Traditions and customs in Greece: Many traditions and customs in Greece originate from the Greek Orthodox religion. Traditions and customs are also a guide to everyday life in Crete. In the mountains of Crete, people still live according to the tradition. The traditions and customs of the Greek islands differ and therefore it is nice to meet the locals of Crete. We like to explain to you how people live on the Greek island of Crete and show you some mountain villages where you can learn more about the culture. Crete is a popular holiday destination, but is much more than just sun, sea and good food.

Holiday to Greece: Many people want to learn more about the country and its people during their holiday to Greece. Your accommodation on the coast is in an area, which is especially suitable for making the tourists as comfortable as possible. But much more than the hospitality of the Greek people you will not see here. Therefore, it is nice to go and visit the countryside of Crete. With our excursion unknown Crete, we bring you to places, which are not easy to find. Here you learn more about the Cretan culture.