Photo books Crete Greece: An overview of Zorbas photo books Crete Greece through the years since 1999 up to today. A short explanation about the photo books: These photo books have been composed with photos made by ourselves on Crete Greece and with photos that were sent to us by our guests. We update the photo books on a regular basis, visitors who do not want to be shown in it, will be left out. Each month symbolizes the wonderful time we have with our guests. There are photos about Crete Greece in summer and winter. On our site we place several times a week new photos to give you an impression of a holiday on Crete.

photo books crete greece

Photo books Crete Greece overview: 2019-2020

An overview of the best photos of 2019-2020: On this page you will find the most beautiful photos of 2019 and 2020. The highlights of this season can be seen here. Many fun activities and excursions in the year 2019-2020!

Photo books Crete Greece overview: 2018

In September to Greece on holiday: September is a great month for a vacation to Greece. It is a month with summer temperatures, but not with the hustle and bustle of the high season. During the day 30°C on the thermometer is more regular than an exception. Not only the weather is good in September in Greece, but the sea is also pleasantly warm. A beach holiday is certainly still possible in this period, but even if you prefer to be active, it is perfect to be in Greece. The month of September is for many people one of the favourite travel months for Greece. september 13

Electric cycling in Greece: During a cycling holiday in Greece you cycle through the impressive nature and get acquainted with the culture. You keep on moving while discovering the most beautiful places. From nature admirer to culture lover; with our varied range of cycling holidays, there is something nice for everyone. Electric cycling in Greece is becoming more popular, because this makes cycling in the mountainous landscape a bit more pleasant. Already for years you can book with us a cycling holiday. But now we take it a step further and also offer electric bikes with a place to stay in Greece. september 6

Adults only holiday on Crete Greece: A holiday with children is fun, but not everyone shares this opinion. For this group of people are nowadays the adults-only hotels available. Is it discrimination or pure luxury, opinions are divided. Whatever it is, there are enough adults who do not want children playing around during a holiday. A decade ago nobody knew the term adults only. Today more vacationers show interest in this concept, which ensures a holiday without children. Whether it is for couples, friends or singles on vacation, everyone has their own reason to go on holiday without children. Adults only has been a growing phenomenon in the last five years; more and more couples and singles discover the advantages of an accommodation where children are not allowed. You can also come to us for an adults-only holiday in Crete Greece. september 2

Holiday destination in Greece: Already for years many people go on holiday to Greece. For most holidaymakers sun, sea and beach are at the top of their wish list. But Greece offers much more than just that. It is a country with impressive coastlines, a diverse culture, beautiful beaches, friendly people, great food and a rich history. Greece is a versatile and attractive country in southern Europe with many opportunities for both a quiet and an adventurous holiday. But because the country has so much to offer, it is difficult to find a holiday destination in Greece that best suits both you and your travel companions. We would like to help you with that. We understand that everyone has their own wish list for a holiday and we take that into account. september 1


Different type of holiday to Crete: Summer holidays have not finished yet and the newspapers still write about peak hour at holiday destinations. It can even be so busy there, that sometimes it just is not funny anymore and the relaxed holiday feeling is hard to find. It is high season on Crete and at places such as the Palace of Knossos or the island of Spinalonga people are waiting in long lines to enter. But Crete has many more beautiful places that are never crowded, simply because people do not know how to find them. These are the places we want to show our guests. august 19

Fitcation on Crete Greece: Fitcations are holidays based on physical health and being active. It is one of the fastest growing travel trends. Doing nothing at all during a vacation is no longer of this time. People have less time for themselves in daily life and want to do something about it during a vacation. Holidays are nowadays more about being or becoming healthier. august 12


Small-scale accommodation on Crete: It is high season and it seems like the whole of Europe is on holiday. In the tourist areas around the Mediterranean, it is everywhere crowded. And if you want to enjoy peace and tranquillity on holiday in a crowded and large holiday resort, it almost seems impossible. In a large holiday resort, you are one of the many guests and you are constantly looking for your traveling companions in the crowd. For your next holiday maybe book somewhere else and choose a friendly and small holiday resort. In high season you can at least enjoy your well-deserved holiday in peace at a small-scale accommodation on Crete. No large resorts, but apartments with a small-scale set up. Our accommodation with friendly atmosphere is in the tourist part of Crete, but not in the hustle and bustle. July 30

