Walking round trip on Crete Greece – hiking trails in Greece: It is not easy to create new walking round trips in the mountains of Crete, because with a gorge hike we often walk the same way back. Yet we did manage to create some unique round trips for you, each walk is different and original.

Walking round trip on Crete – An abandoned village in the South of Crete

Kalami, Crete (the abandoned village): This is an easy walk of about 10 kilometres. We also do a village walk through this mysterious abandoned village and at the end of the day we go for swimming and snorkelling at Psari Forada (located by the South coast of Crete).

Level of the Kalami hike: It is an easy walk that everybody can do and there are not too many height differences. During the summer months though you have to pay attention with the heat. There are no marks on the walking trail, but it is easy to walk on.

Walking round trip on Crete Greece – Life in the villages of Crete

Walking round trip “village tour”: Episkopi, Stamnoi, Aitania: A beautiful walking area including a visit to 3 mountain villages. We combine walking through nature and visit mountain villages. Along the way we see nice churches, the way of living in Greek villages, Cretan culture and beautiful seaviews.

Level of the village walk: Almost everybody can do this walk. During the walk we choose from different possibilities, from differences in height up to 200 metres to aged 50+ and 60+ walks. In this walking area of Crete there are many possible walks, from 8 to 22 kilometres. We have created the routes for these hikes ourselves, which you can also do individually with the help of a GPS, since there are no signs along the way.

Village walk on Crete at Kainourgio Chorio

Kainourgio Chorio: A nice village with traditional little streets to walk through. Starting from  Kokkini Hani the walk takes about 4 kilometres. According to the population census of Castrofilaca, under Venetian rule in 1583, the village is reported as Chenurio Chorio with 134 inhabitants.

Kainourgio Chorio: Church of the Virgin Diktiani: They built this church in two phases. The early Venetian building with one aisle in the south and in the 19th century they extended the building with a northern aisle. On the south wall in the church are traces preserved of an Arcosolium (a Venetian grave).

Kainourgio Chorio: Tower of Foskolos: This tower belonged to the Foskolos family, to whom also Kainourio Chorio belonged. Today, only the ground floor of the house is still there.

Kainourgio Chorio: Patitiria: The winepresses (patitiria), known as Patitiria Foskolou belonged to Foskolos, the land lord of the village. The grapes were pressed here into a delicious red or white Cretan wine.

Gorge of the Holy Anastasia: In the gorge of the Holy Anastasia you see a lot of geological formations and oleander bushes. The church of St. Anastasia was built at the entrance of the gorge. Starting from Kokkini Hani the total walk is about 12 kilometres.

Walking round trip on Crete – Round trip including a gorge

Walking round trip Anopoli gorge: A hike including a visit to the village and the monastery of Anopoli. After our visit to the village we walk via the olive groves to a gorge. Through the gorge the hike goes along some geological spots with rock walls that have fossils within. In the area are several geocaches to be found. In general you can find many geocaches on Crete! Along the coast we walk back to Zorbas Island.

Level Anopoli hike: Almost everybody can do this hike. We can even extend this hike, since the area has inexhaustible possibilities. This hike is also suitable for the aged 50+ to 60+ walkers. This hike has options of 10, 15 or 17 kilometres with height differences of 265 metres. There are no direction signs, since we have set out this hike ourselves.

Walking round trip on Crete Greece – Round trip including a cave

Walking round trip Skotino – Kokkini HaniA walk with a visit to the village of Skotino and the cave of Agia Paraskevi, through a hilly countryside with great varieties with starting and ending point in Kokkini Hani at the coast.

Level walk: Almost everybody can do this walk. During the walk we can choose many different directions. This walk is also suitable for the aged 50+ and 60+ walks. In this walking area of Crete there are many different walks available, from 12, 16 or 18 kilometres and with height differences up to 180 metres. We have created the routes for these walks ourselves, which you can do individually with the help of a GPS, since there are no signs along the way.

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Walking roundtrip on Crete Greece