Hiking routes on Crete, Greece: Here you find a variety of hiking routes on Crete, Greece; from easy walks to mountain climbing in a gorge on Crete. From some hikes we have made per hiking route an extra page. A lot of trails on Crete are E4 hikes.

Hiking routes area Zorbas Island: The first 6 walks are in our area, never more than 15 kilometres away from the accommodation. Kokkini Hani is an ideal base for hikes on Crete. The countryside is gorgeous with its old villages and nature. You will never get bored here. We give more information about a number of hikes, but there are many more possibilities!

Hiking routes on Crete – Walking in Kokkini Hani area

Anopoli hike and monasteries on Crete: A nice walk that immediately gives you a good impression of the nature & culture of Crete. We start at the village Anopoli, where you meet the local people and their culture. We stop for a cup of real Greek coffee in the old kafenion of the village. Then we continue crisscross through the village to a monastery. After the monastery we follow a path into the mountains and descend to the gorge of Kenouria Chorio. Through this gorge we walk back to the coast. Along the way you will see many oleander bushes. It is a lovely village and nature walk.

In this area we have many different walking options. This particular walk is about 12 kilometres and can be done both summer and winter. You will have to do a fair amount of climbing and descending, but this hike is suitable for most of the walkers. In the winter we often combine this walk with a visit at a Raki distillery and an olive oil factory.

Hiking routes on Crete – Walking in the nature

Away from the path to the white owls: A hike going right through the olive groves. The walking starts in the middle of the nature, close to the old church of Agios Johannes. This little church was built around 1100 A.C. The wall paintings are magnificent. There used to be an old monastery around this church. We follow first a path until we get to the rocks. This is the place where the beautiful white owls live. Through a small gorge we continue our trail through olive groves, vineyards and at the end we arrive at sandstone rocks. In these rocks you can find many fossils.

After that we go right through the fields back to the place we started. Along the way you can see many birds of prey, various flowers, herbs and have breathtaking views towards the sea. This hike is about 10-12 kilometres and is possible to walk both summer and winter. You have to do a fair amount of climbing and descending, but this hike is suitable for most of the hikers. Along the way you see a lot of the nature; various plants, flowers and herbs, birds of prey such as falcons, vultures and of course the white owls. Hiking routes on Crete.

Walking in the dark – Night walk

Night walk on Crete: We even go with you into the mountains of Crete at night! We start this hike just before sunset going right into the nature of Crete. In the dark we might spot the owls and everywhere you might hear rustling sounds of different animals. With this hike you get a good impression of how the Cretan mountains are at night. This hike is about 12 kilometres and is possible to walk both summer and winter. You  have to do a fair amount of climbing and descending, but this hike is suitable for most of the hikers. We walk back to the accommodation at the seafront.

Hiking routes on Crete – Visit a cave

Cave hike Skotino: This hike starts at the old village of Skotino. The walking trail goes from an old washing place to the cave of Skotino. At the cave we make a coffee and after we descend into the cave. This cave with a lot of mythological history is amazingly large. We start our visit in the first “chamber” of the cave. At the end of this chamber you can descend further, but only accompanied by a guide! In the second chamber you can see stalagmites and beautiful corridors.

After the cave we go crisscross through the agricultural area with olive trees and vines. This last part of the walk is in pure nature. At the riverbed you can see more small caves. This hike is about 12-14 kilometres, where you have to do a fair amount of climbing and descending, but is suitable for most of the hikers. Along the way you will see a lot of the nature with its variety of plants, flowers and herbs.

Hiking routes on Crete – Gorges in the area of Zorbas Island

Skalopatia walk: A unique piece of nature on Crete is Skalopatia. This walk follows the centuries old Kalderimi, which is an old connecting walking path, going right through nature. The location is Central Crete. We start our walking tour from the kafenion in the village and walk a distance from minimum 7 to maximum 20 kilometres. We organize this tour weekly, in summer and winter.

