Winter program on Crete Greece

Winter program on Crete Greece: We offer a complete winter holiday program on Crete, with accommodation in the winter on Crete and an excursion program for Crete during the winter. If you feel like harvesting olives, distilling the Raki, making cheese, milking sheep or carnival on Crete, come in the winter period to Crete. Every year we have a nice program for the Holidays on Crete. If you do not feel like going again to your family, then come to Crete for Christmas!

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Winter program on Crete Greece – Weekly program for active holidays

Active holidays on Crete Greece in the winter period: A week program for Crete, Greece in winter, outdoor holidays on Crete, activities and accommodation on Crete. We also offer a full week program for the whole season, which you can book as a complete program, but you can also leave parts out.

Walking week in Crete during winter months: Walking holidays in the winter.

Already for years we offer an extensive Christmas and New Year’s program for our winter guests. Feel free to participate in any activity you wish and nothing is obligatory. We would appreciate it if you let us know in advance which activities you wish to participate. Christmas program.

Weekly options for excursions on Crete in the winter period: Activities on Crete, Greece: Monday: Greek cooking lesson for beginners and advanced. Tuesday: boat excursion by speedboat or sailing boat. Every Wednesday we walk through a different area of Crete. We also have multi-day hikes available on Crete. Thursday: car excursion to the South of Crete or jeep safari. Friday we hike through a gorge. Every week we take a different walking route over the ancient Greek donkey paths. Saturday: Gypsy Market in Heraklion and a BBQ-night with Greek meze.

Winter program on Crete Greece – Wine tasting, harvesting olives and producing Raki

Wine tasting in Crete: Join us for a day of culture going through Crete. A tour through typical little rustic Cretan villages, beautiful views over olive groves and vineyards and to the Agkarathos monastery. The tour will end up at a wine tasting place up in the hills with great views of the surroundings. Here we will taste four white wines, a rose wine, four red wines and two desert wines. The winemaker explains exactly how wine tasting is done. Besides that he informs how and of what grapes each wine is made and how it originated. To finish of the day we enjoy a Greek meal and if you want you can visit the little shop, where you can buy the wine you tasted, plus products like olive oil, herbs and biological body lotion.

Olive oil from Crete: In the winter season we often bring along our guests to an olive factory to see the entire process of how olive oil from Crete is made. In the morning we first go and help with the harvesting of the olives and after we enjoy out in the fields a traditional BBQ. Then we visit the olive factory, where you can buy low-priced olive oil.

Producing Raki on Crete: This is the national alcoholic drink of Crete and the locals produce it in the winter in small distilleries in the mountains. Between the beginning of November and the end of December we often bring our guests to a Raki distillery. We follow the whole process of the Raki production and of course you can taste the Raki straight from the kettle. After the distillery of the Raki, the BBQ is lit and often people play live music. A Raki party is really a social and fun event. A unique experience: soon you will realise that hardly any tourists come to these places! We help our guests to find their way to the right Raki distillery on Crete.

Visit a shepherd on Crete: Regularly we head up into the mountains to visit a shepherd. Together with the shepherd we will milk his sheep and after follow the whole process of the cheese making. This is at a height of 1400 metres, so sometimes it can be a bit cooler! After these activities we collect wood for a BBQ in the mountains.

The above described excursions on Crete are unique. Should you have interest in some special winter excursions on Crete, mail us in advance to confirm you are in the right time on Crete. Besides these nice Greek customs we have a lot more possibilities for other great winter excursions. Greece has many special village feasts in the winter period.

Winter program on Crete Greece – Accommodation in winter

Our accommodation is small-scaled and personal, in a Greek environment. The entire accommodation is provided of heating and warm water. All the apartments plus our bar and tavern have Wi-Fi.

We offer you the possibility for a longer stay on Crete, spending the wintertime in Crete is a lot cheaper than you might think. We have several winter programs for a winter holiday on Crete Greece from October until May! You can always contact us for personal questions.

