Cycling holidays on Crete Greece: the inland of Crete is ideal for a great cycling holiday. With varied landscapes around you there is plenty to see. You cycle through Greek villages where old men drink coffee in the square and go through the day, but also through olive fields that stretch around you. With a variety of asphalt roads and off-road roads, there is something for everyone and you will never be bored. Of course there is also the possibility to stop for a cup of coffee at a local kafenion.

Of course there is the option to cycle for half a day, a full day or even a multi-day bike tour with an overnight stay elsewhere. For example, you can make a bicycle trip to the south of Crete, with an overnight stay in a guest house. Or you can stay near Zorbas with an overnight stay in the olive field. If you want more information about cycling holidays on Crete Greece, click here.

Hike and bike adventurous walking and cycling tours on CreteThis year we have set up a number of new walks and cycling routes. Here we give an overview of these new possibilities for a hike and bike holiday adventurous hiking and biking tours on Crete. You can walk and cycle these routes with us. But we also have GPS options to do these routes individually. Also the guests who have hiked and/or cycled with us more often will be pleasantly surprised by these new routes.

Bicycle holiday and mtb cyling excursionsA great way to see the nature and culture of Crete. We have a variety of bicycling (MTB) options. A page filled with nice information to go out on your own. We also organize different bicycle excursions, as well as for the more experienced cyclist, as for the recreational cyclist and the off-road mountain biker.

E-bike elctric cycling: During a cycling holiday on Crete you cycle through the impressive nature and get acquainted with the culture. You keep on moving while discovering the most beautiful places. From nature admirer to culture lover; with our varied range of cycling excursions, there is something nice for everyone. Electric cycling on Crete is becoming more popular, because this makes cycling in the mountainous landscape a bit more pleasant. Already for years you can book with us a cycling holiday. But now we take it a step further and also offer electric bikes with a place to stay on Crete Greece.