This is a walking tour, which is not discovered yet by mass tourism. The trail is unique, with some little streams during summer and winter. There are many turtles in this area. It is lovely to see how these turtles live in the clear blue water and lie down on the rocks for some sunbathing. This walk can be done in parts from 7, 12 or 20 kilometres in both summer and winter. As the walk has various parts, we can customize this tour to your wishes: from easy to also a heavier hike.

Gorge with vultures

Aposelemis CanyonThis canyon is a real hike, with lots of climbing and trekking. This gorge has been created long ago by shepherds and they still use it every day. The gorge is breathtaking beautiful, a piece of nature you will never forget. Along the way you might meet a lot sheep and mountain goats. Since there is water in the gorge during winter, the area is nice and green with native plants. Halfway the gorge there is a cave, where the vultures live. These birds can have wings with a span going up to even 2 metres. This hike is about 8-10 kilometres and can be done in summer and winter. Only after rainfall, it is almost impossible to walk through the gorge. This canyon is suitable for most hikers, but we have to do a lot of climbing and descending on loose stones.

Hiking routes on Crete – Flowers and herbs in the mountains of Crete

Flowers on Crete and flower walks: The nature on Crete is never boring! At the end of the winter and in early spring you can find on the island 69 kinds of orchids. For the lover of orchids we have beautiful routes. For walking the orchid’s trails on Crete, the best time of the year would be from the beginning of March till the end of April, also depending on the temperature in the spring. Another wonderful flower you can already see after Christmas is the Iris. During spring Crete is filled with flowers. But even during summertime the mountains still show green. Flowers grow on the island in summer and winter.

Herbs on Crete: During our walks on Crete we pick a variety of herbs. In the mountains of Crete you can find many herbs such as oregano, mint, sage, bay leaf, etc. We dry the herbs that we pick in the mountains during the walks and make our own mountain tea. We also use these fresh herbs during our cooking workshops and for our daily meals. These walks are never very long, we adapt them our guest’s wishes. Flower walks are done only on special request.

Hiking routes on Crete – Some more gorge hikes on Crete

Patsos Gorge: A spectacular gorge, where you will have to do a lot of climbing and trekking. The Patsos canyon runs through a wonderful walking area on Crete. The trail through the gorge is well indicated. You walk along and through little parts of the river. For this hike you do need good walking shoes (probably an extra pair of dry socks), a backpack and enough water. This hike is about 7 kilometres. The best time for this hike is from April till the end of December (but not after rainfall in the mountains). During this hike we descend a lot, but we also need to use ladders, bridges and a tunnel.

Gorges in the East of Crete

Richtis Gorge: This hike can be done both in summer and winter. During this hike it is necessary to do some climbing and trekking at certain parts of the gorge. The total walk is only 6 kilometres, but there are even parts in the gorge where we have to find our own way through the wilderness. The river that flows through this area regularly creates obstacles.

We often need to find the way and cross the water to get to the small walking path. At various places we climb over the rocks and walk weighed down under the branches. Halfway this gorge we encounter an impressive waterfall, with a free fall of 30 metres. At the end of the gorge is a deserted beach. This hike is about 6 to 8 kilometres and can be done both summer and winter. Difficulty: climbing and descending, but is suitable for most hikers. Hiking routes on Crete.

Kritsa gorge: This gorge is truly an experience! The narrowest part is only 90 centimetres wide. The high rock walls on both sides are really impressive. The Kritsa gorge goes in a circle, so you end up again at the beginning of the gorge. You can walk this gorge on your own, but be careful, the signs that show the directions in the Kritsa gorge are not always very clear. We always take our guests to the end of the gorge where we have lunch and with bad weather we continue to the village Tapes. Then we walk back along the path above the gorge.

