Excursions in Crete

Excursions in Crete Greece: Active group excursions on Crete, outdoor holiday, hiking, hiking trails, hiking with accommodation, multiple-day hikes, car rental, scooter rental, diving, diving with accommodation, cycling, bicycle rentals, cycling and accommodation, golfing vacation, horseback riding, Crete travel information, public transport in Crete, jeep safari, multiple day jeep safari, quad rental, cooking classes and cooking vacations, climbing, culture and nature excursions, boat rental in Crete, boat trips, sailing to the Greek islands, snorkelling, Fly-drive, all possibilities for a fun active holiday in Greece. We offer opportunities for a summer and winter holiday in Greece, with many tips about Crete.

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Excursions in Crete – Walks & hikes on Crete – Greece

Hiking on Crete: This page is full with walks you can do on Crete and is showing the unlimited possibilities for hikers on Crete Greece. We have walking trails that you can discover yourself, but we also offer hiking tours on Crete Greece with a guide in the summer and winter. The photo books and films will give you a good impression for hiking individually, group hikes and gorges, with of course all the descriptions belonging to these. Although we focus on the unknown and self-marked routes, you can certainly come to us for the well-known gorges like Samaria and Imbros.

Hiking week: A whole week hiking on Crete with accommodation. We offer you a diversity of hikes to discover Crete in a different way. Included are: all the hikes, transfers, breakfast, diner and accommodation on Crete. There is the option to do 8 hikes in 10 days, including a 2-day hike, where we will sleep overnight in tents out in the unspoiled nature.

Outdoor holidays in Crete: Active holidays on Crete: We offer a complete week program for the whole season, which you can book as a complete program, but you can also opt to leave items out. It will be an unforgettable holiday in unknown areas of Crete.

Photo book excursions on Crete: A summary of pictures of many of our excursions on Crete where each item can be further viewed in an album. Excursions in Crete Photo book.

Excursions in Crete – Workshop on Crete

Cooking lessons on Crete overview: We arrange holidays on Crete where you will be having cooking lessons. In 3 to 8 days you will learn the miracles of the Greek kitchen. We bring you along for shopping and go to different locations in the Cretan mountains where you learn to cook Greek dishes. Click on our links of the Greek cookbook and the photo book Greek cooking holiday.

The Greek cookbook of Zorbas Island: Every week you can find new recipes from the Greek kitchen of Zorbas Island on this page. There is a great variety and you can also prepare these healthy Greek dishes at home. Of course you can taste these dishes yourself at Zorbas Island. We always use fresh (organic) local products for all our Greek dishes. During our Greek cooking workshop we explain more about the ingredients and the preparations of the food. On Crete we have special dishes and we would like you to learn our secrets.

Water colour painting, drawing and painting: Drawing, painting and aquarelle: something different from just going on holidays to Crete, a nice workshop for all ages.

Excursions in Crete – Active excursions for all ages

Weekly program excursion in the SummerAn overview of our two weeks program in the summer on Crete during school holidays. Beach party, snorkelling, football, volleyball, tennis, etc. Pottery on Crete, village tour, GPS walks, Gps Games, dropping, water race, Water Park, water sports, in other words: all kinds of possibilities for fun family excursions during spring, summer and autumn holidays.

Unknown Crete excursions: A collective page of unknown areas on Crete. By car or by bicycle: all of these tours can be done independently with our road maps or GPS coordinates. A collection of excursions that don’t fit within one title: harvesting olives, making cheese on Crete, milking goats, Greek music workshops and what about a day of Greek cooking?

Geocaching on Crete: We have created some nice trails in the area. We have several routes for our guests to explore; you can bring your own GPS or use a GPS from us. Our Geocaches are hidden along nicely compact routes. These Geocache routes are suitable for groups and also for more groups together at the same time, to boost the excitement when meeting each other. Even the individual walker can use these routes. Geocaching is fun for everybody: individuals, family, children and adults.

Horseback riding: Options and links for horse riding on Crete during your holiday. There are also possibilities to combine horse riding on Crete and accommodation on Crete.

Bicycle excursions on Crete: We have for you a variety of bicycling (MTB) options. A page filled with nice information to go out on your own with the help of our bicycle trailer and bicycles. We can also arrange for you a bicycle tour with a guide, as well as for the more experienced cyclist, as for the recreational cyclist and the off-road mountain biker.

Electric cycling on Crete Greece: During a cycling holiday on Crete you cycle through the impressive nature and get acquainted with the culture. You keep on moving while discovering the most beautiful places. From nature admirer to culture lover; with our varied range of cycling holidays, there is something nice for everyone. Electric cycling on Crete is becoming more popular, because this makes cycling in the mountainous landscape a bit more pleasant. Already for years you can book with us a cycling holiday. But now we take it a step further and also offer electric bikes with a place to stay on Crete Greece.

Excursions in Crete – Off road into the mountains of Crete

Quad safari & Buggy excursion: With a Quad or Buggy safari you enjoy Crete in a different way. Our routes are fixed so, that you become known with driving the Quad and discover unknown parts of Crete at the same time, off-road and on asphalt. Should you wish to take a Quad and go by yourself, we do have GPS routes available, but there are also Quad tours of 2 days or driving Scootopia. Let us surprise you and come with us.