Active holiday in the sun: It is summer in Europe and the temperature is rising. For those who almost go on holiday it is a nice thought; sun, sea and lazing on the beach. But such a typical holiday in the sun is not for everyone the favourite way to celebrate holidays. Perhaps you prefer to go on a sports holiday abroad. Fortunately, there are enough holiday destinations in Europe for an active holiday in the sun. The activities that can be done at warm temperatures vary from light to heavy and can be adapted to the weather conditions. Of course, you can be active in combination with relaxing at a beautiful seaside accommodation. And once you are at the accommodation you should relax also a bit on an air mattress at sea. July 29

Activity program for summer holidays on Crete: This year too we have an activity program for the summer holidays on Crete. As in previous years, we consider all ages and ensure that no one will be bored. Of course nobody is obliged to participate. If you prefer to go out on your own, with pleasure we give you the necessary tips. But perhaps you enjoy more of your holiday on a sunbed at the water with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other hand. The most important thing is that everyone enjoys the holiday in Crete. The following program applies to the coming weeks during the summer holidays on Crete. It can always happen that we have to change the program for whatever reason. July 22

Summer holidays in Southern Europe: For many it is a great relief, now that the summer vacation has started. It is about time to get away from the daily routine. After the nice and warm days of last week you probably already dream of relaxing on the beach with a drink in your hand. There are many holiday destinations in Southern Europe where this dream can become a reality. But it is also possible that you are still looking for nice tips for a summer holiday. In that case, the photos on this page may inspire you. July 14

The climate of Greece: So far it is a beautiful summer in Europe, certainly very surprising for Northern Europe. The sun comes out regularly and the temperature rises. It all looks good on paper, but the reality is different; due to the high humidity it gets quickly muggy and unpleasant. This can result in heavy rain and thunder storms. In the countries around the Mediterranean, it is much easier to bear with high temperatures. The summer months in Greece are hot and dry, but not muggy. Thanks to the low humidity and a wonderful sea breeze it is even more pleasant on the Greek islands. Also the sea helps you to cool down. This makes it possible to do outdoor activities during a holiday in southern Europe, even at high temperatures. For our weekly program with activities, we take into account the weather conditions. July 7


To which Greek island on holiday: A holiday to Greece is already for years a popular holiday destination in Europe. The Greek islands are the most popular in the summer, with Crete being number 1. This is mainly due to the versatility of the island, because both young and old, sun worshipers and sports fanatics have something to do. Crete is the largest island of Greece with many sights from Minoan palaces, Venetian forts to monasteries and rugged nature with mountains and canyons. Many tourists go to Crete to enjoy the sun. Others choose the island because there is so much to see and do. And because of the wide variety, we are happy to help with holiday plans for Crete. The program below is just an example of how a week in Crete could look like for you. June 30

Activities on Crete Greece: Perhaps you have never been to Crete in Greece and you have no idea how versatile the island is. There is something nice to do for every age and interest; from interesting sights on Crete to lazing on the beach and from beautiful nature walks to snorkelling in the Mediterranean. Nobody needs to get bored. Because there is a lot to do on the Greek island, we create every week a program with activities on Crete for our guests. We take into account that not everyone loves the same things to do and therefore we provide the necessary variety. June 24

Walking week from North Crete to South Crete: At the end of the summer season, from 29 October to 4 November 2018, we organize a walking week from North Crete to South Crete. More specifically, the hiking trail is from our accommodation in Kokkini Hani to Mirtos. The walks we have planned go through the Dikti Mountains on Crete. We hike along unknown paths, through gorges and over fields high in the mountains with the help of a GPS and compass. This walking week on Crete is a real discovery tour through unknown areas of the island. There is a car available on some parts of the route for us and specially to drive the luggage. June 16

The best travel period for Greece: The best travel period for Greece depends mainly on the purpose of your holiday. For those who want to enjoy a quiet holiday, it is best to go on holiday to Greece in the first half of June, since most of the school holidays in Europe have not yet started. In this period, Greece is also a sunny holiday destination in Europe. On the southern island of Crete the average temperature during the day is even 28 degrees Celsius. This wonderful weather forecast gives visitors the opportunity to choose a lazy sun holiday, but the Mediterranean climate is also suitable for activities on Crete. The temperature of the sea water is about 24 degrees, the nature on Crete is still at its best in June and many plants and flowers are in full bloom. You can of course opt for a holiday in the sun in June, but for the enthusiast we also organize fun activities. June 16

