Nature walks on Crete

Nature walks on Crete in Neraidogoula: A walking area in Crete with one of the most important ecosystems of Crete. Walking in a pine forest is quite an experience, the blue skies and the green of the trees have a mesmerizing effect. The area of this walk is well known for its good honey! Everywhere along the way you see beehives. The area lies between the mountains. The top of the mountains is 2200 metres. You see in the winter and the spring everywhere around you white mountains tops. There are many walking trails in the area. We offer possibilities for a day walk to multi-days walking in Crete Greece.

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Nature walks on Crete – One day walk in the area of Neraidogoula

Information Neraidogoula walk (1 day): Adventure walking in the nature of Crete. The pine forest offers plenty of walking options. There are several walking routes between the forests with every time a magnificent view between the trees, the blue skies and the mountains. The smell is unforgettable. The walking area lies at a height of 1.000 metres, the surrounding mountains are 2.200 metres high. The height difference while walking is not so much, maximum 380 metres. In the morning we gradually walk upwards, in the afternoon we descend slowly.

Nature walks on Crete in Neraidogula are available all year round, only in the winter if there is snow, the high mountain tops are not always accessible. The pine forest has so many walking routes, it is difficult to find the right trail, you can easily get lost, but luckily it is a very beautiful area! This walk is a combination of nature walking, forest trails, off-road hiking, gorge hiking in a riverbed.

Nature walks on Crete – The gorge and cave of Neraidogoula

The gorge of Neraidogula: In the area between the pine forests lies a hidden gorge. At the spot where we have the best view over the mountain formations, a path goes down to a beautiful gorge with forests on both sides. Also with light rain you can enjoy your walk in the gorge, because the trees protect you from rocks falling down. The gorge has carved rock formations with sometimes a natural slide of stone. The colours of the cliffs are stunning, especially around noon when the sun shines through the gorge. At many points you have a beautiful views to the mountains around us. Do we also see other people here? Maybe only a lost hiker!

Cave of Neraidogoula: This walk got its name of the cave of Neraidogoula. This cave is a legend in Crete. There live fairies in the cave and if the fairies are angry, they will let you know for sure! If the fairies are angry, they release water from the cave. The strange thing is that regularly the water flows from this cave. Even in the hot summer the water spontaneously flows from the cave out of nowhere. It is also cold in the cave in the summer. We don’t visit this cave with a day’s walk, only with multi-day walks.

Area Neraidogoula: This area is well known because of the many bees and good honey. In the area are lots of vultures in the forests. Through this walking area goes a part of the E4 hiking route in Crete. Locations in the area: Selakano (Selakana), Males, Christos, Parsas and Metaxochori (South East Crete).

What to take with you on this walk: sturdy walking shoes with a good profile. Water to drink along your way, but you can also find water in the Mesonas gorge. Backpack with lunch and creme for insect bites. Don’t be afraid for bee bites, this is just a precaution!

Nature walks on Crete – More days walking in the area of Neraidogoula

Multi-day walks 2-4 days in Crete: We offer the chance to hike in this area for multiple days. A 2 days walk including a overnight stay in a stone hut, sleeping between the Cretan mountains.

3-4 days walking in Crete Neraidogula: This multi-day hike is a challenging walk. The hiking routes go through the Dikti mountains in Lassithi along Selakano all the way to Mirtos. This tour is in total 70 kilometres with lots of forests and gorges along the way. At the top you have stunning views over the Cretan South coast. This walk is a  “mono pati”, you walk from Central Crete to Southeast Crete. You have to wear sturdy shoes because of the loose stones. This walk combines mountain walking, gorge, caves, Greek villages and forests. This is one of the nature walks on Crete we organise!

Photo book about Neraidogoula: On this page you find an overview of all our hiking pictures in Selakano en Neraidogoula.

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Walking information about walking round-trips on Crete: All walks are accompanied by a guide, who will give you lots of information about the history of Crete, nature, flora and fauna and culture. You enjoy a meal in nature or at local Cretan taverns. The speed of the walk is determined by the walkers and you are not depended on bus or boat times. We advise you to wear good walking shoes and socks to avoid blisters etc. It is always important to bring sunscreen, a hat, water and a snack along the way. Nature walks on Crete Greece.

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Nature walks on Crete