Boat excursions in Crete Greece – Boat trip on Crete: An excursion that never bores is spending the day on a boat. Especially in the summer months it can get hot and nothing is as wonderful as cooling down on the water. Here you will find more information about our boat excursions, sailing excursions and boat rentals on Crete. There are many possibilities to spend your holidays also on the water at Crete.

Boat excursions in Crete – The Zorbas boat

By Zorbas boat from Gouves to Agios Georgios bay: We depart from the port of Kato Gouves and sail along the coast of Crete to the bay of Agios Georgios in the area of Hersonissos. In the bay the boat anchors and who wants can go into the sea. There is nothing so wonderful as to jump into the clear seawater from the boat. The sea is calm here and we have plenty of time to snorkel and swim from the boat. There is even a cave in the bay, which is nice to snorkel to. Crete has a beautiful nature, also under water. Of course you can also stay on board to laze in the sun or float on the water with an air mattress. We have lunch on the boat and sail back to Gouves along the coast at Analipsi.

Zorbas boat trip to Sissi and snorkelling: We depart with the authentic Zorbas boat from the harbour of Hersonissos to the fishing village Sissi. The Zorbas boat will also stop at the Agios Georgios bay, where you can swim and snorkel. We take all snorkel equipment with us and if you like, you can join us with snorkelling to a cave in the sea. After a swimming and snorkel break we continue our trip along the Cretan coastline towards Sissi. The fishing village Sissi has several taverns and terraces, souvenir shops and a beach. After approximately 2 hours the Zorbas boat will sail back to the harbour of Hersonissos. Lunch is not included, but you can off course enjoy a lovely lunch in one of the taverns in Sissi, if you wish. This is one of our most popular boat excursions in Crete.

Boat excursions in Crete – Boat trips with other boats

History of Dia island: During ancient times the island played an important role, especially in Minoan and medieval times. In the Minoan period the island was inhabited and near the bay of Saint George a walled port was found. In 1976 the French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau conducted underwater exploration around Dia and found the remains of an old port in the waters between Heraklion and Dia. According to Cousteau it was the largest and most important port of Knossos. The port seemed to have been destroyed by natural disasters caused by the volcano of Thira, in 1450 BC. In the Middle Ages the island was a natural “beacon at sea” for the skippers, so they knew that the coast and the ports of Crete were approaching.

Sailing to Dia (Heraklion): Perhaps you are thinking about booking a sailing holiday in Crete Greece, but you have never sailed at sea. To try this out you can join us on a daytrip sailing to Dia, the uninhabited island north of Crete. We organize a sailing trip to Dia from Heraklion. You do not sail yourself, because there is a captain present. Dia is part of the European Nature Network (NATURA) 2000, because of the very important biodiversity found on the island. There is no infrastructure on Dia island.

Nemo glass bottom boat: This is a great excursion for the whole family and can be done a few times a week. The Nemo boat has a flat glass bottom and sails at a nice speed. Through the glass bottom you can see a lot of the underwater world around Crete. The boat trip starts from the harbour of Hersonissos. The Nemo boat sails to the bay of Saint George, where the boat drops anchor and you can go for swimming and snorkelling. It is really nice to go snorkelling to the side of the bay, it really is not far away. Close to the beach are some little sandstone caves. The bay is surrounded by white sandstone cliffs. Of course you can also stay on board of the Nemo for sunbathing.

After that the boat trip continues to Milatos. The boat sails along the coast of Hersonissos, Stalida, Malia and Sissi. From sea the views of Crete are amazing, you can even see the mountains around Lassithi! When arriving in Milatos, you can go ashore to visit Milatos. There are taverns in the harbour of Milatos, you can visit the village or go to the beach. It is also great to go here for fishing and snorkelling. After one and a half hour the boat sails along the coast to the little village Sissi. The harbour and bay are beautiful with clear blue waters and palm trees. The relatively busy little harbour is surrounded by taverns and place to drink coffee. From the boat you walk directly into the village, but you could also go to the small beach for snorkelling or fishing.

After about one and a half hour the Nemo boat goes back to the harbour of Hersonissos. This lovely boat trip can be done from April till the first days of November. The Nemo boat is suitable for all ages, for the young and the not so young. The boat will not be fully packed; there will be maximum 40 guests on board. Often we join our guests on this boat trip. There are a couple of days a week you can go with the Nemo boat. There are snorkelling sets available on board of the Nemo boat, but we always suggest you bring your own.