Jeep safari on CreteAn overview of all our jeep safaris. Nice tours, information and options. A photo album with many nice photos of our jeep safaris on Crete. Also we have a 2 day jeep safari and a 3 day jeep safari. During a jeep safari you see a lot of unspoiled Crete, have a day full of action, nature and culture in summer and winter. The jeep safari is one the popular excursions in Crete.

Multi-day jeep safari: Discover places on Crete where others never will come with 3 to 7 days off-road in a jeep through Crete.

Jeep safari photo book: Click on this link for the greatest jeep safari images throughout the years on Crete. There are many photos of possible jeep safaris on Crete, Greece.

Excursions in Crete – In the water, on the water and at the water

Snorkelling excursion: The snorkelling excursion you should not miss out on. You will get a snorkelling lesson from a diving instructor and after that we go with the speed boats for snorkelling at a few beautiful locations. In the afternoon we go to a deserted beach for a barbecue, snorkelling in the area or at a deserted beach of Crete.

Photo book snorkelling: A complete overview of snorkelling pictures and where you will see all the different snorkelling excursions

Diving and Snorkelling overview page: On this page we have created a list of all the possibilities for diving and snorkelling on Crete. We have many options for diving holidays with accommodation in both in the summer and winter.

Diving in CreteInformation about a full day diving course and snorkelling or diving for the more advanced at a professional diving school. For the inexperienced diver we can host a free introduction afternoon in the swimming pool of Zorbas Island. During this introduction you can check out if you would like to go for diving on Crete.  We offer also options for experienced divers. For the divers we have a special offer of 8 dives on Crete in combination with the accommodation. There will be different diving locations including transfers. On this page you will also find information about the Padi openwater courses that we offer on Crete.

Boat trip excursion: An overview of all the possible boat trips. To Sissi by boat? Or to Dia Island? Or Chrissi Island in the South? Or rent a boat on Crete? A page filled with boat and sailing trips on Crete.

Santorini from Crete: An overview of boat trips and excursions to the gorgeous island of Santorini. There are many options for one-day and multi-day trips.

Water sports on Crete: A summery page of the water sports facilities on Crete; Speedboat, banana ride, tubing, jetski, catamaran, canoe, surfing, rowing boat, just have a look at this page.

Sailing and walking on CreteThis is an excursion that combines walking and sailing on Crete. The island of Dia is located 12 kilometres off the coast of Crete and can be seen from many different locations on Crete. The south side of Dia has the shape of a crocodile. Next to Dia Island is a much smaller island called Paximadi (which means “baked bread”). Dia is beautiful island with lots to see. In general the boats that sail there anchor in a certain bay, people go for swimming and snorkelling and then they go back. With our tour we show you the secret spots of Dia Island.

Sailing to Greek Islands: We provide options for a Sailing holiday on Crete, summer and winter. You can put together your own sailing holidays at Crete. There are also options for the other Greek islands.

Fishing at Crete: There are many possibilities to go for fishing on Crete. You can go on your own initiative, but you can also go along on a boat for a fishing holiday on Crete.

Excursions in Crete – Go and explore Crete on your own

Car rental on CreteHere you will find prices and conditions for renting a car during your stay on Crete. The prices of a rental car on Crete can vary a lot, but the point is that you can go out on holidays safe and carefree with your car. Unlimited kilometres and a good insurance are very important. Information about car rental and accommodation on Crete. Rent a car for the nicest trips.

Fly driveWe have a variety of options for a fly-drive vacation on Crete. On the first day you will get a detailed briefing about your trip. We organise fly-drive holidays on Crete the whole year around.

Motor, scooter rental on Crete: Motor, scooter and Quad rental information on Crete, conditions, insurances, prices, etc. It is possible to rent for a longer time period, we are happy to help you on your way.

Excursions in Crete – And there is a lot more to do…

Crete informative description: A short description of all the sights worth seeing on Crete; a page filled with highlights and photos.

Golf: On this page we show you which possibilities there are to play golf on Crete, Greece. Golf in Crete is also possible in combination with accommodation.

Labyrinth Theme Park Crete: The family entertainment destination of Crete. Enjoy a special, interactive and fun day for the whole family.

Knossos Crete Greece: Knossos is the largest Minoan palace. The palace was built around 2000 BC. People suspect that the palace was destroyed by the outburst of the volcano of Santorini (around 1450 BC). . The palace was excavated and partially restored under the direction of Arthur Evans in the earliest years of the 20th century. Unfortunately he used a lot of imagination while rebuilding Knossos. The labyrinth en de King’s Hall stayed intact. Knossos is opened all year round.

Urban photography workshop in Greece: What means urban photography on Crete? Urban photography pictures are being made of and in abandoned houses and buildings. With urban photography you take pictures to catch the atmosphere of the abandonment and past times. On Crete it often looks as if time has stood still. The island Crete has many archaeological findings, a very interesting culture and a lot of geological treasures. Up in the mountains there are many abandoned villages, old churches and ruins to be found. Because of the beautiful natural light drop on Crete you can take the most stunning urban photos.

Winter holidays on CreteThe past winters Crete has been the warmest place of Europe. Description of all the options during winter at Zorbas Island apartments Crete, pool bar and what there is to do on Crete in the winter.  We even have a complete winter website. The last few years, Crete as a winter holiday destination, is becoming more popular; have a look on our winter page why. A complete overview of what to expect during your winter holidays on Crete.

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Excursions in Crete