Holiday overview of April in Crete Greece: Often we organize an excursion to unknown Crete. But the island Crete itself is not unknown, so what do we actually mean by this? For us the meaning of unknown Crete is very general; with this excursion we like to show you Crete from a different point of view, the part of the island which is unknown to you. The things we learned from living so many years on the island, we like to share with you. Many people think Crete is all about tourism, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Therefore, with this excursion we can show you that Crete has much more to offer than sun, sea and beach.

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Olive Cookery Courses Greece:  It is finally time for a holiday and we are talking about cooking on Crete. Many people do not want to cook during their holiday. But joining a cooking workshop on Crete is something that many of our guests enjoy doing. It is nice to learn why the Greek food tastes so delicious and cooking outdoors makes this even more fun. For the true lover of Greek food, we even organise a complete program with several days cooking on Crete. And if your travel companions want to be active on Crete in a different way, they can take part in one of the many other excursions we organise.

Olive Cookery Courses Crete: Learn about the secrets of the Greek cuisine during our workshop Greek cooking on Crete. Somewhere in the mountains of Crete or at Zorbas Island’s swimming pool, our chef shows you how to prepare a delicious Greek meal. During your holiday on Crete you do not get bored; besides our workshop cooking on Crete we also organise many other activities.

Holidays in Greece: At this time of year many people are looking to book a nice holiday. Holiday trips to Greece are still very popular. This is not without reason, since many want to feel the sun on holiday. Moreover, Greece is very versatile, and everyone can find something to do. Perhaps you are looking for archaeological excavations, a mountainous landscape, beautiful nature or just a sun holiday to Greece. If you are looking for information for holidays to Greece, we are happy to help you a step further.

During the excursion, you learn a lot more about real life on Crete. The countryside of the island is not depending on tourism. Here you can see, for example, that old crafts in Crete are still being honoured. A visit to a pottery is in the program; all the beautiful terracotta flower pots that you see everywhere are handmade here in Crete. It is also nice to learn more about the culture of Crete. In the mountain villages of Crete, you can see how people live here. We drive several routes on Crete and ensure we always show you a unique part of unknown Crete.

Roundtrip through the Kritsa gorge: Going through the Kritsa gorge is a hike you will not easily forget; it really is a masterpiece of Mother Nature! But also the area around the gorge is very special. Many aspects are covered in this hike through the Kritsa gorge; the grandeur of nature, traditional villages and possibly also a visit to an archaeological site. The walk starts and finishes close to the village of Kritsa.

The hike through the gorge is truly a unique experience! When starting, already the entrance to the gorge is very impressive, because it seems as if the mountain has been ripped into two parts. This way a small passage is created with the narrowest part in the gorge of only 90 centimetres. The high cliffs at both sides are impressive. In the gorge grow plane trees, oaks, oleanders and many typical species of plants that are endemic to Crete. Also lots of birds find shelter in the holes of the cliffs in the gorge.

Holidays on Crete: To our apartments you can come all year round for your holidays. It doesn’t matter whether you are in summer or winter on Crete, it is always nice to explore the for you unknown Crete. The activities from the locals are depending on the season. In particular, the Cretan farming life is central to this. It is really nice to see this once from close by.