Active holiday in June: To go on holiday just before the school holidays start has its advantages. It is not yet crowded in the tourist areas and the weather in countries around the Mediterranean is already like summer. In general, it is not too hot and therefore an active holiday in June is definitely recommended. Holiday is a temporary release from obligations of work or study. That does not mean that you should not do anything during a vacation. An active holiday can actually provide you the necessary relaxation. Moreover, an outdoor holiday has a positive effect on mood and health. Every week we organize various activities for a holiday on Crete, in which our guests can participate if they wish to. June 7

Cycling holiday in Greece: Whether you prefer a quiet bicycle tour through a rolling landscape or a heavy MTB tour with steep climbs and descents, we have plenty of cycling tours in Greece. With cycling you can discover the nature, culture, and people of Greece in a different way. As a bicycle tourist you will discover a completely different side of the country. This sunny country offers numerous opportunities for a unique and unforgettable cycling trip. June 4


Sailing to Dia (Heraklion): Perhaps you are thinking about booking a sailing holiday in Greece, but you have never sailed at sea. To try this out you can join us on a daytrip sailing to Dia, the uninhabited island north of Crete. We organize a sailing trip to Dia from Heraklion. You do not sail yourself, because there is a captain present. Dia is part of the European Nature Network (NATURA) 2000, because of the very important biodiversity found on the island. There is no infrastructure on Dia island. May 30

In low season to Greece on holiday: If you are not dependent on the school holidays to go abroad, we recommend a trip to Greece in springtime. The temperature is already very pleasant, and the sun is shining most of the time. On top of that, tourists do not yet overrun the tourist places. Our accommodation is on the southern island of Crete, a popular holiday destination in Greece. Every week we organize various activities for our guests, where we no matter the time of year avoid the tourist attractions of Crete. So when you come to us, it actually does not matter whether you are coming in high season or low season on holiday. With us you have the chance to visit unique spots on Crete. May 23

Multi-day hike on the E4 in southwest Crete: To follow the E4 walking path, it is often useful to stay overnight in the area. The E4 on Crete runs over a large part of the island and the distances are large. That is why this week we are going to spend a few days in Sougia on the southwest coast of Crete. In this area is a part of the European E4 walking path. This coastal area of Crete is rugged and does not have an extensive road network. Most parts of the E4 are not accessible by car. Therefore it is so special to walk here in the tranquillity of unspoiled nature. May 19

In May on holiday to Crete: On Crete the sun always shines in summer and it is a great holiday destination that has something to offer for everyone. But what is it like in the spring on Crete? The southern island has a Mediterranean climate and in May usually starts the dry season which lasts until autumn. Most days it is beautiful with sunny weather, but there may be a cloudy day. There is still a small chance it rains a bit before summer really sets off. In general, the weather is great for a holiday with outdoor activities. May 13

Spring break to Greece: It is spring and slowly we take some lighter clothes out of the closet. The winter is over, so we want to go outside again. The spring break has just started, but what a bad luck, it rains. Perhaps you should consider taking a vacation in spring. A spring break to Greece promises sunny weather, a pleasant temperature and finally the possibility to go outside. For a holiday in the spring in Crete we have put together a program, where everyone can find something nice to do. May 6


Spring holiday on Crete: The weather gods are on our side, because during the spring holiday on Crete the weather is beautiful. Last week a large part of Western Europe could also enjoy summer weather, but unfortunately that has changed again. On Crete, the sun is shining, and the temperature is well over 20 degrees. It is wonderful weather to lie on the beach, but also to participate in outdoor activities during the spring holidays. April 29

Snorkeling holidays in Greece: Snorkelling from the boat: Our guests have already learned this week that snorkelling in Crete is great to do. Nature underwater nowhere looks the same in Greece. You cannot go to every great snorkel spot by car and therefore today we go snorkelling from the boat. Just outside the tourist resort of Hersonissos in Crete, is a bay, where are no waves or strong currents in the sea. The Agios Georgios Bay in Hersonissos is a wonderful place to go snorkelling from the boat. There you can even go snorkelling to a cave in the sea. April 22