Sunset boat excursion with the Nemo boat or sailing boat: In the evening you can also sail along the coast of Crete to enjoy the beautiful sunset. The departure is from the harbour of Hersonissos. Sometimes it is with the Nemo boat or else the sailing boat.

Fishing with the Nemo boat: Should you wish to go fishing at sea, you can join a unique boat trip we organise for you with the Nemo boat. With a line behind the boat and go for it! You can also bring your own fishing rod to enjoy fishing in the area of the accommodation or on this boat. Boat excursions around Crete, also with fishing.

Sailing with a two masts sailing vessel: We offer this excursion during the summer months or on special request. This sailing excursion is ideal for groups. The boat can take a maximum of 49 persons. In the summer this sailing trip is a few times a month possible. We often sail with this sailing boat to Dia Island (from Zorbas Island you can see Dia Island). Everything you should need is available on board; drinks, BBQ, snorkel sets, etc. It is also possible to go with this sailing boat to the bay of Agios Georgios during sunset on Crete.

Sailing to Dia with the two masts sailing vessel: We depart from the harbour of Hersonissos. First we cruise with the help of the engine, but then we let the sails do the work. The boat has two large sails and two genoas. At sea you have a magnificent view of Crete. The island Dia is 10-12 kilometres from the coast. Arriving at Dia, the sailing boat will dock at the large jetty and we unload the boat. We walk about 100 meters up to a nice little Greek church with a BBQ and a wood oven. Nicely covered in the shadow we explain you more about Dia Island. Down along the sandy path is a beautiful bay for snorkelling. It is a perfect area to go for snorkelling with its underwater grass and great variety of fishes. Even the experienced snorkeler has a lot to discover.

There is also a small and quiet sandy beach, where you can enjoy some sunbathing therapy and have a refreshing dip in the sea. You can also go for a walk on Dia Island; you will be surprised how many little bays there are. Every time you can see the beauty of Crete from far away. Even fishing is an option here, should you wish to do so. In short, this is a lovely uninhabited island with something to do for everyone!

In the afternoon we eat lunch together at the little church; a BBQ with wine and salads. Who cannot wait to get back in the water, can go back to the sailing boat, where the captain has put out the ramp for diving from the boat into the sea. With the wind in the sails we then go to the bay of Agios Georgios, where you can swim and snorkel again.

Boat excursions in Crete – Rent a boat on Crete

Boat rental on Crete Greece: You can also independently rent a boat in Crete. You must have though experience on the water! These little boats accommodate 7 persons, including the driver. The boats can be rented all year round. The boats are very suitable as recreational fishing boat. The boats are equipped with a 30HP engine and a spare engine of 5HP for (possible) problems, 10 life jackets, a MP3-player, fish finder and depth meter. You will receive, from wherever your departure is, a complete briefing on how everything functions, etc.

Speedboats to Dia Island or Sissi: With small speedboats of 30HP we go to Dia Island or Agios Georgios bay near Hersonissos. At Dia Island we sometimes spot dolphins. We can arrange maximum 5 boats and there can be 7 persons in a boat. You can drive the boat yourself (by mutual agreement) or we arrange a skipper for you. With the speedboats to Sissi we sail along Analipsi, Annisaras, Saint George bay, Hersonissos, Stalida and Malia. We dock at the harbour of Sissi, where you can spend some time. In Sissi are nice little streets and shops. You can also go to restaurants, taverns, ouzeris and souvenir shops.

Boat excursions in Crete – Boat excursion to Dia Island

Dia Island: The trip to Dia Island takes the whole day. We leave at 9 am from the port and we sail to the Eastern tip of the island and then we sail along the South coast of Dia with a stop at the cave at the Madonna Bay. From this point you cannot see Crete anymore. On a quiet day you can see many fish and birds here. After this we will head for the South West Cape of Dia Island, where we will moor at a deserted beach. We will stay here a few hours, to barbecue, swim, snorkel, hike fish, etc. From here you can easily hike to the North side of Dia Island. After we have enjoyed the barbecue, picnic and a refreshing swim in the sea, the boats will sail to the North side of Dia Island, along a beautiful island with a reef.

