Winter Holiday excursions on Crete Greece

Active excursions on Crete in winter: On this page we give you a description of winter excursions and active holidays in Crete and there are also many excursions possible in summer. Our winter excursions are unique and created by ourselves, away from the crowds. Crete is a year-round destination. We have created this page to give you an impression of winter holidays on Crete.

Winter and summer hiking: You can choose from a number of hikes; we have created a number of hiking trips for the hiking enthusiasts. We offer short and longer hiking trips, which are not organised by tour operators. We enjoy showing you on foot the most beautiful places in Crete. You can also go on your own; with pleasure we explain to you where you can take beautiful hiking trips on Crete during summer and winter. Hiking on Crete is suitable for all ages.

We offer a special program for hikers in Crete: An 8-day winter walking program, 5 to 6 hikes combined with accommodation on Crete. You can request additional information about our multy-day walking tours on Crete in the winter. You will receive an email with all the practical information about our multy- day hikes on Crete. You can also make a selection from 2 or 3 hikes of your choice during an outdoor week vacation in Crete.

Active holidays on Crete, Greece in winter: A one week program for an adventurous (group) holiday on Crete in winter, an outdoor vacation in Crete, activities and accommodation on Crete. Active vacation in Crete, Greece in winter. Active vacations in Crete in winter: We also offer a complete week program for the whole season, which you can book as a complete program, but you can also leave out certain activities.

Visit an olive oil factory on Crete: We show you how the olive oil is produced in Crete. We also visit olive groves where olives are harvested. You can even help out for a few hours. The fun of winter in the mountains is that there is always a lot of activity. The olive oil from Crete is one of the best in the world. In Eastern Crete, the trees are small, but produce a lot of oil. In Western Crete the trees are much larger and here you can find trees that are older than 1000 years. You will be amazed how much oil is produced in the local small factories. For a first press olive oil you never have to pay a lot of money in the olive oil factory (this tour in Crete is possible from late November to early February, in all weather conditions)

Knossos and the archeaological museum in Heraklion, Crete, Greece: Knossos is crowded with tourists in summer, but in winter it is nice and quiet. Knossos is the largest Minoan palace complex on Crete. The palace was built around 2000 BC. Presumably, the palace was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Santorini (around 1450 BC). Knossos was discovered by the Englishman Sir Arthur Evans. Unfortunately he used a lot of imagination with the reconstruction of Knossos. The Labyrinth and the Kings Hall are still entirely intact.

The gypsy market in Heraklion, Crete, Greece: Every Saturday there is a big market in Heraklion. It is just nice to take a few hours to see what is being offered for sale. Highly recommended, especially for those who stay a long time on Crete, it is bargain hunting. Shopping on Crete is also a possibility; Heraklion is a great city for shopping. All shops are open all year round. You can also find international stores in Heraklion.

Raki distillery on Crete: A visit to a raki distillery is a different experience, a nice evening at a small factory to see how Raki is produced on Crete. Usually there is someone who takes care of some music, barbecue and fun. We have selected a small mountain village, which is not far from the apartments. Raki is the national drink of Crete and is distilled in the winter in small distilleries in the mountains; it is nice to visit such a party. A unique experience: you’ll soon discover that there are not many tourists! We will gladly help you on your way to find the real Raki party (October to December).

Carnival on Crete: With carnival we take our guests to the south of Crete, a village called Gergeri, where carnival is still traditionally celebrated. This is always on Clean Monday, six weeks before Easter. Everyone is dressed up traditionally, a parade of Cretan traditions passes by, live music from Crete, a wine celebration; in short a wonderful experience.

Even for oranges you do not have to go far in winter. You can pick them from the Zorbas garden, for free. We have many fruit trees like orange, grapefruit, banana’s and mandarin. You do not even have to ask, we have got plenty. Waking up and picking your own breakfast.

Wineries in Crete: Also a very nice tour, we will visit two wineries and there we will also see how the wine is produced. There is also a small museum about wine on Crete throughout the years.