Sailing on Crete from Heraklion to Dia: From our accommodation Zorbas Island we enjoy every day the view of Dia Island. The island belongs to the department of Heraklion and is located about 7 nautical miles north of the capital of Crete. When the sky is clear, it seems like you can see every detail of the island. And when the weather changes or when the sun sets, the colour of Dia Island changes. The island seems to have its own story, which is all the more reason to explore it yourself. The only way to get there is by boat to Dia. April 21

Holiday overview of April in Crete: Often we organize an excursion to unknown Crete. But the island Crete itself is not unknown, so what do we actually mean by this? For us the meaning of unknown Crete is very general; with this excursion we like to show you Crete from a different point of view, the part of the island which is unknown to you. The things we learned from living so many years on the island, we like to share with you. Many people think Crete is all about tourism, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Therefore, with this excursion we can show you that Crete has much more to offer than sun, sea and beach. April 19

Walking in the Mirabello Bay on Crete: The Mirabello Bay in East Crete is the largest bay on Crete. The Venetians gave the bay this name, which literally means ‘beautiful bay’. The location of the bay played an important role in the prehistoric colonization of Crete. Cities were already built here since the Minoan time, because of the sea view. From here they could spot quickly enemy ships. Walking in the Mirabello Bay on Crete means enjoying the amazing views and a beautiful nature. April 15

Mediterranean cooking holiday in Greece: It is finally time for a holiday and we are talking about cooking on Crete. Many people do not want to cook during their holiday. But joining a cooking workshop on Crete is something that many of our guests enjoy doing. It is nice to learn why the Greek food tastes so delicious and cooking outdoors makes this even more fun. For the true lover of Greek food, we even organise a complete program with several days cooking on Crete. And if your travel companions want to be active on Crete in a different way, they can take part in one of the many other excursions we organise. April 10

Easter in Greece: Easter in Greece is a traditional happening, in which people remember the suffering and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and celebrate the resurrection. It also is a celebration of being together and socializing, a celebration with family and friends. In the holy week before Easter in Greece, people prepare for the most important feast of the year. Moreover, the Greeks follow the daily liturgical services in the church throughout the holy week. April 9

Pefki gorge in East Crete: A beautiful gorge is hidden between the village of Pefki and the village of Pisokaminos in the southeast of Crete. This gorge got more publicity thanks to the increasingly popular hiking trail E4. The Pefki gorge in East Crete is part of this European walking route E4. Although the main attraction in Pefki is definitely the gorge, it is worth spending some time in the village. Here you can wander through the narrow streets and enjoy the peace, simplicity, and picturesque atmosphere of the village. April 6

Chochlakies gorge Crete: When the conversation is about a gorge walk in Greece, people think of the long Samaria gorge at the island of Crete. But there are many more gorges on Crete and these are not all long and difficult to walk through. For example, in East Crete is the Cochlakies gorge between the eponymous village and the beautiful beach of Karoumes. This gorge is not hard or long and is the last part of the European trail E4. The Chochlakies gorge is beautiful with a rich flora, interesting geology and provides an easy walking path. April 5

Kato Zakros walking in the gorge: Crete is an island where you can discover many hidden beauties. For example, the island has fantastic beaches, but there are also several beautiful gorges and canyons hidden in the mountains. Many of them are thanks to findings clearly linked to the rich history of Crete. In the far east of Crete is the Zakros gorge. This gorge is also called the Dead Valley or Valley of the Dead. April 4

Richtis gorge: In the eastern part of Crete there are, besides the E4 trail, several beautiful hiking trails and gorges for hiking. One of the most beautiful small gorges of eastern Crete is the Richtis gorge. This gorge is not far away from the city of Sitia. The gorge starts at the village of Exo Mouliana, at the stone arch bridge Lachanas from the 19th century. The route through the Richtis gorge follows the stream and ends at a pebbled beach. April 3

April holidays to Greece: Although the days slowly get longer and brighter, it still feels like spring is pretty far away. The end of April is officially the beginning of spring, but in Greece it seems to have started at the beginning of the month. Greece is beautiful green in April and flowers and plants bloom everywhere. In northern Greece it can sometimes be a bit chilly and wet during the day, but in the south of the country the temperature is significantly higher. Especially on the most southern island of Greece, Crete, the sun is shining and winter is gone. April 2

