Summer in Greece: Take it easy when there is a heat wave. This is written all over in the newspapers when the next heat wave is announced in Western Europe. There is a heat wave if it is 25 degrees or more for at least five days in a row.

Here on Crete, the southernmost island of Greece, it is warm almost all summer long. But nobody speaks about taking it easy, life goes on. The past week the weather was nice and warm on Crete, and we adjusted our activities accordingly.

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Diving and Snorkelling GreeceOn this page we have created a list of the various options for diving and snorkelling at Crete. We offer a variety of possibilities for diving holidays with accommodation in both summer and winter.

Holiday in the summer in Greece: Whenever there is a heat wave, daily life on Crete continues as always. Even during warm summer days there are plenty of fun activities to do on Crete. And if you do not feel like being active for a day, just stay and relax at the swimming pool or beach of Zorbas Island. On the sandy beach in front of our apartments are sunbeds and parasols; These are free to use for our guests.