Cheese making and agriculture on Crete: we have created a nice tour with a visit to a small cheese factory and a visit to the plateau of Lassithi and Anogia. Here you can see how people live and work in the winter. Lassithi in the winter is beautiful and there are many activities. We also have an excursion to a cheese factory where the goats and sheep live next to the factory in winter. This active excursion in Crete, which we often combine with a visit to the cheese factory, Raki distillery and olive oil factory, also offers the possibility of a 5 km walk through the fields surrounding the olive oil factory.

Visit to a shepherd in Anogia, Crete: a surprisingly nice trip in our winter program (October to June), which is often combined with making cheese up in the mountains.

A tour of East Crete, South East Crete, and North East Crete in 3 days: We can organise a tour along many known and unknown places on the island. While on the road we will spend the night at another location (October to May, regardless of the weather). You can take the tour by yourself, but we can also arrange a driver for you.

Birds on Crete: We take you to a number of locations where you can see birds, which you will never find elsewhere. Crete is a bird resting place for many birds, even if in recent years many birds do not continue their flight to Africa: more winter guests in Crete. Crete is not normally a place where birds spend the winter. It is also a beautiful sight to see how some birds settle here temporarily (from November to April). Butterflies on Crete, Greece: In the winter months butterflies can be observed in Crete. In spring there are a lot of butterflies to be admired in the mountains.

Surfing and kiting on Crete in the winter: There are options for surfing and kiting on Crete during a winter holiday in Crete, Greece. We can help arrange a surfboard for you. Kite surfing in Crete is a great winter sport, but not in all places, we can show you a few wind corners on Crete. There are possibilities to rent kite surfing equipment.

Fishing at Crete in winter: We offer several options for fishing. Around the villages Kokkini Hani and Gournes there are several good locations. Rods are present. We can show you some nice locations. Certainly the harbour of Gournes is a good location for fishing. Sometimes there are opportunities to go along with a boat. Fishing in Crete in the winter is fun. And if you catch something interesting we will gladly prepare it for you. We could try to go along with a fisherman, but we also have boats for rent to go fishing with. The Dia Island is just 12 km away. We can bring you there by boat or you can go by yourself with your rented boat. There is a maximum of 7 persons per boat, but with six people per boat you have plenty of space for fishing. Fish supplies are also easy to come by on Crete. We can arrange everything for you in advance, fishing bait etc. On Crete fishing bait consists of special worms and shrimps. You need a fishing permit for Greece. We can help to arrange a fishing permit for you in advance. We also offer opportunities for night fishing in Crete (fishing in Crete is possible all year round).

Sea Aquarium on Crete, Greece: In Gournes Pediados there is a large sea aquarium, which is open daily. It has a nice set up and gives you an impression of life in the Greek seas. The aquarium also has a nice informative video room. On a day with bad weather it is great to go to Crete Aquarium. The aquarium on Crete is open all year round.

Winter cooking lessons in Crete: Learn the tricks of the Greek cuisine in a few days? You can with our workshop cooking on Crete in winter. We take you to the market where we buy our vegetables and spices and we go to pick herbs in the mountains. Cooking on locations and cooking in the mountains.

Winter jeep excursions: With a jeep safari you discover the real Crete in winter. The Dikti and Ida Mountains are covered with snow; down below there is a comfortable temperature, but up in the mountains it is cold. We spent the last four years regularly organising jeep safaris in winter. Crete is green and full of flowers in winter, which is quite different from the dry land in the summer. We offer five different routes from Crete. Tour 01 goes to the Ida Mountains; tour 02 goes to the area of Ierapetra in Southern Crete. Tour 03 goes from Kokkini Hani to Potamies and Mohos. The 04 tour goes through the Dikti Mountains (Lassithi). Tour 05 is central Crete (throughout the whole year). See Crete in a different way with a jeep. Every winter we organise a Christmas jeep safari, up to 2000 meters high, grilling in the snow.

2 days off road: There are also options for doing 2 days on Crete off-road. We will do a jeep safari with an overnight stay in a mountain village. A tour on dirt roads through Eastern Crete that covers a distance of 300 km. A wonderful excursion full of nature, culture and adventure (this tour is only available from the end of September to the end of May). This jeep safari on Crete can only be booked in combination with accommodation. Ask us for more information about Crete two days off road.

