In May on holiday to Crete Greece: On Crete the sun always shines in summer and it is a great holiday destination that has something to offer for everyone. But what is it like in the spring on Crete? The southern island has a Mediterranean climate and in May usually starts the dry season which lasts until autumn. Most days it is beautiful with sunny weather, but there may be a cloudy day. There is still a small chance it rains a bit before the summer really sets off. In general, the weather is great for a holiday with outdoor activities.

zorbas holidays in Crete 18 May 2019

4-5 may 2019: active holidays Crete – Greece

2 may 2019: walking and hike in Crete

1st may 2019 walking and boat tours in Crete

Jungle walk on Crete – Greece: Because it rained little during the past winter, the nature of Crete seems already pretty dry this spring. Yet there are plenty of places on the island where water flows and nature benefits from this. Not far from our accommodation is such an area where water flows all year round. It is hidden in between the mountains and not a lot of people go there. Nature is even a bit wild here and looks a lot like the jungle. On Monday we start our active week with a trip through this jungle of Crete. No worries, you will not encounter dangerous wild animals here.

Hiking and snorkelling in South Crete: The most beautiful places for snorkelling are not always easy to reach. The location where we go snorkelling on Wednesday, for example, cannot be reached by car. This means that we first have to walk a bit before we arrive at a beach in a secluded bay, where it is wonderful to snorkel. The walk goes through the still unknown Martsalo gorge on the south coast of Crete. The unusual landscape in the gorge is mainly characterized by the Cretan date palm that grows here. The gorge is only about 2 kilometres long. Prior to this excursion hiking and snorkelling, we give snorkelling instructions in the Zorbas Island pool on Tuesday afternoon.

Unknown Crete: Crete is one of the most popular resorts on the Mediterranean, but it has much more to offer than sun, sea and nightlife. The average tourist who comes to Crete for the first time does not see much more than the seaside resort and the standard sights. We like to do this differently and that is why on Thursdays we show our guests a different picture of the island, the unknown Crete. For example there are many beautiful mountain villages in Crete, where the locals have not seen many tourists. Here life is simple and traditional, and our guests feel as if we are going back in time.

Boat trip on Crete: An excursion that never bores is a daytrip by boat. Our guests often ask upon arrival if we also organize a boat trip on Crete. If the weather conditions allow us we go on a boat on Friday. The Zorbas boat takes us to a bay where the water is calm and we have plenty of time to snorkel and swim from the boat. Crete has a beautiful nature, also under water.

Hiking through the gorge of Kritsa: On Friday, not everyone wants to go by boat, so we also organize a hike through the Kritsa gorge. It is a hike where you have to climb and descend a lot over stones and rocks, it really is a unique experience. The entrance to the gorge is immediately enormous, because it looks like the mountain is torn in two parts. This creates a narrow passage with the narrowest part in this gorge of only 90 centimetres wide. The high steep cliffs on both sides are impressive. In the gorge grow plane trees, oaks, oleanders, and many typical species of plants that occur only on Crete.

What are we eating today? Of course you can always have a meal delivered at home, but you can also gain cooking inspiration with a Greek cooking course during your holiday in Crete. You will learn how to cook delicious healthy Greek dishes that are not complicated at all. On Tuesday, we take our guests outdoor cooking in an olive grove. Here the olives grow now, which will be pressed in the winter for the olive oil. This Extra Virgin olive oil is the basis of all healthy Mediterranean dishes. Other secrets of the Greek kitchen we give you during the cooking course.

In May on holiday to Greece:  According to the climatic classification of Köppen-Geiger the climate type on Crete is a warm maritime climate. This type of climate is also usually described as a Mediterranean climate. The Greek island has an average of nearly 3000 hours of sunshine per year, so if you go on holiday to Crete in May, you can count on the warmth of the sun. It is of course wonderful to lie with a good book in the sun, but it is also nice to discover the island of Crete. We organize different types of activities during the spring break in Crete, so that there is something fun for everyone to do.