Active in Crete: Overview of summer vacation program Crete; we also offer options for a winter program. The information is regularly updated on this Crete site. You can contact us for information about accommodation and active excursions. On this page you will find a list of weekly and biweekly activities in Crete.

Active weekly and biweekly activities in Crete:Summer and winter activity program for vacation throughout the year. Pre-booked excursions are guaranteed. If you want more information about our weekly trips please email us. We offer deals for weekly excursions in combination with accommodation in Crete, and there are also excursions that take place every other week.

Monday: Boat excursion:a boat tour with speedboats to Dia Island or Sissi. We will leave from the port of Gournes. One week we organize a speedboat tour to Dia Island and the other week we will visit the old fishing village of Sissi.Boat

Monday: Beach Party in Crete:beach afternoon in Gournes on the secluded sandy beach with snorkeling lessons, beach soccer, barbecue, Greek music etc.

Tuesday: Cooking, Greek market and hiking excursion:a Greek cooking day in the mountains at a nice location. This workshop Greek Cooking is for anyone who likes to cook outside in nature. You can enjoy a barbecue and all the dishes that you have prepared yourself. In the morning we will first visit the Greek gypsy market in Heraklion. If you don’t like to cook, you can still come along on this day. From the cooking location we organize a walk through the olive- and vineyards. We will stop at a small canyon to spot white owls. This is an easy walk of 5-8 km. After the hike you can enjoy a barbecue in the mountains, along with the people from the cooking class. On Monday evening we will arrange a Souvla-evening, this is a traditional way of smoking and grilling meat. This tour is also very suitable for children.Cooking

Wednesday: Hiking and walking excursion:Milos is a 12 km hike through the unspoiled nature of Crete. This walking tour is interspersed with villages and natural beauty. At the end of the tour we will pass through a turtle sanctuary. We also offer opportunities for a longer hike of 15-20 kilometers (on request). This hike includes a picnic in the mountains. If you would like more information about other hikes that we organize, click on:Hike route

Wednesday: Eco Park Crete:a visit to the most beautiful ecological park of Crete. We combine the visit to the park we combine with a short walk on the plateau of Lassithi. In the ecological park you can find many traditional crafts, such as: wood carving, pottery, raki factory with distillation of raki, making of honey, weaving, old photo gallery of Crete’s most famous crafts, wax factory (candles), and a herb loft with all natural herbs that grow in Crete. There is also a farm with all animals you can find in Crete. This tour includes transfer, lunch and coffee in the courtyard of the Eco Park. We also offer opportunities to overnight here.

Wednesdayeveningwe will organize a Greek Meze evening, with 15 different Greek dishes.

Thursday: snorkel tour by speedboat:we will visit nice beaches where we will go snorkeling. In the morning you will get a snorkel lesson from a professional diving instructor. After the snorkel lesson we will make a snorkel tour of one hour. You can, if you dare, even snorkel through a cave. After this the boat will take us to a deserted sandy beach of Robinson Crusoe, only accessible by boat. Here we will organize a barbecue and you can snorkel, swim, sunbathe and enjoy good food. This tour is suitable for everyone, even people who just want to only come along for the boat trip.Snorkeling

Thursday: Pottery Walk:a tour of a Greek village in central Crete. You will get an extensive explanation about the nature and culture of Crete. Along the way we will visit an old monastery. The total distance of this walk is 5 km. In the afternoon we will go to a Greek potter. Here you will learn modeling with clay. You can make your own creation (e.g. a vase, bowl or candlestick) and take it home later. The children can do unlimited crafts and clay modeling at a long table. This tour includes transfer and BBQ lunch.

Friday: jeep safari (Central Crete):a jeep safari through beautiful Cretan villages and landscapes. Discover adventurous Crete in places you would never discover by yourself. This adventurous jeep safari will be an unforgettable day for young and old. We also offer options for 2 or 3 day safaris.Jeepsafari

FridayScootopia and buggy rally in Crete:a tour over dusty unpaved sand paths, through the interior of Crete; two persons per buggy. This is an unforgettable day for those who love adventure. Quad tour in Crete: we offer a quad safari in Crete, driving through a lovely environment with many olive trees and mountains.Quad & buggy

Saturday:we organize a free trial dive in the pool with full diving equipment Zorbas. Every Saturday afternoon on request we organize a diving afternoon at Zorbas. This trial dive is suitable for anyone who would like to experience what it’s like to dive.Diving

Saturday:excursion to unknown Central Crete. During this village walk through undiscovered Crete you can see how the shepherds make bells, grow herbs, and how life used to be in Crete. We will visit a traditional Cretan house in a beautiful environment that you will not soon forget.

On Saturday evening we organize a traditional Greek barbecue, sometimes also with live Greek music.

Sunday in Crete:We arrange a sailing day for you. This trip is organized by us once a week, only on request; an unforgettable sailing cruise and a BBQ at Dia Island.

