Walk in the area of Plaka

Walk in the area of Plaka: The small fishing village of Plaka is located in the Bay of Mirabello in Crete. From the village there is a beautiful view to the island of Spinalonga. But behind the village there is a mountain from which the view is even more beautiful. With this walk in the area of Plaka we walk up the mountain to enjoy this unique view. Looking up from the village, the route upwards seems an impossible task, but we know how to get there.

Walking over goat paths: The walk in the area of Plaka starts at the village Vrouchas (or Vrouhas) north of Plaka. From this village we follow goat paths upwards. This is a pretty long climb over stones and through the bushes. But in the end it is worth it, because once we are up the view is breathtaking over the Bay of Mirabello. Below is the village of Plaka and the island of Spinalonga or Kalydon, and Elounda is also clearly visible. It is a perfect place to relax and quietly enjoy the view.

From here we continue into the countryside; first we follow the goat paths that are created because the goats regularly walk the same route and then through the fields. The walk goes straight through nature where different types of trees and plants grow. Somewhere in the fields we have a break to eat lunch. We arrive at the village Loumas in Crete and from there we walk back the last part to the starting point. To finish the day, we drive to Plaka to recover from the walk. Here everyone can just go its own way. One person goes for a swim and snorkel, the other looks for a terrace to have a drink.

Plaka on Crete: Plaka is located 16 km north of Agios Nikolaos. The trademark of the village is the beautiful view of the island of Spinalonga. The existence of Plaka is strongly associated with Spinalonga, since this island was supplied from Plaka. Nowadays you will find picturesque fish restaurants and beautiful old houses in the village, which give you the impression that time stopped here 2-3 centuries ago. Just outside the village is a beautiful beach with pebbles. Here you can swim and snorkel, because the water is almost always calm.

Spinalonga or Kalydon: The official name of the island opposite Plaka is Kalydon, but everyone calls it Spinalonga. This is the name that the Venetians have given to it. They saw the island as a safe haven and built a fort here to defend the area. In the Ottoman period, the Turks built houses here. And in 1903 the Greek government decided that this was a good place to accommodate patients with leprosy. Until 1957 the island was a leper colony. Today the uninhabited island is a popular tourist attraction on Crete.

Walking at Plaka: With this walk in the area of Plaka we show you that in the Bay of Mirabello there is much more to see than just the tourist attractions. All walks we organize are in areas that are not crowded by others. Moreover, we only walk with our guests, so that the groups remain small. Also look at this page with walks to get an idea of what we all offer.