You can use every morning our breakfast buffet from 08:30 hours. We offer our guest daily dinner from 20.30 hours (unless otherwise stated). You can also stay at the accommodation without booking dinner. Staying in winter.

We also have other excursions: horseback riding on Crete, golf on Crete, fishing on Crete, boat trips on Crete, climbing on Crete, motor and scooter rental. We have unique and free of charge car routes (also with Motion-X and GPS) in case you want to rent a car during your Christmas vacation on Crete. We do have all the ingredients for an unforgettable winter holiday on Crete, Greece.

Winter program on Crete Greece – A day out on Crete in winter

There might come a few adjustments to the dates of our program, depending on the arrival days of our guests. All activities will always take place if you book them in advance, only sometimes the date is changed.

A day out on Crete in the winter: During the winter on Crete there are many nice things you can do! We drive off with the minibus at 10:00 hours in the morning, just after breakfast. We just fill up at the local gas station and then start driving into the mountains. Via a nice winding road we drive to Pano Gouves, which is a lovely and in winter peaceful little village with a small village square. The village bar (kafenion) has already the first old men sitting out on the terrace. While enjoying a Greek coffee, the problems of the world are being discussed and surely the Greek crisis is not forgotten. All this next to a tree of which the oranges are lying on the ground for the mice. This is called Greek wealth.

After the village we drive over a beautiful country road to the cave of Skotino. After the village of Skotino we arrive at Agia Pareskevi (Holy Friday), where the cave is hidden. Caves in Crete are always hidden behind trees, so the people in the old days could hide from the enemy in them. This cave has three large chambers and is very impressive. People come here especially for the rock climbing. Above the cave is the church of Agia Pareskevi.

Next stop after visiting the cave is going to be the cute little mountain village: Haraso. Here we take a stroll through the narrow streets. This village really breathes the atmosphere of the old Crete.

After our visit to the village Haraso we go to a monastery. This is actually a nunnery with still 3 nuns living there. At the tree on the old little square we make some coffee and walk to the next village.

Arriving at the village of Galifa we first walk through the village. It is really not recommendable to drive through these streets by car; so you better go and walk through the village. At the church of the village, you might notice that next to the new church from 1926 there is an older and smaller one from 1830. Galifa is a quiet and old mountain village.

Our old friend there has a kafenion (coffee place). He is blind, so we make here our own Greek coffee! Always when coming here, there is always a villager coming for a chat. You can really find a lot of products in this kafenion from coffee, milk to cleaning products and dog food. The price of the coffee is only 80 cents, but in the mountains villages on Crete these prices are normal. Most tourists pass these kinds of places and think: “we are not going in there”, but probably it you should at least once!

Harvesting olives on Crete: after Galifa we are headed direction Episkopi. Along the way we have a look at the harvesting of the olives for the olive oil! In the fields around the villages the olives are being harvested by whole families. Then the olives will be taken to the olive factory in large bags.

On the way to the olive factory: After the harvest we go towards an olive factory. But first after a roundtrip of 25 kilometres through Central Crete we stop yet again at a monastery. This monastery has been renovated 2 years ago and is very well maintained. The fruit trees are filled with oranges. We have a look around in the courtyard of the monastery and then we go to the olive factory.

Just outside the village Thrapsano you can see how the olives are being pressed. We are given a detailed explanation on how the leaves are separated from the olives, how the olives are cleaned and how the olives are made into a paste. We follow the owner through the entire process. We will all be given some olive oil to try back home. This green oil has to be untouched for at least 6 weeks until we can use this olive oil. A great present during the tour through Central Crete!

After the factory we drive through mountains and valleys. We have beautiful views en route of Crete in wintertime. We see many olive groves and vineyards along the way. Following a coffee stop we drive on to Anopoli, where we have a wonderful view of the Greek island Dia. Just another winter’s day on Crete…

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Winter program on Crete Greece