Cave walk in Crete: Roundtrip Skotino – Kokkini Hani: A hike with a visit to the village of Skotino and the Agia Paraskevi cave, through a hilly countryside with many different views. The starting and ending point of the walk is Kokkini Hani, a seaside village.

Cave walk in Crete – What you need to know about the walk

Equipment needed: Walking shoes or good sports shoes, maybe a walking stick, a hat, water, a small back pack.

Level of the hike: Almost everybody can do this hike. We can choose for this hike from many directions. This hike is also suitable for the category 50+ and 60+ walks. In this walking area on Crete are many possibilities with walks varying from 12, 16 or 18 kilometres and with height differences of 180 meters. We have created the routes for these walks ourselves, which you can also do individually with the help of a GPS, since there are no signs along the way.

Cave walk in Crete – Description of the walk at Skotino

Description Skotino hike: This hike goes through the village of Skotino on a bamboo lane to the hill where the cave of Agia Paraskevi is hidden. The secrets of this cave we like to keep to ourselves, but we love to tell you about them in person! The Skotino cave, the cave of Agia Paraskevi: one of the most important sacred caves of Crete since the late Neolithic period. At the entrance of the cave is the church of St. Paraskevi. In the cave you can enjoy impressive stalagmites and stalactites. Do not just enter the cave on your own into the deep and dark parts of the cave!

After the cave we continue the route along sandy paths right through the nature. Along the way you see vineyards and many big Agaves. We stop at a small church dated from 1400 with foundations of an old monastery. The path continues through an area with many smaller caves. All the time you can see the sea on the background and Dia Island in the middle. From here Dia Island really looks like a crocodile.

Cave walk in Crete – Some more information on walking on Crete

Hiking on Crete and overview of the possibilities: We offer options for individual walks or group hikes. Our hiking tours are suitable for everybody: from group hikes on Crete, individual hikes on Crete to aged 50+ walks on Crete. But even heavy hiking on Crete is an option.  You can book all our walks and hikes in combination with accommodation on Crete.

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Cave walk in Crete