Autumn holidays on Crete Greece

Autumn holidays on Crete Greece: A week holidays in autumn on Crete, enjoying the beautiful late summer weather in October. This page has an overview of vacation in October on Crete.

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Autumn holidays on Crete Greece – Holidays in October on Crete

Hiking in the area of Anopoli, climbing and dirt roads. Evening BBQ at Zorbas Island.

October: Autumn holidays on Crete Greece, hiking, snorkelling and BBQ on the beach of Agio Farango.

October 21st: Autumn holidays on Crete, climbing, abseiling, archery (bow and arrow), walking, cooking and a visit to a Raki factory.

Autumn holidays on Crete Greece – Cooking workshop

October 20th: Cooking lessons

Saturday 19 October 19th: Zorbas Island

Labyrint Theme Park Crete: The family entertainment destination of Crete. Enjoy a special, interactive and fun day for the whole family.

October 18th: Walking in Skalopatia

Autumn holidays on Crete Greece – Hiking holiday

October 16th: Hiking holiday in the Sarakina gorge and canyon.

October 14th: The day starts with a nice hike through the canyon of Aposelemis. Then checking if the Raki factory in Galifa opened its doors already! Yes, say the gentlemen in the kafenion! Let’s go and have a look! A few hours later! A nice family has started already their distillation of the Raki! The fire was lit for the BBQ, salads came on the table and yet again a really fun afternoon on Crete! Hospitality? Such is nowhere else to be found as on Crete!

October 13th: Roundtrip in Central, South West Crete: Frangokastello, Rethymnon canyon.

Hiking news Crete: Aradena gorge on Crete: This canyon is located in Southwest Crete, close to Hora Sfakion (Sfakia) and Loutra. The narrowest part of this canyon is connected by an impressive bridge to the White Mountains, next to the abandoned village Aradena. This challenging hike starts at a height of approximately 650-700 metres and has a length of 16-18 kilometres.

October 11th: Departed at 04.00 hours towards the South, return at 19.00 hours! A 15 hours lasting tour, but it was worth it. We walked the gorge of Aradena via the villages Livaniana, Loutro, Finix, Finika, Marmara and Aradena. Also snorkeling and a boat trip are possible.

Aradena gorge on Crete: The start of this canyon is at a height of approximately 650 -700 metres. It is decorated with a bridge that connects the narrowest part of the gorge to the White Mountains, next to the abandoned village Aradena. This is a hiking roundtrip of 16-18 kilometres. We start in the little village of Finika at the Lybian Sea, an elevated path along the sea is leading you to the beach of Marmara, where the gorge starts. Then it is 7 to 8 kilometres climbing through the gorge to the village of Aradena, with many natural obstacles. This is an easy way to follow trail until the bridge of Aradena. Here you can climb up an old staircase or follow the donkey trail on the left. When you are afraid of heights, avoid the stairs!

Pass under the bridge completely down in the canyon towards the old donkey trail, which goes 200 metres perpendicular upwards. This is a heavy climb until the abandoned village Aradena. A nice village walk through the deserted streets. Cross the bridge in the direction of Lyvaiana. First there is a bit of walking on asphalt and then 9 kilometres downwards with a view over the Libyan Sea. After some more walking on the asphalt road, take the walking trail going to Phinix or Finix. Signs say Loutra, Phinix and Finika. A long day, which is not suitable for the summer months!

October 8th: An active day at the beach

Autumn holidays on Crete Greece – Off road excursions

October 3rd: Quad excursion on Crete with a few drops of rain…. And after that even without gasoline… but still a successful tour!

October: Visits to Mohos, Krassi, Lassithi, Sisi and Piskopiano

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Autumn holidays on Crete Greece