Other excursions options at Zorbas Crete: We also organize various other excursions, for example: an excursion to a water park (with big slides), horseback riding, car rental, scooter rental, motorcycle riding, beaches, water sports, golfing, cycling, hiking tours, diving, fishing, climbing, outdoor vacation, scooter tour, sailing, just take a look at our excursion menu: There is lots to do here. If you are looking for a specific excursion please let us know. Take a look at excursion possibilities in Crete:excursion information

Multiple dayhikes in Crete:heavy hikes (50 km); 2-8 days hiking in Crete: we offer a hike on the ancient Greek donkey trails. Overnight outdoors.Hiking week

Children’s vacations: We offer a number of excursions that we only organized in the school vacation period. Especially for children we organize for example: cooking Greek food with children, pizza baking contest, painting afternoon, treasure hunt, night-time drop-off, afternoon of games, tennis and badminton, beach volleyball, beach soccer, water polo, children’s hike in the mountains. There are many games, costumes, a computer, Wi-Fi, billiards and darts available free of charge.

In the summer months (children’s season) we organize puzzle excursions in the mountains, night drop-offs, treasure hunts, swimming contests, beach party with BBQ, water sports afternoon at the end of the Gournes bay etc. For more information about a child-friendly holiday in Crete then please click on:active children’s vacation

Zorbas puzzle tour Crete: we organize for our guests a fun puzzle tour in Crete. We drive away from the property in cars every 10 minutes. Everybody has the same puzzle questions to answer, and the cars keep passing each other during the day. We will enjoy a lunch in Southern Crete, where everyone meets up again in the afternoon. In the afternoon we will drive back to the accommodation while solving the last puzzle questions. In the evening we will have an award ceremony. This tour is very popular in the children’s season.

Scooter tour in Crete: Scooter tour in Crete, you can go together with us on a scooter tour of Crete, but we also have several routes you can explore by yourself.

We also organize various other excursions, for example: an excursion to a water park (with big slides), horseback riding, car rental, scooter rental, motorcycle riding, beaches, water sports, golf, cycling, walking tours, diving; there are a lot of things to do. If you are looking for a specific excursion in Crete, please let us know.

This is what our year program looks like for summer and winter in Crete.

March and April in Crete: in March the summer season begins for us! We will open the season with an evening party, with a different theme each year. In March and April, the weather in Crete is often already very beautiful: it’s a wonderful time to see some of the island. Crete is very green in spring. The mountains Ida and Dikti might still have snow, but with us in Gournes you definitely feel spring is in the air! In the evening it still cools down a bit; you will need to bring summer as well as winter clothing. April is much warmer than March.

May and June in Crete: In May, the beginning of summer, Crete is still pretty green! It is quite an advantageous time to go on holiday. Cars are still cheap to rent. The mercury quickly goes up to 24 to 28 degrees during the day. Every Saturday we organize Zorbas BBQ night. Wednesday evening is our culinary evening, Greek meze night. Also we regularly organize jeep safari or treasure hunts for our guests by car. This way you will see a different part of Crete! Twice a week we organize a different activity for those so inclined: fishing tournaments, dart tournaments, boat trips, water sports etc.

July in Crete: Summer! July is a wonderful holiday month in Crete. In this time of year we actually organize all kinds of events, but of course it’s also nice to just lie at the pool at Zorbas Gournes with a cocktail, or go for a relaxing day at the beach.

August in Crete: It’s actually not much different in August than in July! At Zorbas Beach of course a lot of things are organized to accommodate your wishes. We will gladly advise you about the possibilities of various excursions. Twice a month we will organize a barbeque night at Zorbas Beach and twice a month we will spoil you with “home-made food”. Every Saturday evening we organize the Zorbas BBQ night, and on Wednesday evenings our culinary Greek meze night.

September in Crete: A month in which summer does not want to quit! At the end of the month we will make wine at Zorbas, and whoever would like to experience this is always welcome. About this time I want to it is always welcome. Also there will be plenty of meze, grill and culinary evenings in September!

October in Crete: While in many countries autumn has already started, we are enjoy the tranquility with lovely sunshine here.

In November, most tourists have left, but the weather can still be great. A wonderful time to be out and about! We organize many winter excursions in this period. The tavern/bar is open daily until November 1st; thereafter it will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays. November in Crete means making time to visit olive mills. On our site you can see our program for the entire winter. Check out:spending the winter

December in Crete: Even in the month of December you can still enjoy a holiday in Crete! The weather is hard to predict, but it’s mostly good weather, and occasionally some lesser days. At Christmas and New Year’s Zorbas Gournes is open every day in December! Click on our Christmas program:Christmas

All of our excursions are organised by Ask for Travel – Euro dive – Manos Car rental – exploring Crete. We deal with many organisations