Idaia wine from Crete: Every year we go wine tasting in the winter to choose wines for the next summer. We were very pleased with the quality of Idaia wine from central Crete. We went to taste wine again in the Idaia wine factory, because their wines were so good last year. Is also a good wine year for Idaia again!  Idaia is a delicious affordable wine. We tasted all kinds of different wines and decided straight away we will serve Idaia wines again this year.  It’s a hard job to go wine tasting in the winter, but we want to make sure our guests and wine lovers are all satisfied.

Wine routes on Crete

The Idaia wine factory is also open for visits in the summer. We are happy to give you more information. You can also drive wine routes on Central Crete.  These are well marked routes with red signs. A lot of wineries are open the whole year around: you can taste and buy wines in the winery! Cretan wine is the recent years of better quality. Each year Greek wines win international prizes, also Idaia has won several prices. We have also a summary of all the wine routes on Crete.

Idaia wine information: if you like to have more information about Idaia wine from Crete, have a look at our page about Cretan wine!

The name of the company Idaia used to be the ancient name for Crete: Idaia was a Cretan nymph and mother of ten boys, the Curetes. Her husband Dias, the King of Crete, named the whole island «Idaia» to honour his wife. The company’s trade mark, the daisy with the eight leaves, is one of the symbols on the ancient Disc of Faistos. The ancient Cretans used to believe that it symbolizes Sirius, the star.

The area of Venerato

Idaia Winery is located at Venerato, a village in the heart of the vineyard district Malevizi and 18 kilometres south from the capital Heraklion on Crete. This area has been famous already centuries for its wine production. Proof of this are the old Archaic and Roman wine presses that can still be found there. Looking back in the history books, you can find that for example the Minoans cultivated their land and tasted what it so generously offered. Hundreds of tablets discovered by archaeologists show a flourishing economy with agricultural goods.

The main products Cretans successfully cultivated and traded were olive oil, cereals and wine. And a few centuries later, when Crete became a province of the Roman Empire, the Romans realized that Crete was the perfect place for the wine production and many plains and hills were turned into vineyards. Cretan winemakers were improving their wine-making skills and produced excellent sweet wines, which through Rome conquered the entire known world at the time. Many Greek and Latin writers spoke very highly of Cretan wine, which was also considered to have medicinal properties.

Wine region of Dafnes

The location of Idaia Winery is at 305 meters above sea level and within the wine region of Dafnes. The whole area with its hills and valleys is a perfect place for the grapes to ripen in combination with the lime soil, the warm climate and sea breeze of Crete. The sweet wine coming from this area during the Venetian and Ottoman time used to be called «Malvazia». Nowadays the wines produced in the area are not only the sweet ones anymore. The company is producing both red and white wine. For the red wine mainly the Kotsifali, Mandilari and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are used and for the white wine, the Vilana and Thrapsathiri grapes.

Besides the many vineyard and olive groves in the area, you can also visit old monasteries. For example the historical monastery of Panagia Paliani, that has in the centre an old temple with great archaeoligical value. All in all the whole area is a perfect place to explore the beautiful nature, historical sights and go for some wine tasting.

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Idaia wine from Crete