Multi-day jeep safari on Crete

Multi-day jeep safari on Crete – one week jeep safari on Crete: We offer you a different kind of holiday on Crete, 7 days driving off-road on Crete. You will see places that others never have seen before, 700 kilometres off-road through Crete. A lot of people have visited Crete before, but we like to show you a different kind of Crete. Through this trip you can get to know the real and unknown Crete.

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We organise holidays in such a different way, you will not be able to find this through your tour operator. We are a small company with our own accommodation and many years of experience. You only have to book your flight ticket, we arrange everything else! Below you can read a general description about the Crete off-road holidays in 7 days. This special jeep safari can be booked all year round and especially in winter we really recommend this trip.

Multi-day jeep safari on Crete – Off road holidays

You will discover Crete, Greece, in a different way; this holiday is suitable for everyone. We visit places that are unknown to many. This way you will discover the most beautiful spots of Crete! We will come along many interesting sites of Crete. This is a nice change from seeing Crete in a tour bus. You can drive this route completely by yourself, but we can also arrange a driver when you do not wish to drive. You can book this vacation as one single person as well as a group; minimum participation is 9 persons. We have our own accommodation, but along the way we will also stay at other locations.

Daily planning for 7 days off-road on Crete: We depart every morning around 9.00 am, after having a hearty breakfast! We follow each other and we visit corners of Crete where you would never go if you were by yourself. We drive on unpaved roads as well as on asphalt roads. We eat along the way in small taverns and sometimes we prepare our own food as well. At night we always provide you with a nice accommodation, where food is provided. Also, we frequently come back to Zorbas in Kokkini Hani.

Requirements for Crete off road: Do not take too much baggage! Two pairs of good shoes, enough socks, a couple of towels, sleeping bag (if you do not have we can provide one), swimsuit, rain clothes (spring, autumn and winter in Crete) and a warm sweater. You can take beautiful pictures in the wilderness of Crete. The last day we give you a DVD with photos and film of the whole journey through Crete.

Note: The safaris are not suitable for people with fear of heights or who get car sick easily.

Driving with a jeep on Crete: we drive calmly, since it is not a race. Anybody can drive; we make sure that you know what we are doing. We always show you the first day how a jeep handles on unpaved terrain. The trick is to drive in a way that you see a lot of Crete. Our tour includes: Cretan nature, villages in Crete, Cretan culture, fauna of Crete, Cretan social life, action in Crete. During breakfast we explain the plans for the rest of the day. We can drive the jeeps with the top open, but with cooler weather we can close the jeeps.

We do not want to go into too much detail on the description of our routes, because it happens sometimes that the routes are copied. If you personally have more questions about the route, you can always email us.

Multi-day jeep safari on Crete – Short description of the program

Description of the program off-road Crete, Greece in 7 days:

1st day: Arrival and introduction day. In the evening, you can enjoy an evening meal at Zorbas Island. This evening we give you information about the tour and what to expect. We also brief you about the first part of the route. It is basically a tour that you participate in individually and in a group at the same time. It happens sometimes for example, that we need a towing cable to help a colleague in a jeep to get back on the road. You stay overnight at Zorbas Island. When there is a large number of participants we provide similar accommodation near Zorbas Island.

2nd day: Crete jeep safari 4×4: East and Central Crete. At 8 o’clock we have breakfast at Zorbas Island and around 9 am we head out towards Galipe (Gournes – Galipe). Along the way we visit an ancient church that has no paved road leading to it. We also stop at a nice deep cave in which we walk our way down. We stop for a coffee in Galipe, after which we go towards Lassithi (off road). After our arrival in the afternoon on the beautiful plateau of Lassithi, we enjoy a lovely lunch (at your own expense), in a small Greek tavern known for its delicious smoked meat dishes. They also have various types of Greek cheeses and casserole dishes; prices are affordable here. The plateau of Lassithi lies at an altitude of 900 meters and is surrounded by the second highest mountain of Crete: the Dikti. Just before lunch we will have driven right past the Dikti Mountain.

