Geocaching on Crete

Geocaching on Crete: We have created some nice trails in the area. We have several routes for our guests to explore; you can bring your own GPS or use a GPS from us. Our Geocaches are hidden along nicely compact routes. These Geocache routes are suitable for groups and also for more groups together at the same time, to boost the excitement when meeting each other. Even the individual walker can use these routes. Geocaching is fun for everybody: individuals, family, children and adults.

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Geocaching on Crete – Finding the geocaches with the help of a GPS

Geocaching on Crete Greece: The past weeks we have been busy to hide some Geocaches in the area. This will be a new excursion for the upcoming months. Searching for the geocaches in between the olive trees and in the hills, all combined with a nice walk in the nature.

Geocaches on Crete Greece: We have hidden our geocaches following a theme of Greek history, mythology and nature on Crete. Every time there is a surprise and the walks are easy to do, yet always beautiful. Departure is from Zorbas Island.

Geocaching on Crete – What to expect

Geocaching on Crete and what to do: Hidden in waterproof packages, with a logbook and some items in boxes. These you can exchange. You go on your way with a hand-held GPS that determines your coordinates of where the Geocaches are hidden. You really have to put in an effort to find the cache, which you can find a beautiful area full of surprises.

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Geocaching on Crete