Walking trails on Crete

Walking trails on Crete, Koxari, Haraso & Voritsi: This is a hike which is not easy to be found, secret little paths through olive groves, villages and to a monastery. This walk is not marked with dots or signs. Very often we have a wonderful view over the sea. We walk through villages where time stood still.

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Category and difficulty of the walking trails on Crete – Koxari and Haraso: This is not a difficult hike, there are many different walking paths, but we also go away from the paths and go straight through nature and olive groves. This walking round-trip we can easily adjust for the beginning and the advanced walkers. Only in the beginning of the walk you have to climb up a dirt road and through olive groves. Most of the walk is through a rolling landscape. The route then goes slowly downwards to end up again at the starting point.

Walking trails on Crete – Walking through villages on Crete

Information about the walk: You can do this hike on your own starting from the accommodation. The easiest way is to go by car, other transport or guided to the starting point of the hike. You can also walk back to your accommodation. This is an easy walk. The hike starts at a height of 138 metres and the highest point of the hike will be 411 metres. This walking round-trip is 10 kilometres, but can be easily extended to 20-25 kilometres. This hike can be done 12 months a year.

What to bring for the hike: Walking shoes or sport shoes with a good profile. Backpack with lunch and water for on the way.

The hike Koxari, Haraso and Voritsi: An unexpected beautiful walk through nature on walking trails, but also just through the fields and olive groves. The height difference is not more than 300 metres. The trail of the hike goes through 3 characteristic little villages. In these villages we walk through narrow little streets, so you get a good impression of the typical Cretan villages. During the hike you often have a wonderful view over the sea and Dia Island. Along the way we stop at a monastery. There are also many great spots for a nice picnic along these walking trails on Crete.

Walking trails on Crete – Information on the villages you walk through

Villages along the way: Koxari, Hariso and Voritsi. Below we give a short description of the villages.

Koxari, Crete: This village is located at about 25 kilometres away from Heraklion. In the year 1577 the village was first registered as Coxari. Since the Turkish rule in 1671 the village got the name Koksari. Nowadays it actually says Koxari on the signs. It is an old village with little narrow streets, hidden in between lemon and orange trees. In this area is also the monastery of Eleousa.

Eleousa Monastery on Crete: The monastery of Eleousa is also called the Kyra Eleoussa monastery or Keras Eleousas monastery. With clear weather you have from the monastery of Eleousa a great view to the Psiloritis mountain on Crete and the Dikti. You also have here a wonderful view over the sea and Dia Island. The monastery has a beautifully renovated courtyard. Monastery of the Virgin Maria Crete Eleousa: This monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The monastery was built at the end of the 16th century. Today it belongs to the monastery of Agarathos. The monastery is located between the villages Voritsi, Koxari, Haraso and Skotino.

Haraso, Crete: This village is sometimes written as Charaso. A beautiful old little village with an olive factory and an old school. At the old school you can still see how the children used to pass their time at school in this little mountain village, hidden in between the hills. From the village there is an ancient kalderimi leading you to the monastery of Eleousa. Just outside the village there are ruins of 4 old windmills made out of stone. A stunning view! The village still has an old church standing next to the newer one.

Voritsi, Crete: This village is sometimes written as Voros. A small village with a little square and narrow streets. A perfect starting point for the multiple walking trails in the area.

Photo book walking paths on Crete, Koxari, Haraso & Voritsi: A page with an overview of the hike with pictures. Every time we walk here, we upload new photos on this page.

More about this walk: Walking roundtrip Koxari Haraso and Voritsi: To get a good impression of ‘real’ life on Crete, it is really nice to do this walking roundtrip. The villages Koxari, Haraso and Voritsi are not far from the coast and are worth a visit. There are several routes possible in this area, varying from an easy walk to a more heavy and longer hike. To go from village to village, we follow paths and cross right through fields and olive groves. In this area are so many different paths, that if you do not know your way, you should really use a GPS or come with us one day. On the way there are no signs to show you which direction to go.

Hiking trails on Crete information page: All the hikes are accompanied by a guide, who gives you a lot of information about the history of Crete, nature, flora, fauna and culture. You enjoy meals out in the nature or at local Cretan taverns. The pace of the walk is determined by the walkers. Hiking trails on Crete info page. Walking trails on Crete.

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Walking trails on Crete