Sunny holiday in October on Crete: In Europe, autumn is close by and that is noticeable in Northern Europe. The temperature is dropping significantly and there is more rain and wind. October is a popular month to take a break for a sunny holiday before the winter begins. But where do they have nice weather in October? Europe is still an option for a week full of sun and beach. European destinations are now not as hot as in summer, but still very pleasant for a sunny holiday in October. One of the few places in Europe where it is still nice and warm in October, is Crete. On this Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea there is usually lovely weather in autumn. There may occasionally be a drop of rain, but usually the sun shines and especially the temperature is very pleasant.

holiday in October on Crete

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2019-10-05 Sunny holiday in October on Crete

Sunny destination in October: Leave the autumn weather at home behind you and enjoy the sun in Greece. A holiday to the sun in October does not mean that the only thing you can do is lazing on the beach. There is plenty to discover on Crete! Every day we organize various activities, especially certain walks that are not possible during the hot summer months. In October the weather is perfect for this. The temperature in October is still warm, but not too hot to be active.

In October to Crete: The Greek island of Crete is so large that it is impossible to see all the island in just a few weeks. It is a beautiful island for both an active holiday and a sunny holiday. Especially in the month of October it is still like summer. October is a perfect period for an active holiday on Crete. But if you do not want to be active during your holiday in October on Crete, you can also relax by the pool or relax on a sunbed on the beach. The sunbeds and umbrellas are waiting for you and with pleasure we serve you here a snack and a drink.

Sunny holiday in October on Crete