Driving off road on Crete, Greece: We offer a different kind of holiday: 2, 3, 5 or 7 days off road adventure through Crete. Discover Crete where others will never go. 700 km off road track through Crete. A real jeep safari on Crete, Greece. Jeep safari on Crete can be booked both summer and winter.

Cycling on Crete: We have a trailer that can be used to bring our guests to a certain location, after which we cycle back to the apartments. We offer many fun bike rides, on main roads as well as off-road. Accommodation and cycling on Crete, with various cycling routes in 1 week holidays. You can combine this outdoor activity on Crete also with hiking and a jeep safari.

Boat in winter: We can organise a trip with a Greek fishing boat (Kaiki), but we have to add that we need 10 persons to be able to organise this trip. An unforgettable journey along a number of beautiful locations in the neighbourhood. There are also alternatives to rent the boat for private trips (with a captain). You can also go with the boat for fishing. A boat trip in Crete is an excursion suitable for all ages and available all year round. We also offer the opportunity for you to rent a boat yourself. Another boat excursion with minimal 4 and maximum 8 persons is sailing in Crete, Greece. We can even arrange sailing holidays around Crete, Greece summer and winter. You can put together your own sailing holiday.

Sailing in the winter: A fun excursion with a combination of hiking and sailing on Crete. The island of Dia is 12 kilometers away from Crete and can be seen from our accommodation. On the South side Dia has the shape of a crocodile. Next tot Dia Island there is a much smaller island called Paximadi (which means “baked bread”). Dia is a breathtaking beautiful island where there is a lot to see. The boats that go there anchor in front of the island, after which you can swim and snorkel and thereafter the boats will return. This excursion shows the secret spots of Dia Island.

Winter diving: It is even possible to dive in winter. Of course this is always depening on the weather conditions, but there are plenty of beautiful days on Crete. From March to November you can go diving in Crete, from November until March you need a permit. Winter diving in Crete, Greece: We have accommodation including breakfast and transport to our diving school. The dive school is open all year. Reef diving in Crete, wreck diving in Crete, open water dive course in Crete, advance course in Crete, we have more than 15 different diving options in Crete in the winter.

Scooter and motor: Also in winter you rent a scooter. We have route maps and GPS for great scooter tours, so you can see a number of nice places in the area. We can help you get started with the scooter, too; the possibilities in Crete are endless. The scooter is an ideal means of transport to view the area (throughout the year).

Rappelling (abseiling) in the winter: Additionally we offer a special winter program for more intensive hiking combined with climbing and rappelling (absailing) in Crete. During your winter holidays on Crete you can also take a course for rappelling (absailing).

Cars in the winter: You can also go out for a nice drive with a rental car; car rental combined with accommodation is very cheap in winter. We can arrange to have your car waiting for you at the airport of Heraklion. During winter you could tour the island of Crete for a week, followed by some nice rest and relaxation with us (throughout the year). Combining a car and accommodation is very popular in the winter.

Winter apartments Crete, Greece, winter studios on Crete, luxury holiday homes for rent on Crete during the winter months. You can also rent an apartment with us in winter. Crete is beautiful and green in winter. Winter is perfect for touring around the island. The tranquillity you find in the famous tourist locations is great. We offer several options on this site for a fun and active winter holiday on Crete. Our accommodation also has heating, hot water, international TV, internet Wi-Fi, kitchen, shower, toilet, bedrooms, verandas, sea view and a beautiful garden.

This is roughly a short description of our possibilities for activities on Crete. You can make a selection of the things you like, so we can calculate a price for you.. But don’t feel obliged; there are many alternatives to organise your own excursions. With pleasure we help you on your way.

Christmas on Crete: This year we organise many activities for Christmas and New Year on Crete. Following the success of recent years, we have some new activities organized for you. If you already know in which activities you want to participate, please let us know upfront.

Easter on Crete: Accommodation and activities. You are very welcome to celebrate Greek Easter with us.