Holiday on Crete in November 2022: November is usually very nice and one of the most beautiful autumn months for a holiday. Because there are fewer tourists, we can show you a different side of Crete. With an average temperature of about 18-22°C, it’s still pleasantly warm. The sea is still nice with a temperature of around 24°C. A day at the beach or the pool is definitely still possible. But bring a raincoat, as there could be a shower.

Olive harvest on Crete: In the 3rd week of November, the olive harvest will take place and you can help! The olives are harvested in the classical way by hand. For 2-3 days you can help in the olive field. The whole process will be followed, from harvesting to pressing. We also visit multiple factories to see the process of pressing. A walk through the olive field is organized to see how the Cretans are busy with the harvest. During these days you can sleep in the olive field in hammocks, tents or bungalow tent all between the olive trees. If this is not for you, return to Zorbas to sleep. At night the experiences can be shared around a camp fire in the olive field. The harvest is finalized with a harvest party: a nice evening in the village to celebrate the harvest and look back on this beautiful experience. For more information about olive oil, visit

What unique activities can be done on Crete in November?

In November you can still be active outdoors. You can see different things than during the high season. How about the following:

Visit a raki distillery: Raki is the number 1 local drink on Crete and every village has a distillery. After pressing the grapes the remains are brought to a distillery. After 6-8 weeks of fermentation in barrels the remains are put in a kettle and heated, raki is made. The owner of the distillery likes to explain the process and let you taste the drink.

Workshop bronze casting: On Crete there is a bronze casting where father and son still cast the bronze in the same way as the ancient Greeks. It’s possible to follow a workshop and create something yourself.

Visit to a pottery: Because there are fewer tourists on the island in November, a visit to a pottery is worthwhile. The potters have more time to show you their craft and maybe you can try yourself. You will see that pottery is not as easy as the potter would make you believe.

One of the most beautiful autumn months

So if you want to go away before the dark months start and want to be outside, book your November holiday on Crete!

Of course you can participate in the following activities, just as in every other season:

Cycling on a MTB or electric mountain bike: On a bike you can see Crete in a different way. Cycling through the villages and beautiful nature.

Snorkeling: November is usually a month without wind, so a beautiful month to admire the underwater world. In addition, the sea is still wonderful in temperature after a long summer.

Unknown Crete: In contrast to the high season, Crete is now a lot greener. The trees have beautiful colors and oranges, lemons, pomegranates, walnuts and wild chestnuts are hanging in the trees. You will visit authentic villages, monasteries, kafeneions (coffee houses in Crete), beautiful nature and old crafts.

Camping in the olive field: A two day excursion where we hike through the olive fields and sleep in hammocks, tents or bungalow tent all between the olive trees.

1-2 day cooking workshop: With the Zorbas cook to guide you during a longer workshop, you can delve deeper into different recipes and you can taste the extensive Cretan cuisine. Wine tasting takes place at the cooking workshop.

Hikes: With the pleasant temperature, November is ideal for various walks. The island looks a bit greener again than in high season. Keep in mind a possible rain shower.

Car rental: If you want to discover Crete yourself, you can easily rent a car. With descriptions of different Zorbas car routes, explore the island!

Travel possibilities to Crete

Also in November there are still some possibilities to fly directly to Crete. But with a transfer in Athens, the island is still easily accessible.


A Zorbas November holiday in Crete is really something special, please contact us at to discuss the possibilities.