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Divers accommodation on Crete: Apartments for divers on Crete: We offer you all year round, both summer and winter, opportunities for diving on Crete at various locations. Crete is a perfect location for both beginning and advanced divers. We provide accommodation, transportation and diving locations. You can bring your own dive gear to Crete, but you can also rent dive gear on location. A diving holiday on Crete is suitable for everyone. You can book this diving holiday individually, or in combination with several divers, such as your dive club, association, family, etc. Our accommodation is suitable for individual guests as well as for groups.

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Diving and accommodation on Crete: Your accommodation has a living room, bedroom, open kitchen, and veranda. Linen and towels are provided. Around the property is a garden with swimming pool, a bar and restaurant. If you are on holidays with more persons you will get a discount per person on your stay. We also offer discounts to groups or associations. All prices include breakfast and dinner. The accommodation is located directly by the sea!

Divers accommodation on Crete – Diving courses Crete Greece

Locations for diving holidays on Crete: The various diving centers we work together with, are official Padi diving schools. Also on this page you can read about the different diving courses there are on Crete.

Package of 8 dives at 4 different locations: This option includes a number of boat dives and some beach dives. You will stay in Crete for one week and you will make 8 dives, but there is also an opportunity to make more than eight dives. You will make at least four beach dives, three boat dives and a wreck dive.

PADI Scuba diver on Crete: The Scuba Open Water Course for beginners lasts 3 days. This course provides a first introduction to diving. It is nice to do for divers who want to dive with a group, and in trips led by a certified diving instructor. It invites you to experience diving and encourages you to continue training to the Open Water Diver level and beyond. Upon completion of this course you will have the opportunity to dive under the supervision of a professional dive instructor to a depth of 12 meters.

During this course we offer three theory lessons, first diving exercises in the pool an two dives in the sea. It also includes transport from your accommodation to the dive center, all diving equipment, insurance, and an official PADI Scuba Diver certification. Participants of this course must be over 12 years old and have a medical certificate from their doctor that they are fit to dive.

PADI Open Water Course on Crete: The PADI Open Water course is suitable for beginners with little or no diving experience, as well as for advanced divers. The open water course takes four to five days. We offer you opportunities to obtain your PADI open water licence during your holiday in Crete. You will have your PADI Open Water certificate after one week. At the bottom of this page you will find the prices for a diving holiday in Crete. The open water course is taught in small groups. At home you can already do a lot of preliminary work by reading the PADI Open Water course book beforehand. Your PADI Open Water exam is conducted in your own language.

This course offers the opportunity to become an independent and fully qualified Open Water Diver. During this course you learn the basics of diving. This license allows you to participate in diving excursions anywhere in the world. We offer you in this course five theoretical lessons, pool exercises and four dives in open sea. All this includes transportation from the accommodation to the dive center, all necessary equipment, insurance, and the PADI Open Water diving certificate. Participants of this course must be over 12 years old and have a medical certificate from their doctor that they are fit to dive.

Divers accommodation on Crete – Attend a diving course while staying at Zorbas Island

PADI Advanced Open Water course on Crete: This course adds even more fun and experience to your diving! This course takes two to three days. Whether you are a newly qualified diver or whether you already have hundreds of dives in your log book, if you are looking for new underwater experiences, new practical experience and fun, then sign up for this course! We offer five theory lessons in this course, two compulsory dives, three dives of your choice, transportation from the accommodation to the dive center, insurance, and the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. You need to be an Open Water Diver or equivalent thereof, have your own complete equipment (or rent from us), including octopus, SPG, lamp, compass, depth gauge and BCD.

PADI Rescue Divers course on Crete: The PADI Rescue course lasts four to five days. This is an interesting course for the experienced diver about the prevention of diving accidents. This PADI Rescue course offers four theoretical lessons, five practical dive exercises, transportation from the accommodation to the dive center, insurance, and PADI Rescue Diver certification. Participants must have been trained for CPR and First Aid within the past 2 years. You should also be in possession of an Advanced Open Water Diver Licence or equivalent (BSAC UIK Leader, CMAS 2 *), minimum 20 dives in your log book, complete diving equipment (your own equipment or rent from us).

Divers accommodation on Crete – We can give you more information about the various options

If you are interested, you can always email us for more information about diving at Crete. We also have a web page that gives more information about diving in the winter months in Crete. Furthermore we can give you the information about the courses to become a Dive Master or Diving Instructor.

Reef diving, wreck diving, fun diving, island diving, boat diving, beach diving, cave diving at Crete, night diving, open water diving course, advanced diving course; we have over 50 different alternatives for diving at Crete both summer and winter. As an experienced diver you can also put together a package yourself with the various dives you would like to make during your vacation.

Diving at Crete Greece: The underwater world of Crete is full of cliffs, caves and rock formations and offers a wide variety of spectacular dive sites for underwater divers of all levels. Diving on Crete is for everybody, regardless if you are an experienced diver or not.

Other excursions on Crete: During your diving holidays you can also go on a number of other excursions; a jeep safari, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, quad safari, etc. We offer many opportunities for you to experience an active holiday in Crete.

Diving at Crete photo album: Our photo album with pictures of our years of diving in Crete.

Apartments for divers: Apartments and family holidays, studios and accommodation. Apartments with breakfast included, or half board apartment in Crete for divers.

Divers accommodation on Crete