We sail along meters high rocks (it is 60 meters deep under water there) and we can also visit a sea cave. After passing the North coast of Dia Island we will sail to the island Paximadi. This is a small island, which is located about 4 to 5 km from Dia Island. Paximadi in Greek means “hard bread “ and indeed the island looks like it. We sail to the small island and anchor at the South side of it. Swimming and snorkelling is delightful here. There are many amphorae from ancient times in the water; you may look at them, but unfortunately it is forbidden to touch these amphorae. The rock of Paximadi has a number of small underwater caves on the South side, where you can enjoy looking at the fish through your mask.

Dolphins in Crete: We cannot guarantee that we will see dolphins around Crete, but last summer it still happened three times. Once the dolphins swam around the boat, which was a magnificent spectacle. Between Dia and Paximadi it is more likely to see dolphins. It is no coincidence that the ancient Greeks made frescoes of dolphins in the palace of Knossos. Every time we see flying fish, it often means that later in the day we can see dolphins. We have also seen often the Caretta – Caretta, these are the giant turtles.

Boat excursions in Crete – Boat trip to Chrissi Island

Boat excursion to Chrissi Island: From Ierapetra you can go daily to Chrissi Island. Every day at 10.00 hours you can board and at 10.30 hours the boat leaves to Chrissi Island. You will be back between 17.00 and 17.30 hours at the harbour. Chrissi Island means “golden island”, since the island has beautiful gold coloured beaches. The real name of Chrissi Island used to be Gaidouronissi, which means “Donkey Island”. Unfortunately there are no more donkeys here.

Upon arrival at the island (15 kilometres from the coast) most people go to the other side of the island, to the famous gold coloured sandy beach. It actually is also nice to go from the boat immediately to the right, which is the best area for snorkelling. At the boat dock at Chrissi Island is a bar and a tavern. The white sandy beaches are magnificent; there are not many places in Europe with so beautiful beaches. On Chrissi Island you can go for walking, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, etc.

Boat excursions in Crete – Visit the famous island of Spinalonga

By boat to Spinalonga (from Elounda or Plaka): Daily you can go by boat to Spinalonga from Agios Nikolaos, Elounda and Plaka. Spinalonga is the island where they used to bring the leprosy patient to. The island got famous because of the TV-series: “Who pays the Ferryman” &  “The Island”. “The Island” is a TV-series on the Greek TV based on the book of the English author Viktoria Hislop. It can get busy on Spinalonga, but definitely the island is worth a visit! Upon arrival you can walk around the entire island. The give you an idea how Spinalonga used to look like, they restored the beautiful old little street.

Submarine boat from Agios Nikolaos: From the port of Agios Nikolaos is the departure with the “Submarine” boat. This boat has a double hull, where you can sit inside and enjoy the underwater world. This trip goes a few times per day. You can also go to the upper deck, but the underwater world is really special to see. You will see the sea life and nature in the water.

Boat excursions in Crete – Sailing, snorkelling and fishing are all possible

Sailing at Crete & Greek islands: We offer options for sailing holidays around Crete Greece, both summer and winter. You can assemble your own sailing holidays, like visiting other Greek islands from Crete.

Sailing and walking at Dia: A nice excursion that has a combination of sailing and walking on Crete. Dia Island is 12 kilometres from the coast of Crete and can be seen from many locations on Crete. The Southside of Dia has the shape of a crocodile. Next to Dia Island is a much smaller island called ”Paximadi” (which means “hard bread”). Dia is a beautiful island with many things to see. In general the boats anchor at the island and you can go swimming, snorkelling or walking. This tour brings you to the secret spots of Dia Island.

Snorkelling with boat excursions: We organise every summer many snorkel excursions. It is surprisingly beautiful and you should do this at least once. Crete has a stunning underwater landscape with many different fishes.

Fishing on Crete: There are many places at Crete where you can go for fishing, from a pier or harbour, but of course you can also go with a (fishing) boat. Close to Zorbas Island are shops where you can purchase everything you should need for fishing!

Water sports on Crete: There are many kinds of water sports on Crete: banana boat, tubes, jet ski, water-ski, sailing boats rental, catamaran, pedalo and much more!

By boat to Santorini: Santorini is a famous Greek island, about 127 kilometres from Crete. Santorini is famous from the postcards with the little white houses and blue roofs. From Heraklion you can go daily to Santorini.

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