To which Greek island on holiday: A holiday to Greece is already for years a popular holiday destination in Europe. The Greek islands are the most popular in the summer, with Crete being number 1. This is mainly due to the versatility of the island, because both young and old, sun worshipers and sports fanatics have something to do. Crete is the largest island of Greece with many sights from Minoan palaces, Venetian forts to monasteries and rugged nature with mountains and canyons. Many tourists go to Crete Greece to enjoy the sun. Others choose the island because there is so much to see and do. And because of the wide variety, we are happy to help with holiday plans for Crete. The program below is just an example of how a week in Crete could look like for you.

Ambelos gorge Crete: On Monday we start with a walk in the mountains of Crete, in and around the Ambelos gorge. Part of the walk is on an old walking path that used to connect the villages with the Lassithi Plateau. During the walk in the gorge of Ambelos, you will be impressed by the slopes with amazing geological formations. This combined with the rich vegetation of plane trees, oleanders and other plants gives the gorge a natural beauty.

Cooking workshop in the open air: Every week our guests ask for recipes of the delicious food that is on our buffet. We have bundled the recipes in a book, but it is of course much more fun to see how the Greek dishes are prepared. On Tuesday there is a cooking workshop in the open air. There we prepare a few tasty Greek dishes together with our guests. Another group of our guests is walking in the same area and at the end of their walk they come to taste the food.

Havgas gorge at Lassithi: This week we choose to walk the adventurous walk through the Havgas gorge at Lassithi on Wednesday. It is a special piece of nature where hardly any people come. Partly because of this the environment has a rich ecosystem. We can walk in the canyon until the point where a large round boulder blocks the route. Here is a small natural lake called Neraidokolympos. This fairy-tale place lives up to its name; because Neraidokolympos means literally, where the fairies swim. It is wonderful to cool off in the refreshing water.

Kritsa gorge Crete: Hiking in a gorge on Crete is often a unique experience. The hike through the Kritsa gorge is certainly a good example of this. With its narrow passages and high walls, it seems like Mother Nature has torn the mountain in two parts. In the gorge we follow the river bed, which is now dry. At some spots there are natural obstacles, where we have to climb over. This makes our walk on Thursday even more adventurous.

Spend a day on the water: Summer has really started; the temperature is rising and it is lovely to spend a day on the water. With the now famous Zorbas boat we sail Friday to a bay in the area of Hersonissos. There is hardly any current in this bay, so we can jump from the boat into the water for snorkelling and swimming.

Dreaming of a holiday: Summer has started and we all dream of going outside and going on holiday. Unfortunately, the summer holiday has not yet started for everyone. Of course, it does not harm to already start making plans for the summer holidays. If you spend the summer holidays in Greece, we can help you to fill it in according to your wishes. Take a look at our website, so that you get an idea of what we can offer you. If you have any questions, you can also contact us.