Holiday in August to Greece by plane: It is still summer in Greece and it seems like everyone is going on holiday in August. Newspapers report about the many traffic jams in Europe towards southern regions. For hours, entire families are stuck on the highways going to their holiday destination. A holiday in august to Greece by plane is therefore a good alternative. You only need to calculate a little bit extra time due to traffic at the airport. On Crete, there are no traffic jams, at most traffic is stuck for a few minutes, for example by a flock of sheep that crosses the road. When you arrive at your accommodation on Crete, the holiday fun can begin. Beforehand many parents worry whether their children will entertain themselves. We ensure that you will not have holiday stress on Crete. We keep everyone in mind; weekly we have an activity program on Crete.

5 august 2020: Snorkelling in Crete Greece: We offer a number of options for snorkelling on Crete: You could go by yourself for snorkelling, there are enough possibilities in the area. We offer snorkelling lessons through a diving school, snorkelling with a speedboat to deserted beaches, snorkelling with a boat to Dia Island and snorkelling during a beach party. Going to the South of Crete is also an option within our snorkelling excursion.

2 august 2020 – Cycling holiday in Greece: Whether you prefer a quiet bicycle tour through a rolling landscape or a heavy MTB tour with steep climbs and descents, we have plenty of cycling tours in Crete Greece. With cycling you can discover the nature, culture, and people of Greece in a different way.

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21 august 2019 Holidays to Greece –  directly on holiday to Greece – directly on holiday to Crete – holiday in august to greece by plane

17 august 2019 walking and cooking in Greece, Crete

15-08-2019 holiday week in august – Zorbas Crete

14 august 2019 Holiday in August to Greece

2019-08-12 one week holiday on Crete

9 august 2019 snorkeling and walking Kritsa

7 august 2019 hiking on agios Farango – snorkeling days in Crete

1 to 4 August 2019 – active vacations to Greece – MTB cycling – football – boat excursion on Crete – cooking in Greece

1 august 2019: Hike in augustSarakinas Gorge: Walking through this gorge is a real challenge. You can walk in the gorge a short and a long distance. The gorge is really wonderful, with sometimes quite a bit of water inside.

Holiday in august to Greece by plane – on holiday in August – summer in Greece –  outdoor cooking workshop – East Crete – largest water park of Crete – relaxation during the holiday – summer vacation in Greece

The week starts well with on Monday sports activities on the beach of Crete. Our beach party is a weekly recurring party in the summer vacation in Greece. Adults and children can use their energy with sports on the beach and in the water. A smaller group of people goes to the countryside of Crete to learn about real life on Crete.

Tuesday we hike through the Patsos canyon. This is not just an ordinary hike, since you must do some scrambling in a beautiful part of nature on Crete. We will not get bothered by the heat, because there is plenty of shade. For those who do not want to or can join the hike, we reveal some secrets of the Greek cuisine at Zorbas Island. During this outdoor cooking workshop you can learn to cook some typical Greek dishes.

Wednesday is a day where everyone can participate, because we organise an excursion snorkelling. At a beautiful location, you can admire the underwater world around Crete. This excursion is suitable and fun for all ages. There are many beautiful places on Crete, also under water.

Thursday is yet another day for a hike. That is this week not just a hike, but an adventurous hike in the gorge of Sarakina. Lots of shade and some water ensure that the warm summer temperatures do not affect you. This gorge in East Crete is an adventure you will not soon forget.

Upon arrival, people often ask us if we also organize a boat trip. Every Friday the Zorbas boat sails via the bay of Saint George in Hersonissos to the fishing village Sissi. In the bay, everyone gets enough time to jump off the boat to swim and snorkel. The exact program of this day is subject to change and depending on the weather conditions.

Especially for the youngsters, Saturday is the favourite day of the week, because then we go to the largest water park of Crete, Watercity in Anopoli. But also adults like to enjoy the spectacular water slides.

Holiday to Crete in August by plane: Zorbas Island has a beautiful seafront location and great views from the terrace and pool. We take care of everything for you, from a nice and varied activity program to a delicious meal. We take into account the different age groups in the summer vacation. All this together creates the necessary relaxation during the holiday. There is no holiday stress on Crete.