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Vacation in Crete – Holiday on Crete: apartment rental and accommodation on Crete all year round. It is the perfect place for family apartments and holiday homes, all your excursions and cheap flights to Crete. There is a detailed overview of the latest holiday news from Crete with lots of pictures. Crete (Greece) is the most Southern holiday island of Europe.

Summer in Greece

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Summer in Greece: Take it easy when there is a heat wave. This is written all over in the newspapers when the next heat wave is announced in Western Europe. There is a heat wave if it is 25 degrees or more for at least five days in a row. 10 August 2020 summer [...]

Holiday in August to Greece by plane

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Holiday in August to Greece by plane: It is still summer in Greece and it seems like everyone is going on holiday in August. Newspapers report about the many traffic jams in Europe towards southern regions. For hours, entire families are stuck on the highways going to their holiday destination. A holiday in august [...]

July holiday in Greece

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July holiday in Greece: It is high season on Crete, the schools are closed and that means many tourists at the holiday destinations. Also our apartments are fully booked, but that only adds more to the happy atmosphere. Entire families have arrived and to make everyone happy, we have adjusted our subsequent program accordingly. [...]

Information for holidays to Crete

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Information for holidays to Crete: The popular holiday island of Crete has much more to offer than just sun, sea and beach. This enormous large island has 3 mountain ranges where the most beautiful places are hidden. If you are a nature lover, you can indulge yourself easy in this mountainous landscape. But even if [...]

New excursions on Crete

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New excursions on Crete: Every year we have an extensive excursion program with a number of regular excursions and some new excursions on Crete. Many of our guests come back every year, so we provide continuous innovation. Fortunately, Crete is a large island, of which even after so many years we still do not [...]