Easter in Crete: Saturday before Easter in Crete Greece: Start at 13.00 hours. At 23.15 hours we walk from Zorbas to the big church in Kokkini Hani for the Easter celebration. At midnight a Judas doll will be burned at this church. There will be a lot of firework and the whole village will come all together to start the Easter festivities. April 1


March holidays to Crete: The winter was dark and cold, so many people dream about a holiday to the sun. Unfortunately, spring has not even started yet and the summer is still very far away. On the southern Greek island of Crete, due to the mild climate, spring starts much earlier. In March it is beautiful green and all over the island flowers and plants bloom. In this period Crete is already a sun destination in Europe. The temperature on Crete in March often reaches 20 degrees or higher and is perfect for outdoor activities. March 29

The Greek island Naxos: The largest island of the Greek Cyclades is Naxos with the capital Chora, also called Naxos City. If you go island hopping to the Greek Cyclades, we recommend you take some more time for Naxos. To see the island, it is useful to have means of transportation, because it is a rather large island. Naxos is a combination of beautiful sandy beaches, with fertile valleys and mountainous beauty. Whether you come to enjoy beautiful beaches, want to learn more about civilization and history or want an active holiday on the Greek island of Naxos, the island is a popular destination for all kinds of interests. March 27

March holidays to Crete Greece: The winter was dark and cold, so many people dream about a holiday to the sun. Unfortunately, spring has not even started yet and the summer is still very far away. On the southern Greek island of Crete, due to the mild climate, spring starts much earlier. In March it is beautiful green and all over the island flowers and plants bloom. In this period Crete is already a sun destination in Europe. The temperature on Crete in March often reaches 20 degrees or higher and is perfect for outdoor activities. March 26

Season preparations Zorbas Crete: The new summer season on Crete is just around the corner and we have started with our spring cleaning. We will clean each and every corner and where needed add a fresh coat of paint. The apartments will get some extra attention this year. We refresh the inside of the apartments with, among other things, paintings made especially for us. And for more comfort during the holidays we put new seats outside the apartments. March 24

Walking in the area of the Pefki gorge on Crete: Sometimes it seems that all the nice sights on Crete are on the north and west of the island. This could not be further from the truth, because East Crete also has a large number of beautiful places to visit. For example, you can go walking in the area of the Pefki gorge on Crete, which is on the southeast coast. The gorge and the village of Pefki owe the name to the many pine trees in the area. A special phenomenon, because the south coast of Crete has a very dry and warm climate. March 20

Electric fat bike in Greece Crete: Fatbike holiday on Crete: Crete has plenty of possibilities for cycling in the summer and winter holidays. We can offer you various types of cycling holidays on Crete. Of course there are the usual asphalt roads, but to discover the real Crete, the dirt tracks are much more fun. For example, you can join a trip with an electric fat bike in Greece Crete, really a top excursion. Cycling in summer in Crete is now made possible with our electric fatbikes. March 10

Flying holiday to Crete: Crete offers you a wide variety of nature, culture and history. Crete is the land of myths and legends, home of the Minotaur and the birthplace of Zeus. The island lies in the azure blue sea with beautiful beaches and an overwhelming  mountain scenery. The Cretan people hang on to their traditions in this modern world. This you can experience that yourself when you visit mountain villages. There is always something for everyone to do, whether you enjoy more of a beautiful sunset or a visit to the ruins of the Palace of Knossos. March 8

Information for holidays to Crete: The popular holiday island of Crete has much more to offer than just sun, sea and beach. This enormous large island has 3 mountain ranges where the most beautiful places are hidden. If you are a nature lover, you can indulge yourself in this mountainous landscape. But even if you are a real sun worshiper, you enjoy this island in the Mediterranean. You can find beautiful beaches and secluded bays everywhere in Crete. Do you prefer to learn more about the history of Crete? Even then there are countless places that you can visit. We would be happy to provide you with more information for holidays to Crete. March 4


