Walking holiday around Christmas in Greece

Walking holiday around Christmas in Greece: A walking holiday in Greece around the holidays is something different than a ski holiday or being at home watching TV. A walking holiday during the holidays on Crete makes you start the new year with renewed energy. Thanks to the mild climate of the southern island, the Christmas holiday is particularly suitable for hiking. We organize several winter hikes on Crete during the Christmas holidays to show you the most beautiful places on the island. Of course, you can also choose to spend a day enjoying the Christmas atmosphere in Heraklion, the capital of Crete.

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Walking in the Christmas holidays on Crete: An active Christmas holiday to the Greek islands might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but it is definitely recommended. Especially the Greek island of Crete, which is in the south, has a very pleasant climate in winter. The temperature in the Christmas holidays on the coast averages around 15 to 20 degrees and that is why it is perfect for an active Christmas holiday. During the Christmas holidays on Crete, we organize every year surprising walks. The Christmas holiday is ideal for a nice long winter walk in nature.

Active Christmas holidays in Greece: We all like to enjoy good food during the Christmas season. Some extra exercise causes you to quickly burn the extra calories that you consume during these holidays. Around the Christmas holidays in Greece you can enjoy with us good food and drinks, but we also organize multi-day walks in the Christmas holidays. With these walks you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the winter on Crete. The mild climate of Crete in winter guarantees wonderful walking weather.

Christmas holidays in Greece: Christmas is a great time to go out with the whole family. Enjoy the sun and the beautiful nature of Crete during the Christmas holidays in Greece. On the coast of Crete, it is generally not cold in the Christmas period. There may be a rain shower, but the sun will show itself regularly. In fact, it is an ideal period for an active Christmas holiday in Greece. Go outside and enjoy the nature during hiking. Like every year, we organize beautiful hikes in the mountains of Crete.

Christmas holidays Crete Greece: On this Christmas page you find more information about the period around Christmas on Crete. The complete program for Christmas at Zorbas Island is noncommittal, we organise it also for our own enjoyment! The cost will not be the obstacle! The only obstacle might sometimes be the flight ticket! It is often hard to find direct flights to Heraklion for a reasonable price.A good alternative is flying through Athens. This way there are daily flights! Check our links to find a cheap flight.

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