Winter holidays on Crete Greece overview

Winter holidays on Crete Greece overview: A winter holiday to Crete is probably not the first thing coming into your mind, but Crete has also in the winter period a lot to offer. You can visit all archaeological sites, museums are open, the nature is at its prettiest and the climate is very mild. Especially in the winter you can discover the real Crete. The locals are hard at work on the land, olives are being harvested, wine and Raki are produced and other activities you do not see in the summer. Since 1999 we have started a winter program, which now is very extensive. Besides our complete Christmas and Easter Holidays program, we offer all year round excursions and accommodation. The apartments and holiday homes are heated and well insulated. Below are links with different possibilities to do on Crete in the winter.

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Winter holidays on Crete Greece overview – Accommodation

Car and accommodation on Crete in winter: During the winter period we have special offers for an apartment combined with a car for one price. You can collect your car at the airport of Heraklion or Chania. We also have a lot of interesting car routes (free of charge) to explore Crete by car or motorbike.

The whole winter holidays on Crete: You can also stay the whole winter period in our apartments. There are many nice and interesting things to do during winter in this area. There is a reason for it we are open all year round! We also offer the possibility for a longer stay on Crete, spending your winter period on Crete is a lot cheaper than you might think. We have several winter programs for a winter vacation on Crete, Greece from October till May! You can always refer to us with your personal requests.

Group holidays on Crete during winter: We have winter accommodation on Crete that is suitable for groups: a complete holiday house for 6-10 persons. During the winter period we can accommodate up to 60 persons. Mail us for more information about group accommodation in winter on Crete.

Winter holidays on Crete Greece overview – Weather in winter on Crete

Winter weather on Crete: On Crete we actually only speak of summer and winter. The summer lasts a long time; in general April and May have beautiful summer weather with now and then a bad day in between. From April till June the most beautiful flowers grow on Crete. From June till mid-October we have real summertime. From the second half of October until December we have most days lovely late summer weather. From the end of December till the end of March we have winter, which means winter with many sunny days. Here in the East of Crete, at the coast, the temperature does not drop below 12 degrees Celsius, but up in the mountains it is different of course. Often there are even days with temperatures of above 20 degrees Celsius in winter.

Average weather forecast for Crete: January: 11 degrees, February: 12 degrees, March: 15 degrees, April: 18 degrees, May: 23 degrees, June: 25 degrees, July: 27 degrees, August: 28 degrees, September: 25 degrees, October: 22 degrees, November: 17 degrees, December: 14 degrees. Note: these are average temperatures in Celsius on Crete during winter. Beach holidays: April till October. Active outdoor holiday: all year round. Flower and plants in nature (for example orchids) on Crete: March till June. Cycling holidays: June till September. Hiking: all year round, only in winter some mountain gorges are closed down.

Hiking in winter on Crete: From November most of the summer tourists have gone home, but the weather can still be really great. The winter period is perfect to go out and explore.