Newsletter Zorbas Island 2021 Crete:  This newsletter gives you all the news and information about a holiday on Crete in 2021. Are you already dreaming of a wonderful holiday in the sun? With this newsletter for 2021 we will warm you up!

TO ZORBAS ISLAND: Congratulations! You have won a Zoover Award Gold!

This year we were unable to organize a Zoover Awards ceremony. That is why we have decided to digitally hand out the golden Zoover Awards to the accommodation owners who deserve them. Hard work pays off, as you have won a Zoover Award Gold! That should not go unnoticed. That is why we have created a certificate for you and added it to this email. You can print this out and show it on a nice place at the reception, or share it on your website or other digital channels.

We will be busy handing out all the digital awards in the coming days. Therefore, not all winners have yet been informed about their prize.

We hope you are happy with your award. You’ve earned it!

Greetings, from Zoover

We are also preparing for the aftermath of this Covid year, so that, if necessary, we can welcome you Covid-proof, just like last year. We adhere to all EU/Greek law and safety rules, so you can have a carefree holiday. That is possible from April 2021 till 7th January 2022.

New in 2021 – Hike and bike holiday adventurous walking and cycling tours: This year we have set up new walks and cycling routes. Here we give an overview of these new possibilities for an adventurous hike and bike holiday on Crete. You can walk and cycle these routes with us, but we also have GPS options to do these routes individually. Guests who have hiked and/or cycled with us more often will also be pleasantly surprised by these new routes. You can book this as a package deal: three hikes and two cycle tours in eight days or vice versa: two hikes and three cycle tours.

Camping in an olive grove: Greece is for many people a favourite holiday destination. Sun, sea, culture, nature, traditions and friendly people are the main reasons why people go on holiday to Greece. Most part of the year the weather is perfect to enjoy the outdoors. Join us in a fun camping in the olive fields experience, including walking in the Cretan nature and a freshly cooked outdoor dinner!

Cooking lessons overview: We arrange holidays on Crete including Greek cooking lessons. In 3 to 8 days you will learn the secrets of the Greek kitchen. We bring you along for shopping and go to different locations in the Cretan mountains where you learn to cook Greek dishes. We also offer one day cooking workshops in the olive field, where you will learn to cook a small number of Greek dishes.

Unknown Crete excursions: On this excursion we take you to special places on Crete that are unknown to many people. It’s a day full of culture (small villages, churches, monasteries, pottery, bronze caster etc.) and nature. We show you different places on Crete and go for short walks. There are many different routes, so there are always a selection of interesting spots.

Workshop bronze casting:  At our local bronze casting father and son still cast the bronze in the same way as the ancient Greeks. It’s possible to follow a workshop and create something yourself. During the workshop, Zamac (silver-colored mixture) is used because it melts faster and is therefore less dangerous. The workshop lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

New hikes in Crete 2021: A large part of our excursion program offers hikes in the Cretan nature. Hikes through gorges, nature walks and hikes, walks through villages, walks in combination with a boat trip, you can find it all in our excursion program. But how do we come up with new trips every year? During the winter months we explore new areas and discover history and nature during our walks. After several days of hiking, we put all the pieces of the puzzle together and we have created a new hike. It can easily take a few weeks to map out a nice hiking route in the mountains of Crete.

Of course we are not sitting still at the moment. We are busy with creating new excursions that you can discover in our new excursion program. For more information, click here.

For 2021 we have some new offers! You can rent a beautiful, detached house on a mountain in an olive field. This house is fully equipped. Of course you can also choose to spend a restful week in the mountains and an active week at Zorbas. For more information, click here.

At the moment we are busy at Zorbas with the preparations for next season. The doors and windows of the apartments will be replaced. The family house at Zorbas has a new bathroom: the shower and toilet have been replaced.

As said, we’re busy with creating new excursions. New walks and hikes, but also new cycling routes. In 2021 a number of electric mountain bikes will be bought so we can organise more cycling excursions.

Fortunately, 2020 also brought something positive: the olive harvest was above expectations! The quality of the olives and olive oil was fantastic. So if you want to enjoy our delicious extra virgin olive oil, order your tins here.

We will keep you informed of all developments in 2021.

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