Richtis gorge Crete: In the eastern part of Crete there are, besides the E4 trail, several beautiful hiking trails and gorges for hiking. One of the most beautiful small gorges of eastern Crete is the Richtis gorge. This gorge is not far away from the city of Sitia. The gorge starts at the village of Exo Mouliana, at the stone arch bridge Lachanas from the 19th century. The route through the Richtis gorge follows the stream and ends at a pebbled beach.

The stream flows all year round through the Richtis gorge and has a free fall of more than 15 meters somewhere in the middle of the gorge. At this Richtis waterfall it is wonderful to take a break and enjoy the beautiful nature with the sound of clattering water in the background. The water at the waterfall invites you to jump in but is cold. While walking through the gorge, at some spots you have to cross the stream via stones. Sometimes it can be a small challenge to keep your feet dry. Nature also creates the necessary obstacles and there are loose stones on the route, so be careful where you walk.

Gorge hiking in Greece: A nature walk on Crete will be a pleasant surprise to many. In many places nature seems only to be dry and rocky, but there are enough parts of the island where it is green and full of flowers. Everywhere on the island you can also find delicious scented herbs. The versatile nature of the Greek island offers a different image every season.