After lunch we drive cross the agricultural plateau of Lassithi, Crete. This gives a good impression of all possible types of agriculture in Crete. Sometimes the farmers harvest their fresh potatoes three times a year. Lassithi potatoes are known for their delicious taste! After we have seen the entire plateau of Lassithi we drive down an asphalt road towards Kera. In Kera we stop at a beautiful monastery (Moni Kerodiotissas). Sometimes the monastery is closed, unfortunately then we can only see it from the outside. After Kera we go to Krasi, where we can admire the thickest tree in Crete: a centuries-old Plane tree. After Krasi we drive off-road again on a nice winding road back to Kokkini Hani. You stay overnight again at Zorbas Island, where you will be offered a dinner of Greek oven dishes. (110 km)

Multi-day jeep safari on Crete – The southern part of Crete

3rd day: Today we prepare for a journey with an overnight stay in South Crete. On the equipment list is a sleeping bag and now the time has come for you to take it along. Many apartments in that area often have blankets, but we have experienced some bad luck with that in the past. At 08.00 am we have breakfast at Zorbas Island. At 09.00 am we drive on the normal road first to Agios Nikolaos and to Istro after that. After Pirgos we drive off-road to the South of Crete.

At Agios Georgios we visit a beautiful lake situated next to the Libyan Sea. Hereafter we go to Ierapetra and then we return to the point where Crete is at its narrowest. Here we drive off-road and we arrive at a place with a beautiful view of both the Aegean and Libyan sea. We then drive on a long road (off-road) along the Thripti mountain; a stunning natural area! Via a dirt road we drive to Makrigialos where we eat in a tavern (at your own expense). After Makrigialos we spend the afternoon off-road in the mountains and we visit a beautiful deserted shepherd’s village. After this we stay overnight and have dinner in the area of Ierapetra. (170 kilometers)

4th day: We have breakfast in Ierapetra and at 09.00 am we depart toward Southwest Crete. We buy groceries in Ierapetra, to have a pick nick in the mountains in the afternoon. In the morning we will be driving on asphalt roads as well as off-road. After Keratokambos we drive a lot of off-road along the South coast of Crete. After the village of Tsoutsouros we enjoy a pick nick in the mountains. In the afternoon we drive to Agia Galini and after that to Preveli. Here we walk through the water to see the beautiful beach there; this is yet another adventurous environment. We stay overnight and dine in the area of Preveli (dinner at own expense). (130 kilometers)

Multi-day jeep safari on Crete – Back to North Crete

5th day: After breakfast in the morning at 09.00 am we go towards the Ida Mountain, which is the highest mountain of Crete (2456 meters). We have lunch at the “primordial” Cretan village of Anogia. Today we tour through one of the roughest areas of Crete. We visit stunning locations with plenty of off-road paths. By evening we arrive back at Zorbas for a nice Greek meze night. Together on long tables we taste all the famous dishes from the Greek cuisine. We also see our pictures and film of the first days. (160 kilometers)

6th day: A day of rest to head out by yourself; you could visit famous Knossos, have a beach day, go shopping in Heraklion or go cycling on a Zorbas mountain bike. Of course you can always contact us for information about fun day trips.

7th day: A surprising day, today we go into the mountains in vehicles for two persons. We will not give too much information about this excursion, but we promise you it is a great last day  of an adventurous week in Crete! In the evening after you have had a long hot shower, we enjoy a barbecue at Zorbas Island. This will be the last day of a long tour of Crete (80 kilometers). You have now seen a total of about 700 km of Crete and you have been in places that will always remain a secret for others.

During the barbecue evening we give you a DVD with all the experiences of this past week; this is often a long night! Many people stay for one more week at Zorbas Island after an off-road week in Crete. There are even some that also participate in our one-day safari. Our beach is beautiful as well and is just at the doorstep of Zorbas Island. Should you decide to go home after this off-road week, we drive you to the airport of Heraklion.

Our routes are so unique that we don’t give a description of some of our jeep safaris here. This way we try to prevent having our tours copied. All tours, jeeps, fuel, accommodation, transfers, breakfast and dinner are included (unless otherwise stated). All you have to do is, book your flight.

Multi-day jeep safari on Crete – Additional information

The price varies; it depends a bit on whether you participate by yourself, if you want to be in a jeep with two persons, or if you book the trip with several other persons. The cheapest option is if you book with 3 to 4 people. Just ask us for a quote! We try to keep this adventurous holiday as affordable as possible. There are also options for motorcyclists.

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Multi-day jeep safari on Crete