Horse riding on Crete Greece

Horse riding on Crete Greece: There are several ways to go horse riding on Crete. You can book horse riding as an excursion day, but there are also opportunities for a horse riding holiday on Crete. With pleasure we help you to put together your horse riding holidays. Horse riding on Crete Greece can be done both summer and winter. From Zorbas Island you can be picked up daily.

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Horse riding on Crete Greece – A ride through nature

Horse riding in the summer: During the summer months horseback riding is done early morning or late afternoon. During the afternoon the temperature is too hot for the horses. You can always contact us for a day of horseback riding, but in summer it is better to book in advance. For both the advanced and beginning rider it is great to take a ride through the nature of Crete.

Accommodation & horseback riding on Crete: We can offer you accommodation combined with a number of horseback riding excursions in Crete. Another option during your vacation on Crete is to go for just one day of horseback riding. There are several excursions possible in different locations, such as horseback riding in the mountains or along the sea.

Horse riding on Crete Greece – There are several excursions horse riding

Several horse riding excursions: We cooperate with a few riding schools on Crete for recreational horse riding. All of them take really good care of their horses! Some of the stables on Crete have the most beautiful settings. The transport to the locations we do in consultation with our guests, because not all riding schools have transportation. Surely we can also arrange your transportation. It is fun to ride a horse at different locations.

Should you want to have more information about horseback riding on Crete, just contact us anytime.

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Horse riding on Crete Greece