Winter holidays on Crete Greece photo book

Winter holidays on Crete Greece photo book: A photo book with many pictures of winter holidays on Crete, Greece. Often we add new photos on this page with new information about winter holidays in Europe’s most southern island, Crete.

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Winter holidays on Crete Greece: Ask for the different options there are for spending the winter on Crete, Zorbas Island apartment is open all year round.

In November and December the locals are working hard out on the fields; they harvest the olives for the famous olive oil and the Raki is produced in the distilleries. These are activities you can never see in the summer. This is for sure a period in time on Crete, which is definitely nice to experience once.

Winter holidays on Crete Greece photo book – Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Of course we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve on Crete together with our guests.

Everybody knows the problem we face after eating all that lovely food around the Holidays….. We make sure we stay active together with our guests and organise nice walks and hikes. This time of the year is perfect for exploring the beautiful nature of Crete. Now and then there are some rainy days, but in general the sun is shining regularly. Because of that nature comes back to life after a long hot summer; it seems like spring! In general the temperature is lovely to go out and about. Below you can see a small selection with photographs of some walks and hikes, which we did last winter.

January: walking from village to village, like Koxari and Haraso. This is a very nice walking roundtrip that you can do all year round.

Winter holidays on Crete Greece photo book – Nature in winter

Or just a nice walk through the nature of Crete:

Everything is possible on Crete: With around 20 degrees Celsius in winter you can enjoy the sun on the beach, but if you want to, you can join us on a real hike through the snow in the mountains of Crete. That glass of wine will taste even better when you then come back to the beach!

Winter holidays on Crete Greece photo book – Relaxing at Zorbas Island

Back at our accommodation there is always a moment to relax at the swimming pool or the beach. Even in winter on Crete you can often enjoy the sunshine!

February: It is time for some adventure! It has not rained much yet, so we take the chance to climb and hike through the Patsos gorge. Maybe this time we can even keep our clothes dry….

In this period we also did some other walks and hikes. This really is the time to enjoy nature:

Winter holidays on Crete Greece photo book – Spring starts early on Crete

Or other walks in East-Crete:

Crete in winter is actually a great place to go for a city trip, for example to Chania:

Also have a look at our YouTube page for films in winter on Crete.

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Winter holidays on Crete Greece photo book