enjoys the holiday in Crete. The following program applies to the coming weeks during the summer holidays on Crete. It can always happen that we have to change the program for whatever reason.

Music quiz – Wednesday evening: Music quiz night, starting at 21.00 hrs. Tonight there is a music quiz for young and old. Get a team together of at least 2 and no more than 4 people. It is a quiz about both modern music and that of some years ago. The best tip we can give for putting together a team: make sure there are different ages in a team. There are questions that young people can answer, but there are also special questions for the not so young. Come up with a suitable name for your team!

Information about the culture of Crete – Thursday: Unknown Crete, departure at 09.30 hrs. The island of Crete has two different faces; on the one hand there is the tourist area by the sea and on the other side there is the life of the local population in the mountain villages. The people in the mountain villages generally live off farming and have hardly anything to do with tourism. It is very nice to look at this life and experience how ‘real life’ is in Crete. Learn more about the culture of Crete this day and enjoy the beautiful nature in the mountains along the way.

Zorbas boat – Friday: Zorbas boot trip, departure 08.30 hrs. If the weather permits, we will sail today with the Zorbas boat. We depart from the port of Kato Gouves and sail along the coast of Crete to the bay of Agios Georgios. In the bay the boat moors and anyone who wants to can jump off the boat to swim and snorkel in the bay. There is a cave in the bay, which is nice to snorkel to. We have lunch on the boat and are back somewhere between 14.30 and 15.00 hrs.

Playing football on Crete – Thursday evening: Playing football in the stadium of ELIA, departure 17.00 hrs. In the village Elia not far from the accommodation is a football stadium where we play football. Even if you have never played football, you can still participate. After playing football, dinner is ready at Zorbas Island.

Paradise in South Crete – Tuesday: Snorkel excursion to paradise island, departure at 08.30 hrs. Always wanted to snorkel, but never got the chance to do it? Or have you snorkelled before and you cannot get enough of it? The sea water at Crete is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling, both for the experienced and the inexperienced snorkeler. This year we have found an amazing snorkel location on the south coast, where you cannot come by car. We first drive to the other side of the island. From there we take a speed boat to a paradise in South Crete. This place is totally deserted, so we take all the things we need, including food and drinks. The items you need for snorkelling can be borrowed from us, so you do not have to pay additional costs to buy them.

Snorkelling course on Crete – Monday: Snorkel instructions, meeting point at 16.00 hrs at the bar/tavern. For everyone who goes snorkelling on Tuesday, we give snorkelling instructions in our swimming pool today. In the pool we do some exercises, so that everyone learns how to snorkel safely. This is mandatory for everyone who joins tomorrow the excursion, and it is also useful. In order not to waste time on Tuesday, we also try on the snorkel gear.

Jungle on Crete – Monday: Jungle tour, departure at 09.30 hrs. Is there a jungle on Crete or not? In our opinion there is, but not with large wild animals. It is an area not far from the accommodation where few people come and there is a lot of water. As a result, trees and plants grow undisturbed, nature is overgrown, and it looks like the jungle. Anyone who wants to feel like Tarzan in the jungle can walk with us today in this beautiful green environment with lots of shade.

Beach activities – Monday: Action, sports and games from 12.00 hrs. Maybe it is a bit boring to lie in the sun all day long. That is why it is time to start moving. Nothing is as good as exercising at and in the water. Today we have volleyball land football on the beach. In the swimming pool we play water polo and there is archery in the garden of Zorbas Island. Anyone who wants to get out of the lazy chair can participate.

Pancakes for dinner – Monday evening: Pancakes evening from 19.30 hrs – How much can you eat? Are you hungry from the outdoor activities? Today you can show how hungry you are. We bake piles of pancakes and we are wondering how many pancakes you are going to eat. And if you do not like pancakes, do not worry, there is also the usual dinner buffet.

Geocaching on Crete – Wednesday: “Gold rush treasure hunt”, departure from 09.00 hrs. We go on an old-fashioned treasure hunt, but with a modern twist. Get a team together of at least 2 to a maximum of 8 people and come up with an original name for the team. Someone in the group must have a smartphone with the Google Maps app. Every 10-15 minutes a team departs. It is a short walk through nature and villages with different assignments. For example, blue dots must be counted, old coins have to be found, on certain spots group photos are made and there are questions to be answered. All this is done with the help of, among other things, GPS coordinates. We provide for cold drinking water on the way and on return lunch there is lunch in the mountain village.

The award ceremony of the “Gold rush treasure hunt event” is around 21.00 hrs. We need some time to check the results of each team, but tonight we will announce the winner. Of course the winning team gets a prize.

Hiking in a gorge – Wednesday: Gorge hike, departure at 09.30 hrs. We notice that there are regular guests who like to walk. That is why we organize during the summer every Wednesday a gorge hike. There are many canyons in Crete where there is enough shade and we do not have to walk in full sun. Water flows through many gorges in the winter, creating a rich vegetation that provides natural shade. In summer, most gorges are dry and there are plenty of opportunities to find a gorge on Wednesday that is suitable for our guests to walk through.

Snorkelling nearby Elounda – Friday: Snorkelling at Elounda, departure at 09.00 hrs. The sea breeze in Crete provides the necessary cooling in the summer but can also be quite strong at times. This could mean that the boat will not sail. In that case we have an adapted program and we go to the peninsula at Elounda where there is a beautiful bay for snorkelling. There is no dangerous current in the water here and nature under water is amazing. The items you need for snorkelling can be borrowed from us, so you do not have to pay additional costs to buy them.

Walking at Elounda -Friday: Walking on the peninsula at Elounda, departure at 09.00 hrs. This program also only applies if there is no boat trip due to weather conditions. We then leave together with the group of snorkelers and go to the same location. From here we hike around the peninsula. The hikers do not have time to snorkel, but they can jump into the water to cool off.

Water park on Crete – Saturday: Watercity, departure from 10.00 hrs. Watercity a popular swimming paradise on Crete with many thrilling water slides and other water attractions. This water park is so diverse that it is fun for all ages. There are also water attractions for the youngest children and for the adults it is a chance to behave like a child again. It is a fun day out for the whole family!

Activities in the summer on Crete: In the summer it gets warm on Crete, but there are still plenty of activities that can be done in hot weather. The above activity program is just one example of what can be done on a hot summer day. On our website there are many more activities that we organize or place that you can go to on your own.