Sailing to Dia (Heraklion): Perhaps you are thinking about booking a sailing holiday in Crete Greece, but you have never sailed at sea. To try this out you can join us on a daytrip sailing to Dia, the uninhabited island north of Crete. We organize a sailing trip to Dia from Heraklion. You do not sail yourself, because there is a captain present. Dia is part of the European Nature Network (NATURA) 2000, because of the very important biodiversity found on the island. There is no infrastructure on Dia island.

Sailing from Heraklion: The island of Dia is about 7 nautical miles from Heraklion, from where the sailing boat departs. On the way the captain gives nice and interesting information about the beautiful island. Once we arrive in the bay and harbour of Saint George on Dia, we can walk to the little church or just enjoy the silence of the area by snorkelling, fishing, or sunbathing. We have lunch on board the sailboat.

History of Dia island: During ancient times the island played an important role, especially in Minoan and medieval times. In the Minoan period the island was inhabited and near the bay of Saint George a walled port was found. In 1976 the French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau conducted underwater exploration around Dia and found the remains of an old port in the waters between Heraklion and Dia. According to Cousteau it was the largest and most important port of Knossos. The port seemed to have been destroyed by natural disasters caused by the volcano of Thira, in 1450 BC. In the Middle Ages the island was a natural “beacon at sea” for the skippers, so they knew that the coast and the ports of Crete were approaching.

Sailing on the Mediterranean: Everyone who comes to us on holiday has taken at least one picture of the beautiful view we have from our accommodation to Dia Island. If the weather conditions permit, we regularly organize a boat trip to Dia or to other destinations. If you are not a fan of sailing, you can also enjoy the sea view at the accommodation. At the pool and on the beach in front of the accommodation we have sunbeds and umbrellas and you can use these free of charge. We serve your snack and drink on the spot.