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Spring holidays on Crete Greece

Spring holidays on Crete Greece: Spring on Crete is really beautiful. Many flowers and herbs bloom in the mountains and Crete has a nice temperature in springtime. In spring many schools have a two or three week spring break, so this is the perfect time to go to the sun after a long winter! Cheap flights are available during spring holidays (March, April, May and June to Crete).

Last update: 21.04.18: Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Spring on Crete Greece – flowers and herbs in the mountains of Crete – spring break to Crete Greece – holidays to Crete in springtime 

Children on holidays on Crete Greece: Spring is a great time to go on an active vacation, but you can of course also go to the beach. We offer a kids holiday program that starts in April. Our program is created for children & parents. You can already book our complete program for your spring break in april – May.

Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Enjoy the sun after a long winter

Accommodation during spring holidays on Crete Greece: We have different types of accommodations. If you want more information about staying on Crete during your spring holidays, have a look at the following link: Zorbas Island Crete

Travel period and seasons on Crete: Greek islands and Crete, 365 days a year on vacation, Summer season on Crete, Early season on Crete, Spring on Crete, Late season on Crete, Late summer on Crete, Winter season on Crete.

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Active Spring holidays on Crete Greece and beach holidays.

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Flowers on Crete: Spring (early) on Crete, in March – April the island is covered with flowers like Orchids and Iris flowers.

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00-vlinders-op-kreta-2472938749832 01-june-holidays-on-crete-2016--5584

Walking holidays in spring: Hikes in springtime.

02-actieve-familie-outdoors-vakantie-griekenland-5784 02-canyon-im-kreta-griechenland-7003

02-canyon-im-kreta-griechenland-7042 02-canyon-on-crete-b2034823048

Spring: Nice walking weather for many activities on Crete.

02-canyon-op-kreta-Kourtaliotiko-0421 02-Die-Schluchten-der-Insel-Kreta-griechenland

02-canyon-walking-on-crete-1068 02-canyon-walking-on-crete-1053

Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Spring action on Crete

02-Geologie-von-Kreta-Griechenland-4200 01-wandel-vakanties-met-geologie

01-wandel-vakanties-naar-griekse-eilanden-in-de-maand-september 01-wandel-week-in-zuid-Kreta--0510

01-wandel-week-op-kreta-agios-farango-kreta-8403 01-wandern-auf-lassithi-kreta-griechenland

Rappelling and abseiling on Crete in spring.

01-wandern-griechische-inseln--0779 01-wandern-griechische-inseln--0811

01-waterval-op-kreta-met-wandelen-en-hike 01-August-Urlaub-auf-Kreta

Active and nice weather during spring holidays on Crete Greece….

01-canoe-on-crete-preveli 01-canyon-walking-on-crete-0956

01-gorge-on-crete-203948092 01-grotten-snorkelen-op-kreta-2394723942

Boot excursions on Crete in springtime: Sailing to Dia from Crete (Greek islands).

00-Twee-weken-naar-Kreta7349 00 Zorbas boot chersonissos Kreta 9071

00-boat-to-greek-islands-5141 00 IMG_6415

02-boat-to-greek-islands-5322 02-boat-tour-Kreta-griechenland-0918

02-boat-tour-Kreta-griechenland-1023 02-boten-vanuit-chersonissos-kreta

02-boten-verhuur-op-kreta-gr92373498723 01-Zwei-Wochen-nach-Kreta-7452

02-Crete-Snorkelling,-tips-for-snorkelling-in-Crete-and-Greece 02-blik-op-kreta-18972398712

Driving a scooter on Crete: A scooter excursion through the unknown areas of Crete.

School holidays period on Crete: Beach party for children and parents next to Zorbas Island.

01-hoogseizoen-vakantie-op-kreta-4552 01-kano-crete-23948721398423

01 beach party Kreta kokkini hani 9525 01 beach party Kreta kokkini hani 9550

01-hoogseizoen-vakantie-op-kreta-4361 02-actieve-vakanties-naar-Kreta-9241

Diverse Unterkünfte auf Kreta 843759 01 zorbas-eiland-griekenland-kreta-kokkini-hani-2014 

Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Cooking lesson and workshop on Crete

02-Crete-Local-Products 02-Die-Kreta-Diät-Olivenöl-aus-kreta

02-griekenland-kookvakanties 01-KOKEN-EN-VAKANTIE-GRIEKENLAND-KRETA

01-kookreizen-zuid-europa 02-boog-schieten 

Driving a quad on Crete in spring: An adventurous tour through unknown areas.

