Fishing in Crete Greece

Fishing in Crete Greece (Fishing holidays): We have a variety of alternatives for fishing in Crete. You can enjoy sea fishing near our accommodation, both in the harbour as well as from the rocks on the sea shore. All fishing locations are near the accommodation. You will never have to walk more than 5 minutes to catch your dream fish in the Aegean Sea! Fishing in Crete is possible both summer and winter. If you are fishing in the harbour, you can always try to get a fisherman to take you along out to sea.

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Fishing in Crete Greece – Boat fishing

Boat Fishing in Crete: Of course we can also arrange for you to go fishing with a boat. You can make with us reservations for these fishing tours. There are several options for boat fishing. You can go along with several fishing tours. Many fish anglers bring their own fishing gear to Crete, but we can have all required material available on request.

Close to your accommodation is a sport fishing specialty store. We can go there together to see what fish bait to use. In this store they will be happy to advise you about fishing in Crete.

Night Fishing in Crete: There is a lot of night fishing in Crete and there are also possibilities for you to go night fishing. With pleasure we help you getting started. We can identify many fishing sites in Crete, where is good for fishing. (Boat fishing in Crete)

Fishing in Crete Greece – Recreational fishing

Fishing in Crete: Crete is completely surrounded by sea with of course a lot of fish in. In the old days a lot of people who lived on Crete were fishermen. Nowadays there are still a many fishermen, but definitely less, since there are less fish to catch in the sea. Many countries face this problem, including Crete. This should not scare you off, because for the recreational fisherman there is still enough to catch. There is nothing more relaxing and exciting than waiting for the moment the fish bites. Of course you do need the right equipment and be at the right location for fishing.

Fishing licence in Crete Greece: Officially you do need a licence for fishing in Greece, but they are not checking these in all the harbours. Most of the time you can arrange something with the people in the harbour. As soon as you go fishing with a boat, you do need a licence. When you join a Greek person on a boat, then the owner of the boat must have a licence (you don’t). If you rent a small boat and go for fishing, you do need to have a licence yourself. Luckily many boat owners can arrange one for you.

There are many ways of fishing, but our explanation is about the easiest and most common way. The equipment is very simple and consists of a small folding chair, a telescopic rod of 4 – 7 meters long, a fishing line of 0,30 – 0,35 mm, a float and two angles. The line has about the same length as the rod.

You fish from a dock or a rock in the sea and keep your rod quiet while you keep a close eye on your floater. If the float starts vibrating on the water surface or it starts to sink, a fish has taken the bait and it is time for the fisherman to get into action and must carefully lift the rod and land the fish. Many fishermen have learned this method of fishing as a child from father or grandfather and therefor it should not give any problems. With this method of fishing you mainly catch smaller fish, the ones that live close to the coast.

Fishing in Crete Greece – Different types of bait

For fishing you have different types of bait. Below you find a few of them:

Shrimps: Peel the shrimps and put them on a plate. Add a lot of salt and let them to dry in the sun. When the upside is dry, you turn them around. If you do this procedure well, you can keep the shrimps even for some days outside the refrigerator. Do not use the whole shrimp in once on the angle, but cut off a small piece.

Dough of flower and cheese: You need flower, water, butter or olive oil and blue cheese. Knead to a firm dough and keep it in the refrigerator until you need it.

If you want to lure the fish to you, mix a piece of dry, some days old bread with seawater and sand in a bucket. Throw small quantities of this mixture in the water. Repeat this regularly. This is called ‘malagra’ or ‘mpasmos’ and functions the best when the sea is rough and the water not clear. We have close to our accommodation a fishing shop with bait and you can get there whatever else you should need.

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Fishing in Crete Greece