E4 walking path on Crete: Multi-day hikes on Crete. We offer a combination of various hikes on Crete on the E4 hiking trail. From this page you can click on to all the hikes we offer in combination with accommodation on Crete. There are also combinations with the hikes possible, like hiking for a few days on the E4 walking path on Crete combined with other hikes in the area of Zorbas Island. We have merged the most scenic routes of the E4 with many of our own hikes. Every year, in the winter, we create new routes for our guests. All our hikes are unique, we have more than 70 different hikes on Crete.

E4 walking path on Crete – What is the European long distance walking path E4?

What is an E4 walking path? The E4 trail, the European long distance walking path, actually goes from Spain to Cyprus. The whole E4 path has a length of more than 10.000 kilometres. Anyone who thinks that the path is well marked is wrong. There are even some parts of the E4 trail that are actually not that nice. This is also the case on the islands like Corsica, Cyprus and Crete.

Hiking the E4 on Crete: The E4 on Crete goes from West Crete to East Crete or the other way around. The E4 path goes from Zakros to Chrisoskalitisa (Elafonissi). So the E4 trail can be follow all over the island. But please be careful: recently all the E4 signs have been updated, but are not always visible! The E4 trail on Crete is not always easy; there are some significant climbs and descents! We describe the most beautiful E4 hikes on Crete on this page.

E4 walking path on Crete – Some parts can only be reached on foot or by boat

Places along the way: You can reach many places only on foot or by boat. On the way you can see that many restaurants or accommodations get their supplies in by boat.

Boats along the E4 on Crete: From early spring till the beginning of November there are daily small ferryboats from village to village. Sfakia, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia and Paleochora are all connected to each other by boat. The smaller villages, but even the bigger ones, can all be reached by taxi boat. In case someone does not feel that well, there are always possibilities to order a taxi boat along the way.

Combinations of the E4 route on Crete: Below you can find all the combinations of the E4 walking trail on Crete. When you click on to your required page, you can find more information about the various hiking options. Each page has photos and YouTube films of the E4 walking path on Crete, more information about the distances and what to bring along.

E4 walking path on Crete – Several days hiking on the E4 with a guide

A week hiking on Crete: An overview of accommodation and hikes on Crete.

01 Hiking the E4 trail on Crete: Sfakia – Glyka Nera – Loutro – Phoenix – Aradena gorge – Marmara Beach – Agios Pavlos – Agia Roumeli – Sfakia – Imbros gorge – Kokkini Hani – with an extra option to hike the Kavousi gorge or Psiloritis mountain. Of course you can also relax on the beach or explore the area.

01 Information: This hike on the E4 walking trail on Crete takes 4 days, including 3 overnight stays at different locations. The distance is 60 kilometres. The hike includes a visit to the Aradena gorge and the eponymous village. We walk from apartment to apartment. There is the option to walk the last day through the Imbros gorge.

02 Hiking the E4 trail on Crete: Samaria gorge – Agia Roumeli – Boat – Sougia – Agia Irini gorge – Sougia – Lissos gorge – ancient city of Lissos– Paleochora – extra hiking options at various locations on Crete.

02 Information: An E4 hike on Crete of 4 days, including 3 overnight stays at various locations. The distance is about 48-55 kilometres. We will be dropped at the entrance of the Samaria gorge and go back via Paleochora. The last day you can also walk the Topolia gorge and visit Potamida (geological miracle on Crete).

03 Hiking the E4 trail on CreteSfakia – Loutro – Phoenix – Aradena gorge – Marmara – Agia Roumeli – Samaria – Boat – Sougia – Lissos – Paleochora.

03 Information: This hike on the E4 walking trail on Crete takes 6 days and 5 nights. The distance is about 80-90 kilometres. This is a hike you really need to be trained for. Do not just go for it!

More information

Hiking routes on Crete, Greece: Here you find a variety of hiking routes on Crete, Greece; from easy walks to mountain climbing in a gorge on Crete. From some hikes we have made per hiking route an extra page. A lot of trails on Crete are E4 hikes.

Hiking menu Crete: A page with an overview of all the possible hikes for a day on Crete.

Accommodation on Crete for hikers: A page with an overview for walking holidays to Crete. Excursion information of Crete with accommodation for walkers on Crete.

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E4 walking path on Crete