Multi-day hike on the E4 in southwest Crete: To follow the E4 walking path, it is often useful to stay overnight in the area. The E4 on Crete runs over a large part of the island and the distances are large. That is why this week we are going to spend a few days in Sougia on the southwest coast of Crete. In this area is a part of the European E4 walking path. This coastal area of Crete is rugged and does not have an extensive road network. Most parts of the E4 are not accessible by car. Therefore it is so special to walk here in the tranquillity of unspoiled nature.

Gavdos Crete – Multi-day hike on the E4 in southwest Crete – Gavdos island – Gavdos Crete the most southern island of europe – Imbros Kreta Griechenland

First hiking day the Samaria gorge: The best known gorge in Greece is the Samaria gorge on Crete. The name comes from the deserted village of Samaria in the gorge, which owes its name to the church of Oia Maria. During the Ottoman rule it was a hiding place for rebels and the local population. Many native species of plants and animals live in the gorge, including the wild mountain goat, the Kri-Kri. In 1962 the area was declared a national park and since 1981 the park is under the supervision of UNESCO. The narrowest point in the gorge is called Iron Gates.

Because this gorge is famous, there can be many visitors. That is why we leave early in the morning to the Omalos Plateau where the entrance is. The advantage is that we begin our walk before the crowd arrives. The first kilometres are hard, because about 750 meters must be dropped over a path on rocks, which runs quite steeply down. The end of this walk is in Agia Roumeli, from where we take the boat to Hora Sfakion. There is no other way is to get out of here. From Hora Sfakion we drive back to our accommodation in Kokkini Hani.

E4 walking on the south coast of Crete: The rugged south coast of Crete is a beautiful walking decor. A few times a year we organize a multi-day walking tour in South Crete. We mainly follow parts of the European E4 walking route. But there are more beautiful routes that we like to walk with our guests. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know when we have planned our multi-day walks or for any other information.