Relaxing holiday to Greece: It is that time of the year again to start thinking about a relaxing holiday to Greece. A relaxing holiday in Greece means for some people enjoying the authentic Greek culture with good food. For others, it means being lazy in the sun at the seafront with a good book and another relaxes during a walk in Greek nature. However you want to fill in your holidays, we can always give you advice. Februar 27

Flying holiday to Greece: Many people go to Greece on vacation to relax and enjoy all the beauty that the country has to offer. It is a country with impressive coastlines, a versatile culture, beautiful beaches, friendly people and delicious food. But also the rich history can be seen everywhere in the country; there are many historical monuments such as Venetian fortresses, medieval castles, fortresses and extraordinary monasteries. And this is just a small example of what you can see. Book your flight to Greece and let yourself be enchanted by Greek mythology. Februar 24

Information for holidays to Greece: At this time of year many people are looking to book a nice holiday. Holiday trips to Greece are still very popular. This is not without reason, since many want to feel the sun on holiday. Moreover, Greece is very versatile, and everyone can find something to do. Perhaps you are looking for archaeological excavations, a mountainous landscape, beautiful nature or just a sun holiday to Greece. If you are looking for information for holidays to Greece, we are happy to help you a step further. Februar 17

Information about holidays to the Greek islands: There are about 6,000 Greek islands, which are scattered around the mainland in the sea. Of these 227 islands are inhabited. All Greek islands have their own unique charm. A similarity between all Greek islands is the hospitality of the Greek people. Island hopping is a nice way to visit a few Greek islands and taste the atmosphere of the islands. Many of the islands are small and can be viewed in a few days. If you want to know more about island hopping or you are looking for information about holidays to the Greek islands, you can always contact us. Februar 10

The difference between Crete and other Greek islands: After years of exploring Crete and organizing holidays, we still discover new places every day. This island is large with endless possibilities. We are amazed ourselves every time we discover a special place in Crete. Other Greek islands, however, are smaller and you have seen the most after a few weeks of holiday. Moreover, the location of Crete is very south and therefore it has a pleasant climate. This allows you to enjoy a holiday all year round. Februar 8

Martsalo gorge and beach in Crete: You really want to book a hiking holiday to Crete Greece, but you do not really know how to get to the most beautiful places. What is the best way to organize this? You think that is easy; just browse the internet and through websites like Tripadvisor you find the places to go to that are recommended by others. Major drawback of this quest on the internet, is that you end up mainly visiting tourist attractions on Crete. In the end, that is not what you were looking for. Februar 3

Walking and flowers on Crete: In the spring, the mountains are like a sea of flowers. Eveywhere are growing wild flowers. During our hikes on Crete we always see a lot of different flowers. Each season you can smell the lovely scent of wild growing flowers on Crete. You will not only find special wild flowers high in the mountains. You will be surprised that you can find al lot of special flowers everywhere on Crete. Februar 1


Active trip to Crete: The island is 260 kilometres long, 68 kilometre wide and the smallest part is 12 kilometres. It is an island you can never see completely during just one holiday. For this reason a lot of people come back to Crete after their first visit. Crete offers not only beautiful beaches, but also impressive mountains, with lots of different nature, Cretan culture and traditional customs. Januar 31

Walk in the area of Plaka: The small fishing village of Plaka is located in the Bay of Mirabello in Crete. From the village there is a beautiful view to the island of Spinalonga. But behind the village there is a mountain from which the view is even more beautiful. With this walk in the area of Plaka we walk up the mountain to enjoy this unique view. Looking up from the village, the route upwards seems an impossible task, but we know how to get there. Januar 30

Boattrip Crete: The summer on Crete is always nice and warm. The Zorbas boat picks us up to cool off a little bit in the Mediterranean sea. During the stops we make with the boat, you get the chance to jump from the boat into the sea. The feeling of jumping into that crystal clear seawater is the most amazing. We bring snorkels and goggles with for you to use, so you can enjoy the underwater world of Crete. Januar 29

Your Holiday on Crete: Crete is a large, long island with some high mountains. Immediately after arriving on Crete you will be impressed how beautifull Crete is. You can explore Crete by foot, on a bicycle, by public transportation, car or scooter, there are many possibilities. Crete is a fantastic holiday island and certainly not only known because of Chersonissos or Malia.  It is a misconception that the island Crete is just nice for sun, sea and nightlife. The island is beautifull and there are a lot of things to do. Januar 28