Gorges in the South

Agiofarango Gorge: This gorge is in South Central Crete. It is a short walk through the gorge. The gorge ends at a lovely beach at the Libyan Sea. Here we always prepare a BBQ. Would you want to walk more, you can go from the beach into all directions. It is also possible to go for a refreshing swim and relaxing sunbathe! It is great here for snorkelling. In the sea are stunning rock formations and tunnels. In this area it is even possible to do mountain climbing and abseiling. The rocks in this gorge are perpendicular, which make climbing a real challenge. All year round mountaineers camp out in this gorge. This walk is about 6 kilometres, possible in summer and winter. This is not a difficult hike and therefore suitable for everybody!

Sarakina Gorge: It has beautiful nature and is close to the village Mirtos. Walking through this gorge is a real challenge. You can walk in the gorge a short and a long distance. The gorge is really wonderful, with sometimes quite a bit of water inside. In spring and autumn you also walk parts through the river or streams and sometimes you even have to swim! We can organise this gorge hike close to Mirtos in combination with an overnight stay in Mirtos. We then walk two days in the area. You can also find this information at multi-day hikes.

This hike is about 8 kilometres, but we also have a longer version of about 14 kilometres hiking. The walk is ideal in the summer, since there is a lot of shade. In spring there is a lot of water running through and in case there is too much, hiking in the gorge is not possible. Autumn till December it is possible to go through the gorge, unless the first winter rainfall has started. Difficulty: climbing and descending, but suitable for most hikers.

Adventurous and famous gorges

Adventurous Aradena Gorge on Crete: From our starting point we travel first to Rethymnon (West Crete) and after to the village of Sfakia. The hike starts immediately very adventurous: we walk across a 150 metres high bridge over the gorge! Then we take a taxi to the village Aredena. The hike through the gorge takes about 3 hours and brings us to a quiet beach and a remote tavern. After a short break we walk over rocks (fantastic sea views!) to the village Loutro. In Loutro we stop for lunch and from there we go by ferry boat back to our transport.

This gorge runs approximately parallel to the Samaria gorge, however, it saves about 2 hours drive to get there and there are hardly any other hikers there. After a walk through this gorge, you can really say you saw a part of Crete that is unreachable for others. This walk is about 10 kilometres. This canyon is often only accessible from April to mid-November. It is not possible to walk this gorge during winter.

Samaria Gorge on Crete: This is an experience you will never forget! The gorge is the longest one in Europe with about 16 kilometres. The Samaria gorge is really an impressive hike. In summertime it is very busy there. We have included the Samaria gorge walk in our program, since it is the best known of Crete. If our guests want to walk the Samaria gorge, we will organise this. You will be picked up close from the accommodation. At the end of the gorge you go from Agia Roumeli by boat to Sfakia and then back by bus to your accommodation.

This hike is about 16 kilometres. The gorge in West Crete normally opens only from the beginning of May till the end of October. It is not possible to walk in the gorge during the winter months, since there is too much water inside. There is not a lot of shade in this long canyon, so always bring enough water with, a hat and sunscreen!

Hiking routes on Crete – Walking through the landscape and villages of Crete

Lassithi hike on Crete: We start our hike from a village on the Lassithi plateau and walk about an hour uphill.  We walk on overgrown little mountain roads and have a fantastic view over the Lassithi plateau. After quite some time walking we arrive at an old abandoned vineyard: you almost feel secluded from the rest of the world at this beautiful spot. This walk is about 12 kilometres and possible in summer and winter.

The three villages walk Crete: An easy hike that almost everybody can do. We leave from a small local village, where we visit an old abandoned olive oil factory. Then we walk through the fields where potatoes, onions, lettuce, figs, olives and other fruits and vegetables grow. After a short climb we reach the second local village: this is the real authentic Crete. We continue further uphill through the beautiful wild nature of Crete. In the next village awaits you a delicious traditional treat in a typical kafenion. From this kafenion you have a magnificent view on the just travelled walk! Our trip back will be entirely downhill.

This walk is about 10 kilometres with possibilities for summer and winter. Difficulty: none, this walk is suitable for most hikers.

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