Adults only holiday on Crete Greece: A holiday with children is fun, but not everyone shares this opinion. For this group of people are nowadays the adults-only hotels available. Is it discrimination or pure luxury, opinions are divided. Whatever it is, there are enough adults who do not want children playing around during a holiday. A decade ago nobody knew the term adults only. Today more vacationers show interest in this concept, which ensures a nice holiday without children. Whether it is for couples, friends or singles on vacation, everyone has their own reason to go on holiday without children. Adults only has been a growing phenomenon in the last five years; more and more couples and singles discover the advantages of an accommodation where children are not allowed. You can also come to us for an adults-only holiday in Crete Greece.

Small-scale accommodation for adults only on Crete: In general, most adult only hotels are big resorts. Often these resorts are very beautiful and equipped with all luxury facilities, but lack friendliness and a personal approach. Thanks to the involvement and enthusiasm of our team there is a friendly and personal atmosphere at our small-scale accommodation. That is why we also want to offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy a holiday without children and families around them. Therefore we reserve certain periods per year for adults-only holidays, so feel free to ask us when these weeks are. For people with children it might sound like a holiday without fun, for others a holiday without children might be a relief.

Holiday for adults Crete Greece: A holiday for adults does not mean that besides enjoying the Greek sun, there is no other activity. We have put together a program of activities at our adults only accommodation, which has been specially adapted for adults. From spectacular walks on Crete to a cozy drink together at the pool and enjoy the sunset. In this way you can enjoy a carefree, sunny holiday together with your partner, group of friends or just by yourself.

Holidays without children on Crete: We had to get used to the term adults only, but in the meantime, it has become quite common. Adults only is even one of the holiday trends of the moment and the demand for it is increasing. That is why we want to offer our guests the possibility to book a child-free holiday on Crete. We cannot guarantee a childless holiday all year round, but we do want to reserve certain periods in the year for an adults only holiday on Crete Greece. If you would like more information about when these periods are, please contact us. During the school holidays in the summer, there will be children on holiday at our accommodation.

Adults only holiday on Crete Greece