Electric bike in Greece – E bike on Crete – E bike holiday on Crete: Bike holiday on Crete: Crete has plenty of possibilities for cycling in the summer and winter holidays. We can offer you various types of cycling holidays on Crete. Of course there are the usual asphalt roads, but to discover the real Crete, the dirt tracks are much more fun. For example, you can join a trip with an electric bike in Greece Crete, really a top excursion. Cycling in the summer in Crete is now made possible with our electric bikes.

E-bike – Electric bike on Crete: Our routes are no indicated cycling routes, we created these routes ourselves. In a group together with a guide, you cycle through the mountainous landscape of Crete. All participants will get a roadmap. If you want to go individually e biking on Crete, you receive a map with a route and instructions from us. The routes we discuss daily with our cyclists. During breakfast we explain to you what you can expect that day.

Why an electric bike: Thanks to the additional electric support on the rear wheel, it is even possible to ride up a mountain. You do not have to be an experienced mountain biker. To ride the mountainous landscape of Crete, we therefore opted for the electric bike. A bike holiday on Crete is a fun way to explore the inland areas through the off-road tracks.

E-bike – bike tours on Crete Greece: You can take tours of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days. We offer cycling tours that you can ride individually, but we also organize cycling tours in groups a number of times a year. You can book cycling holidays on Crete all year round. When cycling with a group, we tour from 40 to 60 kilometres a day. We also have GPS-routes for the countryside of Crete.

Hike and bike adventurous walking and cycling tours on CreteThis year we have set up a number of new walks and cycling routes. Here we give an overview of these new possibilities for a hike and bike holiday adventurous hiking and biking tours on Crete. You can walk and cycle these routes with us. But we also have GPS options to do these routes individually. Also the guests who have hiked and/or cycled with us more often will be pleasantly surprised by these new routes.

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