Information for holidays to Crete: The popular holiday island of Crete has much more to offer than just sun, sea and beach. This enormous large island has 3 mountain ranges where the most beautiful places are hidden. If you are a nature lover, you can indulge yourself easy in this mountainous landscape. But even if you are a real sun worshiper, you enjoy this island in the Mediterranean. You can find beautiful beaches and secluded bays everywhere in Crete. Do you prefer to learn more about the history of Crete? Even then there are countless places that you can visit. We would be happy to provide you with more information for holidays to Crete.

The difference between Crete and other Greek islands: After years of exploring Crete and organizing holidays, we still discover new places every day. This island is large with endless possibilities. We are amazed ourselves every time we discover a special place in Crete. Other Greek islands, however, are smaller and you have seen the most after a few weeks of holiday. Moreover, the location of Crete is very south and therefore it has a pleasant climate. This allows you to enjoy a holiday all year round.

Information for holidays to Crete, Greece: Crete has many secrets, which we like to share this with our guests. Many of our guests have been coming here on holiday for years and know that we always have something new to show. You never get bored on Crete. Of course you can also enjoy the swimming pool or the beach at our accommodation. The sunbeds are there for you and we will gladly serve you a snack and a drink.

Information about Crete: That Crete is only an island for partying youngsters is an absolute misconception about Crete. The island has so much more to offer; its rich history, culture, beautiful nature, and a warm climate are the main reasons to visit the island. You will not get bored quickly here. If you are looking for more information about a holiday to Crete, have a look at our website.