Spending the winter period on Crete Greece

Spending the winter period on Crete Greece: Crete is a lovely island to spend the winter period. We have a variety of accommodations and possibilities to spend the winter period on Crete. Zorbas Island is open all year round. With us you can enjoy a nice and active winter holiday on Crete. We have lots of excursions for people staying in winter on Crete, even combined with optionally breakfast and dinner. Last winter Crete was the warmest place to be in Europe during the winter months.

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Spending the winter period on Crete Greece: We offer accommodation and excursions during winter on Crete. Spending the winter period in Crete is a lot cheaper than you might think; we would like to give you more information. We also offer options for a longer or shorter vacation on Crete. A lot of people have been already on Crete in the summer, but we would like you to get acquainted with the unknown Crete in a different way. We offer you a different kind of holiday, you will not find with any tour operator.

Spending the winter period on Crete Greece – Apartments Zorbas Island

At Zorbas Island you can also just rent an apartment in winter. The garden around the apartments has flowers, fruits and plants all year round. Flowers blossom on Crete in general all year round. During the winter months the island is a lot greener than the summer. All apartments have a veranda on both the north and south side. At any time of the day you can sit out in the sun or protected from the wind. The mild climate of Crete enables you to be outside in winter. Almost all the apartments have sea view and all the apartments are well insulated with heating.

Spending the winter period on Crete Greece – Even in winter there is a lot to do on Crete

Crete in winter is beautiful and green. There are hardly any tourists and there is a lot of tranquility. Wintertime is very suitable for travelling around the island. The most famous tourist places (overcrowded in summer) are nice and quiet, so you can really see what Cretan life is all about. November and December are the months to see more activity in the mountains. Everybody is occupied with harvesting the olives. These are also the months to really enjoy the late summer. In many mountain villages people are then distilling the Raki. Raki is made from the leftovers of the grapes. Really nice to see!

Heraklion is also worth a visit in winter. The archaeological museum is nice and quiet, but you can also visit Knossos in peace this time of the year. Starting from Zorbas Island we organise a variety of excursions, but you can also undertake tours yourself by rental car or local bus. With pleasure we advise you. The prices of the rental cars are significantly lower in the winter period compared to the summer season. It could be even half price sometimes!

Even the months of January and February are good for a winter vacation. The location of Zorbas Island apartments is central on Crete and is an ideal starting point for day trips by bus or car. March and April show a beautiful springtime. From mid-March Crete is like a bed of flowers! It seems as if the mountain villages awaken from hibernation and this is the perfect time to travel around. Don’t forget that Greek Easter is always in this period. Easter in Greece is celebrated extensively.

Spending the winter period on Crete Greece – Useful information about holidays in winter

Medical care on Crete in winter: In places like Gouves (5 kilometres from Zorbas Island) and Hersonissos (12 kilometres from Zorbas Island) are private medical centres, where you can go every day and 24 hours a day in the winter period on Crete and most languages are spoken there. In Heraklion are public and private hospitals. Should you have questions about the services, languages or insurance concerning medical care on Crete, just remember we are here to help you!

Wi-Fi on Crete: Of course during your vacation on Crete in winter you can also use our Wi-Fi. All the apartments have Wi-Fi, both in summer and winter.

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Holidays on Crete: Apartment rental and accommodation on Crete all year round. This is the right address for family apartments and holiday homes, excursions and cheap flights to Crete. There is a detailed overview of the latest holiday news from Crete including many pictures. Crete is the most southern holiday island of Europe.

Spending the winter period on Crete Greece