00-quad-excursions-on-crete-greece-4326 00-Walking-holiday-in-Crete

00-walking-holidays-on-crete-sarakina-7517 00-Zorbas-boat-in-Crete-b23048928374029378423 

Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Outdoor excursions

00-zorbas-excusie-boot 01 Active holiday on Crete Greece 0439

01 cooking in greece active 6544 01 wandelvakantie 60+ op Kreta skotino1061

01 Zorbas boot chersonissos Kreta 9076 01-actieve-kreta-griechenland-6645

01-active-summer-holidays-3417 01-activiteiten-in-de-vakantie-OP-kreta-3739

01-Herfstvakantie-op-Kreta-2016-1794 01-holidays-on-crete-and-apartments--4369

Chrissi Island: South Crete tour by jeep and by boat to Chrissi Island.

01-jeep-rijden-op-kreta-20438204820 01-jeep-safaries-op-kreta-9472938743298472

01-jeep-safari-kreta 01-klimmen-op-kreta-239479283749832

01-vogel-op-kreta-2934872942 01-walking-beaches-in-crete--7549

Photos April and May holidays: Here you find a selection of all the possibilities for your April and May holidays on Crete. These pictures are from the past years.

01-walking-holidays-on-crete-sarakina-7490 01-walking-holidays-on-crete-sarakina-7660

01-Wandelen-door-de-Sarakinas-kloof-0393 01-wandelen-op-kreta-7023479273984723984

01-wandel-vakanties-123894 02 fietsen op Kreta fietsvakantie mtb griekenland 0216

Cycling on Crete in springtime: Look at our bicycle and MTB page for more information.

02-actieve-excursies-op-kreta'7299 02-Alternative-Urlaub-Kreta--6737

Football on Crete: Heraklion has various alternatives for football games.

02-buggy-excursie-op-kreta-3228 02-football-in-crete-greece-1026

Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Enjoy the beauty of the sea

Walking and Snorkelling on Crete in spring: Agio Farango is a unique excursion.

00-snorkelen-op-kreta-schnorcheln-auf-kreta-6820 00-snorkelen-voor-de-familie-op-kreta-griekenland

00-snorkelen-op-kreta-20348230 00-snorkelvakantie-kids-3026

00-snorkelvakantie-kids-3073 00-snorkelvakanties-op-kreta-griekenland-2016-0815

01-aanvang-dia-island-voor-zorbas 00-beach-on-crete-greece-zorbas-island-2012-winter 

And more spring holidays on Crete Greece.

01-zorbas-apartments-on-crete-08320948230984023834023 01-zorbas-boat-excusions-in-Crete-3143

01-zorbas-island-appartmenten-verhuur-op-Kreta-0948204802 01-zorbas-island-dia-eiland 

0-appartment-op-kreta-23479283749823784923 00-September-vakantie-op-Kreta-Griekenland 

02-duikschool-op-kreta-8963 01-Active-spring-holiday-with-sun-crete

Pictures May holidays: On this page you will find a selection of possibilities during your spring holidays on Crete.

Greek Easter on Crete: Easter with fireworks.

Santorini in spring: Daily boat connection between Crete and Santorini. Also for day-trips.

Sitemap holiday apartments rental on Crete in spring: On this page you find a description of our apartments and holiday homes. Also you can read about all possible trips and excursions, holiday combinations, car rental with accommodation, weekly excursions and activities, children’s holidays, family vacation, descriptions of summer & winter holidays.

Holidays on Crete: Apartment rental and accommodation on Crete all year round. This is the right address for family apartments and holiday homes, excursions and cheap flights to Crete. There is a detailed overview of the latest holiday news from Crete including many pictures. Crete is the most southern holiday island of Europe.

Spring holidays on Crete Greece