March holidays to Crete Greece: The winter was dark and cold, so many people dream about a holiday to the sun. Unfortunately, spring has not even started yet and the summer is still very far away. On the southern Greek island of Crete, due to the mild climate, spring starts much earlier. In March it is beautiful green and all over the island flowers and plants bloom. In this period Crete is already a sun destination in Europe. The temperature on Crete in March often reaches 20 degrees or higher and is perfect for outdoor activities.

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In March on holiday to Crete: To go off season on holiday has the big advantage that tourists do not everywhere overrun places. In the month of March on Crete everyone is busy preparing for the upcoming summer season. But actually, spring is a perfect time for an active holiday to Crete. The weather is perfect for nature walks and other activities in nature. Moreover, it is also possible to spend a day on the beach and enjoy the spring sunshine on Crete. We are open all year round and an early spring holiday could be perfect for you. Have a look at our website to get an impression.