Mediterranean cooking holiday in Greece: It is finally time for a holiday and we are talking about cooking on Crete Greece. Many people do not want to cook during their holiday. But joining a cooking workshop on Crete is something that many of our guests enjoy doing. It is nice to learn why the Greek food tastes so delicious and cooking outdoors makes this even more fun. For the true lover of Greek food, we even organise a complete program with several days cooking on Crete. And if your travel companions want to be active on Crete in a different way, they can take part in one of the many other excursions we organise.

Learn to cook Greek: In every household you often hear the same question: what should we eat today? We all want to eat healthy food, but we do not always have the inspiration to make something tasty and healthy. Research has shown that the Greek and particularly the Cretan cuisine is very healthy. Therefore, many people want to learn to cook Greek, because the food always tastes so delicious during a holiday in Greece.

We have many recipes from the Greek cuisine, which we like to share with our guests. While on holiday on Crete you can learn to cook Greek. Our chef shows you how easy it is to cook a delicious and healthy dinner. You can choose to come cooking with us somewhere in the mountains. But you can also choose to join a workshop cooking on Crete for several days. The cooking lessons are outdoors, as it is after all your holiday.

Cooking holidays in Greece: Cooking course in Greece & cooking workshop Greek cooking and Greek cooking holidays: A complete week cooking holiday in Greece, enjoying the outdoors. Workshop cooking in Greece, cooking with olive oil, recognizing dishes, cooking outdoors. On this page we give you an impression of our cooking lesson holidays in Greece.

The Greek cook book of Zorbas Island: Here you find every week new recipes from the Greek kitchen of Zorbas Island. All these different and healthy dishes you can now also prepare at home. Of course you can taste all the dishes during your holidays at Zorbas Island. We always use fresh (organic) local products for our Greek dishes. During the Greek cooking workshop we explain you more about the ingredients and the cooking of the Greek cuisine. On Crete we have particular dishes and we would like to share our secrets with you.

olive oil from Crete: On Crete, the farmers still harvest their olives manually by using traditional methods. The pressing of the olives is done according to strict rules to ensure that the final product, the olive oil, is of impeccable quality. On this website you can read more about the olive oil from Crete.

Mediterranean cooking holiday in Greece

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Holidays on Crete: Learn about the secrets of the Greek cuisine during our workshop Greek cooking on Crete. Somewhere in the mountains of Crete or at Zorbas Island’s swimming pool, our chef shows you how to prepare a delicious Greek meal. During your holiday on Crete you do not get bored; besides our workshop cooking on Crete we also organise many other activities.