Walking holidays in Greece: Finally you have holidays, all you want is a little peace and quiet and you want to see something from Crete. Maybe you thought Crete is overcrowded with tourists, but that is absolutely not the case. Crete is a very large island and the tourists occupy only a small part of it. So there are more than enough parts on the island where you can enjoy your well-deserved peace and quiet time. Relaxing on Crete does not automatically mean that you should only lie down on a sunbed at the beach. You can also spend time relaxing on Crete during a walk with beautiful views. Time to get your head together and become one with nature.

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Easy hikes on Crete: The first thing people say when you tell them you go for the first time to Crete, is that you should walk the Samaria gorge. Now this is not an easy gorge walk and it even belongs to the category difficult gorge hikes of Crete. Since the Samaria gorge is very famous, it tends to get very busy here. The good news is, that we organise several easy gorge hikes on Crete. Especially when it is very hot and you want to walk a gorge, we have a number of alternatives for you. Gorges where you have plenty of shade on the go and where you do not need to walk endless distances. In addition, we walk in areas that are not familiar to the average travel organization. Therefor there is only a very small chance you are walking amongst many other tourists.

Forest on Crete: We all grew up with it, on a Sunday going out for a forest walk. Only a forest walk on Crete is not that usual. This is because there are not many forests anymore on the island. The few forests that are still there, are protected by forest management. These forests are not that easy accessible or are further away. But a walk through areas with forest on Crete is definitely worth the effort. The combination of forest with mountains on the background give the most beautiful pictures.

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Nature on Crete: Which answer should we give to the question how the nature of Crete looks like? This answer we cannot give in just a few sentences. Crete has a versatile nature and each part of the island has its own charms. For example, there are protected nature reserves on Crete that we really like to visit. These are in general the areas where you will not meet many other tourists, since these are not the well-known places of Crete. And of course, these are the nature areas in Greece we love to show you.

Holidays on Crete: To our apartments you can come all year round for your holidays. It doesn’t matter whether you are in summer or winter on Crete, it is always nice to explore the for you unknown Crete. The activities from the locals are depending on the season. In particular, the Cretan farming life is central to this. It is really nice to see this once from close by.