Prices apartments for rent in Crete Greece

Prices apartments for rent in Crete Greece: Prices for accommodation 2016 and 2017: Apartment and accommodation prices in Crete. Zorbas Island apartments for rent: summer and winter accommodation in Crete. An overview of the prices for rental apartments in Crete, including possibilities to stay in different locations on Crete.

Below are the prices for Zorbas Island apartments on Crete. You can email us for a quote for holidays on Crete; prices for summer as well as winter in Crete. Booking a holiday to Crete? The earlier you book the more affordable it mostly becomes. Previously, it often used to be cheaper to wait until the last minute to book a holiday, but nowadays it is often cheaper to book early. We also have options for groups and family holidays in Crete. In certain months of the year we also offer possibilities for corporate holidays on Crete, Greece. We offer options for accommodation with breakfast included or half board accommodation on Crete.

Accommodation with breakfast included, breakfast on Crete: Our breakfast is a buffet starting at 08.30am. The breakfast buffet includes coffee, tea, orange juice, biscuits, rye bread, rusk, cereals, bread, cheese, ham, jam and boiled eggs. Between 08.30 and 10.30 am you can make unlimited use of our buffet.

Accommodation with half board on Crete; We offer you the following options for holidays on Crete: accommodation and car, accommodation and diving, accommodation and cycling, accommodation and hiking, accommodation and motor bike, accommodation and scooter, cycling and hiking. Please email us for more information on the combination prices including accommodation in Crete.

Holidays on Crete does not have to be expensive. Read on this site the descriptions of the holiday options on Crete, Greece. In our area (Kokkini Chani, Crete) it is not expensive at all to eat out. For more information please click on this link: Village of Kokkini Hani. Take a look as well at the description of Zorbas Island apartments on Crete, on this webpage we describe all the possibilities for a vacation on Crete. Click on the link: Zorbas Island apartments. With us you can have holidays in both summer and winter. Our website is updated daily with new information about Crete. On our website there is an extensive overview of excursion options in Crete for summer and winter.

Prices for apartments and accommodation 2016-2017:

1 March
30 June
01 July
31 August
01 September  1 November
29 February
1 person
per day
€ 42 € 50 € 42 € 40
2 persons
per day
€ 32 € 35 € 32 € 30
3 persons
per day
€ 30 € 21
4 to 8 persons
per day
€ 22 € 26 € 22 € 18

Prices are per person including breakfast buffet.

No charge for children up to 4 years of age

Ask about our half board offer for Summer.

Ask for our group discount if you would like to come to Crete for holidays with more than 12 people.

Per person per day additional options for half board.

Special offers for Crete: Deals to Crete: On this page we weekly add new deals and alternatives for holidays to Crete. Every week you will find new deals and opportunities to quickly go on a holiday. Information for last minute holidays in Greece, information about flights and accommodation in Crete. Summer and winter packages for Crete Greece. Information to go to Crete on a budget.

Zorbas Island apartments Kokkini Hani Crete, Greece consists of 21 apartments. The apartments have a cosy interior, with smaller and larger apartments. Our apartments are suitable for 1 person and up to 12 persons. Each apartment has 1 or 2 verandas. Around the apartments is a beautiful subtropical garden, right by the sea.

We have several larger holiday apartments on Crete. Here you can have extra options like international TV. There are possibilities for summer and winter. Ideal for family holidays on Crete. The apartments are suitable for family and groups, but there are also possibilities for 1 or 2 persons.

For daily information and news about excursions on Crete you can continue to our daily updated photo menu. This page will have every 24 hours new pictures and information about holidays on Crete.

Our program is subject to change. If you would like to participate with a particular excursion or activity, please let us know in advance so we can avoid disappointments. Prices apartments for rent in Crete Greece.

We organise also a great variety of different excursions, like for example an excursion to a water park (with big slides), horseback riding on Crete, car rental on Crete, scooter rental on Crete, motorbike driving on Crete, beaches with water sports, golf on Crete, cycling on Crete, hiking tours on Crete, diving on Crete, fishing on Crete, climbing on Crete, outdoor holidays on Crete, scooter tour on Crete, sailing on Crete, so in other words have a look at our excursions menu. There really is a lot to do here. If you are looking for a specific excursion, please let us know. Prices apartments on Crete.

To give you an impression and to show you what to expect of your holidays at Zorbas Island on Crete, we created a short “Zorbas Island” film for you: Zorbas Island vakantie Film.