In low season to Greece on holiday: If you are not dependent on the school holidays to go abroad, we recommend a trip to Crete Greece in springtime. The temperature is already very pleasant, and the sun is shining most of the time.

On top of that, tourists do not yet overrun the tourist places. Our accommodation is on the southern island of Crete, a popular holiday destination in Greece.

Every week we organize various activities for our guests, where we no matter the time of year avoid the tourist attractions of Crete. So when you come to us, it actually does not matter whether you are coming in high season or low season on holiday. With us you have the chance to visit unique spots on Crete.

Gorge of Havgas at Lassithi: According to the weather forecast, Monday is a hot day, so we decided to hike in an area with refreshing water. Between the Katharo and Lassithi plateau lies the beautiful gorge of Havgas. The water of the more than 300 meters higher situated Katharo plateau is transported through the Havgas gorge to the Lassithi plateau. Because there are not often people in the Havgas gorge, the ecosystem is very rich here. There are hundreds of species of birds and other animals living here. On the mountain slopes there is an abundance of trees and herbaceous vegetation including the herb diktamos. The gorge is accessible up to the natural water basin “Neraidokolympos”. Here a large round boulder blocks the trail and only experienced mountaineers can continue here.

Village tour Episkopi and Stamnoi: To get a taste of ‘real’ life on Crete, we go on Tuesday for a walk through the villages of Episkopi and Stamnoi. The narrow streets, the old houses and the friendly villagers who like to have a chat, give a good impression of Greek village life. These villages are a typical example of how people live who have nothing to do with tourism, even though these villages are very close to the tourist area of Crete. Here, people live mainly from agriculture; the production of olive oil, wine and dairy products are the most important. The villagers live according to tradition and the history of the area is also preserved with care. For example, there are still many remains from the Byzantine and Venetian times in the villages, especially many old churches.

Walking on the south coast of Crete: On Wednesday we go to the other side the island and walk on the south coast of Crete. The village of Tsoutsouras in southern Crete is best known among locals and is a place where many Greeks celebrate their holidays in August. Less known is that there is a palm forest in the area. Anyone searching the internet for a palm grove in Crete reads about Vai or Preveli, but there are other unique spots. The palm forest where we go is certainly not a tourist attraction and we can therefore enjoy our walk in peace.

Agios Antonios Gorge at Patsos: Near the village of Patsos south of Rethymnon lies the Agios Antonios gorge. Most people call it the Patsos gorge, the name Agios Antonios comes from the church at the beginning of the gorge. This church is built in the rock and is a sort of pilgrimage place for the locals. Outside the church there are crutches that people have left behind after being miraculously healed. The hike in this gorge is quite an adventure, because there are some challenging rocks to be defied. With some help from ropes, wooden bridges and giving each other a hand, we eventually will succeed. We can only not promise that your feet remain dry. Thursday we take on the challenge to hike through this special piece of nature. It will be a day to remember.

Zorbas boat trip: Even though it is still spring, the temperature is rising considerably this week. It is time to cool off on the water. On Friday we sail with the Zorbas boat along the coast to the fishing village of Sissi. On the way there is the possibility to swim and snorkel in the sea. It is lovely to jump into the clear seawater from the boat. We bring snorkels and goggles, so you can enjoy the underwater world at Crete. In Sissi you can take a walk through the village, see souvenir shops, or have something to eat.

Holiday on Crete in low season: Our apartments Zorbas Island are located on the north coast of Crete. Crete is the most southerly of the Greek islands. As a result, Crete is generally warmer than the rest of Greece. Especially in spring the temperature can be very high. We adjust our activities accordingly. If you do not want to join, it is also wonderful to lie on a bed in the sun. At Zorbas Island we have a lovely swimming pool, but there is also a sandy beach right outside the accommodation. Our guest can use here the sun beds and umbrellas free of charge.